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Ninja V

5inch Monitor Recorder

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  • 5" Monitor Recorder
  • Record up to 4Kp60 over HDMI 2.0 or SDI*
  • Codecs include Apple ProRes, ProRes RAW and Avid DNxHR
  • HDR Monitoring
  • RAW over HDMI

Unlock the full potential of DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

You got the shot. Now, let Ninja V make it better.

The Ninja V has one important mission – to push the capabilities of your camera beyond its limits.

The Ninja V takes all your creativity and brings it to life in the video you capture, regardless of whether you’re shooting cinematic productions, or vlogs for your social media channel. Whether you shoot HDR or regular SDR. Whether you use a professional cinema camera or a prosumer mirrorless camera.

With a super bright 5” HDR display the Ninja V gives you increased dynamic range on-screen. Add to this the flexibility to record up to 4Kp60 over HDMI 2.0 or SDI* in a range of codecs including Apple ProRes, ProRes RAW and Avid DNxHR. With Ninja V you have complete flexibility to capture every detail perfectly during filming and have maximum latitude in post.

*Using AtomX SDI module

ProRes RAW

Complete control. Ninja V + 
ProRes RAW

Photographers have long known about the benefits of RAW for stills. Capturing Apple ProRes RAW video with the Ninja V over HDMI unlocks complete control of the video image at the highest quality possible. Starting with the Nikon Z6 and Z7, with other cameras being added soon, users can experience RAW video to get the maximum dynamic range, colour accuracy and detail. Colours can be easily matched and the extra information means footage can be easily be manipulated in post-production for maximum creativity.

HDR Monitoring

Love what you see on screen

The Ninja V delivers a stunning viewing experience in a portable 5” multi-purpose device. The screen has 1000 nits peak brightness for daylight viewing, 10+ stops of dynamic range displayed, and 4K input. The 1920x1080 display has amazing depth and vibrancy thanks to colour accuracy, 10-bit processing and the ability to be fully calibrated by the user.

The unique AtomHDR engine processes the incoming Log/RAW/HDR signals from your camera or device and displays in all its HDR glory on the Ninja V screen. There are matching profiles for a plethora of cameras, with more added as they emerge. Prefer to work is Rec.709? The Ninja V has you covered with the ability to load custom LUTs to match your workflow.

In short, Ninja V takes exactly what your camera sensor is capturing, enhances it and allows you to view and record it in amazing detail. This portable powerhouse gives you complete confidence in what you’re capturing, so you’re free to push creative boundaries more than ever before.

Flexible Recording

Capture every frame and make it your own

Behind the stunning screen, Ninja V’s massive advanced computing power adds production grade recording to your camera. Giving flexibility is the foundation of every specification of this workhorse. Ninja V records in a wide range of codecs: Apple ProRes, ProRes RAW and Avid DNx to enable wide compatibility across camera types and edit software.

Unlock the full potential of DLSR and mirrorless

The diversity of codecs makes the Ninja V recordings compatible with all major editing software packages.

In terms of capture, virtually any HDMI or SDI source is supported, including cameras from Nikon, Fujifilm, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Z-Cam, Olympus, RED and ARRI.


Every detail, meticulously preserved

Recording RAW gives users the maximum creative scope in post-production. Working with the unprocessed image as a starting point yields phenomenal results. Applying Apple ProRes technology compresses the RAW files allowing you to import, edit, manipulate and grade the pristine data without slowing down your edit.

Ninja V is built to capture RAW data directly from compatible camera’s sensors over HDMI, for recording in ProRes RAW. This takes an industry-leading premium codec and makes it accessible to owners of smaller, more cost effective mirrorless cameras.

The Nikon Z6 and Z7 cameras are now fully compatible with ProRes RAW recording on Ninja V, with other exciting camera integrations coming soon.

Film. Broadcast

Ninja V does it all

Universally popular, Ninja V ticks more boxes for more filmmakers than any other 5” monitor on the market. And it will only get better.

