Speed up your production workflow
20 Dec 2022

Speed up your production workflow

By Nathan Plant | Technical Product Specialist, Holdan

As the production and creative industries become more and more competitive, the need for a quick and efficient, yet high-quality post-production workflow has become even more prominent. Although some of this technology has been around for a while, like with most new technology it’s expensive to start with. This usually means it’s not within the budget for most creatives & production companies, until now.

In response, Atomos has created the CONNECT range, which adds the ability to adopt camera-to-cloud workflows (C2C) along with live streaming options, all at an affordable price.

  • There are three CONNECT devices, the ATOMOS CONNECT, is an expansion module that attaches to a Ninja V or Ninja V+ monitor recorder.
  • There is the Shogun CONNECT which is Atomos’ new flagship device, here the CONNECT element is incorporated without the need for an expansion module.
  • The third is called ZATO CONNECT, which doesn’t offer the C2C feature or the same recording elements locally as the ATOMOS CONNECT or Shogun CONNECT. The ZATO CONNECT does offer the live streaming compatibility that the ATOMOS CONNECT and Shogun CONNECT have through the Atomos cloud studio website.

The Atomos cloud studio provides you with destinations to send the files. The ZATO CONNECT only has the option to live stream, it can stream to multiple social media sites such as Facebook, Twitch & YouTube as well as offering the option to stream to zoom, Microsoft teams and other conferencing software by it outputting UVC over its USB output.

The Camera to Cloud (C2C) feature allows the user to select and share dailies (recorded files) with whom they choose. To access these features the CONNECT devices need to be connected to the internet via WIFI or ethernet port. When Frame I.O. is selected in the Atomos cloud studio, the user can send a compressed file to the Frame I.O. platform where it can be viewed, reviewed, annotated, and downloaded anywhere in the world. The files will share the same metadata as the hero file being recorded locally via the SSD attached to the Ninja V, Ninja V+ or Shogun CONNECT, which makes it a very easy process for swapping out the compressed proxy files.

Speed up your production workflow

Frame I.O allows you to view the compressed file anywhere in the world providing you have access to the internet, a shared link to the files or log in details to C2C and the Frame I.O linked account. You do not need an Adobe account to view, review annotate or download the files, you just need access to the shared link. The files will appear in the Frame I.O platform after the clip has stopped recording locally in as little as 60 seconds depending on file size. This allows for almost instantaneous viewing and collaboration with the production team on and off location. You can review the footage and add comments to the files which allows for a much more efficient postproduction stage. The editor can use the files to begin the editing process without the need to access the high-resolution “hero” files recorded locally to the SSD. These compressed H.265 files also allow for quicker rendering when on the timeline given they’re less process-demanding than the hero files, which helps speed up the initial postproduction process. This also gives the editor the option to have multiple timelines with alternative shots, cuts, and grades creating a more efficient workflow for all.

Focusing on the ATOMOS CONNECT module first, this device attaches to the Ninja V or V+ as an expansion module to give the monitor recorders access to the C2C. This accessory is the only additional piece of hardware needed, making this the most affordable solution on the market for opening the doors to C2C. This provides you with a 1GbE ethernet port, WI-FI 6 and a 12G SDI input to HDMI output conversion. You also get the addition of AirGlu technology which provides long-range sync for timecode via RF and Bluetooth. The ATOMOS CONNECT module costs just under £400, If you don’t already own a Ninja V or Ninja V+ then of course this will need to be an additional purchase on top.

The Shogun CONNECT is an all-in-one device with the CONNECT element built in. This is the larger option with a 7-inch screen and a brightness of 2000nits. This also comes with a 12G SDI in and 12G SDI OUT which can output the same signal via the HDMI & SDI connections, as well as offering cross conversion and downscaling. It also provides you with a 1GbE ethernet port, WI-FI 6 and the AirGlu technology found in the ATOMOS CONNECT.

Finally, we have the ZATO CONNECT monitor, priced at under £400 this 5-inch monitor has built-in Live streaming capabilities. The destination for the live stream is selected on the Atomos cloud studio website. The ZATO CONNECT provides the user with the ability to apply watermarks, graphic overlays & picture in picture (PIP) options to the live-streamed content. You also now can record a compressed H.264 file locally to an SD card for playback, streaming and backup. This isn’t like the ATOMOS CONNECT or Shogun CONNECT's hero file recording, this allows the user to combine locally recorded compressed H.264 files from the SD card with live content for a more creative stream. To reiterate, this is not the same as the files that are recorded on the ATOMOS CONNECT & Shogun CONNECT locally via the SSD or the compressed files that are uploaded to the C2C.

These CONNECT devices have really opened the world of C2C workflows to the masses. They’ve made remote collaboration more efficient and affordable meaning everyone can take advantage. Personally, I believe the increased speed and workflow of the editing stage are what I find the most advantageous. Having a rough edit and additional shots, cuts & grades ready for me to review before sitting in the edit suite would have saved me a lot of time in the past. Also being able to review the editors, on-set production team and client’s feedback whilst still on set can provide peace of mind knowing you have the shot.

Atomos have also hinted at additional features through firmware updates, meaning even more creative options in the future. I hope this small insight into the Atomos CONNECT ecosystem has clarified which option would work best for you. If you like more information on the connect range we have some videos on our YouTube channel and information in our News area.

For more information please contact our Sales Desk:
+44 (0)1457 851000 | sales@holdan.co.uk.

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