The photo & video all-rounder
09 Mar 2023

The photo & video all-rounder

The Atomos Ninja V/V+ monitor has proven exceptional for photographers and videographers. With this being said, we wanted to delve deeper into how they can benefit both professions, Holdan speaks to Sam Binstead (Slow Fashion Photographer & Videographer) and Holdan’s own Technical Product Specialist Marcus Swales (Photographer).

The photo & video all rounder - Atomos Ninja V

Sam Binstead

Sam firmly believes in a slower approach to living; in reducing consumption, and championing makers who craft useful, beautiful products with longevity in mind.

The photo & video all rounder - Atomos Ninja V

The textures of natural fibres and materials, the warmth in the people who choose to work with them, and the cultural value of traditional crafts bring Sam immense joy. Sam works in both analogue film and digital but always with a focus on capturing natural and honest works.

My journey into content creation started with advocacy for slower fashion, information and sharing cool interesting brands and then slowly but surely my love for photography and my love for sustainability merged and I just focussed on creating images for slower, ethical makers.

Coming from both a photography and videography background we gave Sam an Atomos Ninja V to try out and see how it can improve his workflow in both creative fields.

The photo & video all rounder - Atomos Ninja V

As part of a jewellery campaign for Lyon and Feather a one-of-a-kind ethically sourced crystal jewellery and homeware company. Sam created a landscape video look-book, composed with a vertical crop in mind as he knows that vertical videos are here to stay and not just in a social media sense. As well as beautiful photographs that will coincide with the video – creating an all-rounded project package.

How did the Atomos Ninja V help with this project?

A monitor like the Ninja really helps my business by allowing me to confidently upsell video packages to my photography clients. Having the equipment to efficiently deliver quality video without trying to sell the client on a full videography project separate from the stills can be really valuable for both you and the client.

You can find out more about how Sam got on with his Atomos Ninja V from Holdan in our video interview.

Marcus Swales

You will always find me with my camera in my hand, whether working on a client project or in my free time. I love all things visual, especially within fashion, lifestyle brands and sustainability which are topics I incorporate into my work and life.

As well as working for Holdan, Marcus Swales is a product and lifestyle photographer based in the North of England. Working with sustainable and conscious brands creating photo and video content for products including clothing, jewellery, and lifestyle products. Marcus believes in telling the story and values of a brand through powerful professional imagery that leaves a lasting impression.

The photo & video all rounder - Atomos Ninja V

How do you as a Photographer benefit from using the Atomos Ninja V?

As mentioned, Atomos Ninja V monitors are not just for videographers but promote versatility and coherency between the two mediums.

For me the benefits that come with having a larger screen have been a game changer for my product photography. The 5-inch Ninja screen has allowed me to save time in post-production, from nailing focus first time to using the zoom function for picking out dust spots whilst shooting. The in-built features Atomos supplies have also been perfect for my professional work, I regularly use the frame guides for social media images and video to ensure any content I create is fit for its purpose.

The photo & video all rounder - Atomos Ninja V

Not only has the Ninja V been useful in my photography, but it has also been pivotal in growing my business allowing me to confidently offer video content as I have the tools that enable me to create this work to a high standard.

The Atomos Ninja V can be used with larger camera rigs and is also well suited to DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. It does far more than just act as a preview screen it enables the capture of clean HDMI video out from your camera, increased recording options and much more. Our verdict is that the Atomos Ninja V is an essential piece of kit for both photographers and videographers who want to get the best out of their camera, opening up higher-quality formats. With more colour data and offers much more tools and functions that can be used on before the footage is sent to post-production.</p

The photo & video all rounder - Atomos Ninja V

Of course, the Atomos Ninja V does have some minor drawbacks. For example, if you want to mount the Atomos Ninja V to your camera and connect via HDMI keep in mind that you may have to take extra care when handling your camera.

However, if you are committed to your video and photo work, the extra bulk and effort are worth it. It expands what you can do with many of the most popular mirrorless cameras on the market and is capable to pair with higher-end models as well.

Pros and Cons of the Atomos Ninja V?

  • Expands video capabilities of your camera
  • Pro Res RAW recording
  • Bright 1000nit 5-inch touch display
  • HDMI input and output
  • Live streaming capabilities with the Atomos Connect
  • The larger monitor shows the full image from the camera sensor
  • AtomOS Monitor assist functions built in
  • AtomRemote app
  • Industry-standard recording formats
  • Additional cost
  • Requires a little DIY effort to mount to your camera
  • Accessories such as Connect are an add on
  • Adds weight to your camera set-up

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