Ninja V continues to evolve. The monitor’s features keeps improving with every new AtomOS release. Not only will additional ProRes RAW capable cameras be supported, other new features have constantly been added for free. Recent additions include a wider range of frame guides (1:1, 4:5, 1:91:1 and 9:16) - perfect for social media content creation. A nine-grid overlay makes composing using the rule of thirds easy. The addition of an ARRI style false colour scale bolsters Ninja V’s impressive professional credentials. And this is still just the start…

Social. Gaming

Record 4K HDR Gaming

Ninja V is a stand-alone system for 4k UHD, HDR and high frame rate capture that eliminates expensive, complicated and unreliable PC setups. Ninja V enables simple recording, monitoring and instant review. Capture every detail in HDR and automatically include all the correct HDR flags ready for upload to YouTube. Ideal for games development testing, pre-release capture sessions or just to show of your skills!


Making multi-camera mainstream

You no longer need a huge budget or a highly skilled editor to produce perfectly synchronised, multicamera video. The optional AtomX SYNC module sits on the back of the Ninja V, integrating it into a Timecode Systems powered multi-camera sync network.

The advanced long-range RF system is completely wireless, offering incredible accuracy and stability. Effortlessly synchronise your recordings with multiple camera and sound sources.

With frame-accurate timecode embedded directly into each recording you can accurately edit together multiple video and audio sources effortlessly using automated functions in all popular editing software.


Big storage. Mini proportions

Shooting 4K in advanced formats like ProRes, DNx and ProRes RAW, requires storage media with ample volume, fast transfer times and high, sustained read and write speeds.

The tough AtomX SSDmini drives complete the Ninja V’s digital workflow. Smaller than conventional SATA SSDs they are an affordable professional alternative to recording to a camera’s internal memory cards.

Offering up to 2TB storage, a sequential read speed of up to 550MB/s and write speed up to 500MB/s, these drives can record up to 150 minutes of 4K ProRes on a single drive. And measuring 8cm long, 7.5cm wide and weighing as little as 88g, the custom built drives neatly fit the Ninja V’s compact proportions.

Small screen.

Epic proportions

The sleek aluminium body of the Ninja V is crafted for maximum durability, weighing in at just 360g and measuring only 25mm thick, It’s designed to be portable and attach to any camera or rig with anti-rotation 1/4-20 screw mounts that allow for a wide variety of shoe-mounts, gimbal mounts, cages or other rig options.

User-friendly features. Yes, there's more

Every tool you need at your fingertips

One-touch operation gives you access to a complete suite of exposure and focus tools. Get custom 3D LUTs, false colour profiles, adjustable focus peaking and movable 1:1 and 2:1 pixel magnification. In addition, RGB parade and vectorscopes ensure perfect colours on your calibrated monitor.

Instant playback & review

Playback footage instantly on-set, either on-screen or out HDMI TV or monitor. Even watch in slow motion for more detailed frame-by-frame analysis of your shots. In addition you can deliver content via a Dolby Vision live HDMI out, in real-time, from your HDR camera to a compatible Dolby Vision HDR TV or monitor.

Sounds as good as it looks

Like all Atomos Monitor-recorders, the Ninja V enables audio input directly from your camera. Choose from digital source via HDMI, or analogue input via the stereo 3.5mm line/mic socket, depending on your mic setup.

Shot tagging

Metadata tag footage as you review on the Ninja V. Use the touchscreen to mark favourites, rejects and more. When you bring your footage into your edit timeline, immediately filter your tags.

Atomos Nextorage AtomX SSDmini
Nextorage AtomX SSDmini

Compact form factor SSD - 1TB

Atomos AtomX CAST

4 x HDMI Switching & Streaming Dock for Ninja V / Ninja V+

Atomos Nextorage AtomX SSDmini
Nextorage AtomX SSDmini

Compact form factor SSD - 500GB

Atomos AtomX SDI

SDI expansion module

Atomos AtomX 5″ Accessory Kit
AtomX 5″ Accessory Kit

Kit of Accessories for Shinobi, Shinobi SDI and Ninja V

Atomos AtomX SYNC

SYNC expansion module

Atomos AtomX Power Kit
AtomX Power Kit

Locking Power Supply

Atomos AtomX 13″ Arm & QR Plate
AtomX 13″ Arm & QR Plate

For mounting Atomos monitors onto cameras

Atomos  5″ Sunhood
5″ Sunhood

5inch Sunhood for Shinobi, Ninja V and Ninja V+

Atomos AtomX 5″ / 7″ Monitor Mount
AtomX 5″ / 7″ Monitor Mount

5″ / 7″ Monitor Mount

Atomos USB to Serial Cable
USB to Serial Cable

Calibration cable to connect with optional X-Rite calibration unit

Atomos Docking Station
Docking Station

Dock SSD/HDD to Mac/PC

Atomos USB-C to Serial Calibration & Control
USB-C to Serial Calibration & Control

