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Atomos ATOMOS CONNECT | Ultimate accessory for Ninja/Ninja Ultra & Ninja V/V+ with a connection to the world



Ultimate accessory for Ninja/Ninja Ultra & Ninja V/V+ with a connection to the world

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Review by Graham Risdon
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  • Ultimate accessory for Ninja/Ninja Ultra with a connection to the world
  • Fits to the back of the Ninja/Ninja UltraNinja VNinja V+
  • Livestream to a range of online services including, Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube
  • Camera to Cloud (C2C) device

ATOMOS CONNECT, The ultimate accessory for NINJA V / V+ with a connection to the world

ATOMOS CONNECT is the ultimate accessory for the Ninja/Ninja Ultra and represents a profound shift in the way we conceive of devices for monitoring and recording. The ATOMOS CONNECT fits to the back of the Ninja/Ninja Ultra and features a 12G SDI input, ATOMOS AirGlu™ wireless sync timecode technology which enables direct, long-range communication between devices, multiple power options to accommodate a variety of on-set scenarios, plus Wi-Fi 6, Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth LE capabilities for flexible connections. When attached to the Ninja/Ninja Ultra, the ATOMOS CONNECT transforms professional cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras into fully connected devices that support a range of advanced cloud-based workflows.

Stream from Anywhere

With the ATOMOS CONNECT accessory the Ninja/Ninja Ultra can livestream to a range of online services including, Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube. With Wi-Fi 6, Gigabit Ethernet, and the ability to join cellular hotspots all built-in, the ATOMOS CONNECT helps filmmakers, streamers and video content producers reach their audience from anywhere.

Collaboration for Everyone

ATOMOS CONNECT is fully integrated as a Camera to Cloud (C2C) device. Through support of HDMI and SDI equipped cameras, the device offers advanced online workflows and remote collaboration to many more filmmakers, streamers, and video content creators. With for Adobe Creative Cloud now part of the Creative Cloud subscription, even more filmmakers will have access to cloud-based workflows.

Dual Record C2C brings the domains of production and post closer together, enabling new ways for remote teams to collaborate. The dual record feature of the ATOMOS CONNECT for Ninja/Ninja Ultra creates “hero” Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHR/HD (or ProRes RAW on the NINJA V+) and “proxy” HEVC (H.265) files with matching timecode and metadata. Proxy files can also be uploaded during capture using ATOMOS progressive transfer technology so that the proxy clip is available in the cloud as soon as recording stops.

Bring Your Own Camera

The built-in SDI and HDMI interfaces allow the ATOMOS CONNECT to support a comprehensive range of professional cinema, DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The device also features ATOMOS AirGlu™ wireless sync technology which enables direct, long-range communication between devices and provides a robust timecode lock.

CONNECT to the World

ATOMOS CONNECT enables filmmakers, streamers, and video content producers of every kind to share their work with an audience from anywhere, easily, and seamlessly. ATOMOS CONNECT allows customers to work with any HDMI or SDI camera using a choice of connections. Regardless of the camera chosen, content creators can easily create a multi-camera setup where all devices are locked with wireless synchronised timecode.

Atomos In the Clouds: Redefining Video Production Efficiency

Atomos Cloud Studio (ACS) is revolutionising video production by harnessing the capabilities of cloud computing. This innovative platform offers filmmakers, live streaming producers, video content creators and really anyone who likes to film unparalleled accessibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. By migrating production processes to the cloud, ACS eliminates the need for expensive hardware investments and physical studio spaces, making high-quality production tools accessible to creators of all scales. Its flexibility enables real-time collaboration, on-demand resource allocation, and seamless adaptation to changing project requirements. Moreover, ACS integrates with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, enhancing production workflows and optimising resource utilisation. With robust security measures and built-in redundancy, ACS ensures the reliability and protection of sensitive production data. In essence, Atomos Cloud Studio represents the future of video production, empowering creators to embrace the latest advances in technology and collaborate more efficiently in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Speed up your production workflow

As the production and creative industries become more and more competitive, the need for a quick and efficient, yet high-quality post-production workflow has become even more prominent. Although some of this technology has been around for a while, like with most new technology it’s expensive to start with. This usually means it’s not within the budget for most creatives & production companies, until now.

Autumnal Events | KitPlus & Tech Xpo

As we move into the Autumn months, we head into a final flurry of trade shows: KitPlus events at Twickenham and Bristol, plus Midwich’s Tech Xpo.

Lounging with Holdan at MPTS 2022

After an absence of 3 years, the Media Production & Technology show (MPTS) was back with a bang as over 8,000 people literally queued around the block for the 2-day event at London Olympia. Holdan showcased the latest technology with a striking Tech Lounge, a mocktail bar envisioned and created by our own Graphic Designer Jo Mohan, working alongside Design Consultant Martha Camarillo.

Holdan @ NAB22 – Day One Report

After an absence of three years, the NAB Show is back with a rash of signature product launches. It’s probably no coincidence that the past 36 months have seen little in the way of innovation in the broadcast and professional video industry, apart from a slew of mirrorless cameras. The unstoppable force that is the engineer needs the immovable object – the trade show – to get the creative juices flowing it would seem.

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