Atomos USB-C to Serial Calibration & Control Cable

Atomos Ninja V Screen Protector
Ninja V Screen Protector

Ninja V Screen Protector

Atomos AtomX Battery Eliminator
AtomX Battery Eliminator

NP-F Style Battery to Atomos DC Connector



  • PXW-FX6

Camcorders and Camera Heads

Panasonic LUMIX DC-BS1H
Panasonic LUMIX DC-BS1H

Full-Frame, Box-Style Mirrorless Camera

Memory Cards

Angelbird AtomX CFast Adapter
Angelbird AtomX CFast Adapter

CFast to AtomX SSDmini ADAPTER


Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW
Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW

Master Caddy 4K RAW - 1TB

Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW
Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW

Master Caddy 4K RAW - 2TB

Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW
Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW

Master Caddy 4K RAW - 4TB

Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW
Angelbird AtomX 4K RAW

Master Caddy 4K RAW - 500GB

Angelbird AtomX SSDmini
Angelbird AtomX SSDmini

Master Caddy Mini - 1TB

Angelbird AtomX SSDmini
Angelbird AtomX SSDmini

Master Caddy Mini - 2TB

Angelbird AtomX SSDmini
Angelbird AtomX SSDmini

Master Caddy Mini - 500GB

Go Live with Atomos NinjaCAST

Atomos have just released the AtomOS 10.7.1 firmware update for the Ninja V/V+, which adds support for the new AtomX CAST. If you already know about the X CAST, you’re no doubt very excited to hear this news! If you haven’t, then let’s get you caught up…

Holdan appointed by Atomos as the new distributor for UK and Ireland

Holdan, a specialist distributor to the professional video and broadcast sector and part of the Midwich Group, is pleased to announce they will be taking over the distribution of Atomos products in the UK and Ireland. Atomos exists to help creative professionals cut through technology barriers by creating easy to use, cutting-edge 4K and HD Apple ProRes monitor-recorders. These products give video professionals a faster, higher quality and more affordable production system, whether they create for social media, YouTube, TV or cinema.

AtomOS 10.71

  • 5.9K, 4.1K & 3.5K Anamorphic ProRes RAW recording from the Panasonic LUMIX BS1H
  • 5K p30 ProRes RAW recording from Canon EOS R5
  • Enhanced functionality for AtomX CAST

AtomX CAST Features

When using AtomX CAST with Ninja V, the following features are now supported:

  • Introduction of “Dip to”-transitions, available in black & white. These can be automatically applied on each switch from one input to another.
  • Addition of updated program recording options. Choose “Clean” to record a clean feed of the currently switched to input or use the new “CAST Program” mode. In CAST Program mode, graphical overlays and the picture in picture (PiP) get recorded onto the SSD/HDD inserted in the Ninja V. The recording contains the new “Dip to”-transitions as well as the Fade In/Fade Out buttons used to fade in or fade out of your program during recording.
  • Interlaced signals are now supported. An automatic pulldown conversion gets applied to them, which then gets conformed to the Project Rate.
  • Audio delay options are now available, which apply frame delays to all audio inputs including analog and embedded audio (calibrate feature not supported).
  • General bug fixes.

    AtomOS 10.7.1

    Updating to AtomOS 10.7.1


    This release is primarily focused on providing support for the AtomX CAST switching dock. Please consult the Quick Start Guide (QSG) included in the box with the AtomX CAST for details on how to connect the device. Do not install this firmware if you plan to record RAW from an EOS R5 with your Ninja V. For this, please install the AtomOS 10.68 Public Beta.

    AtomOS 10.64

    Updating to AtomOS 10.64:

    Additional support for Sony Alpha 7SIII

    • RAW Recording: WB and ISO metadata support for FCP settings slider adjustments
    Firmware Update Procedure:

    Atomos recommends your Ninja V is plugged into mains power before commencing firmware update.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • Ninja V unit, Master Caddy II x 1,
  • 12V-3A AC power supply, Battery Eliminator
  • Quick Start guide
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