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  • All in one video encoder and video production system
  • Capture 6 video sources at once
  • NDI® and NDI|HX support
  • capture stunning *4K video at 30 fps.
  • Seamless CMS support for Kaltura and Panopto
  • Easily integrate with Crestron AV Systems
  • Remote login - Login to your Pearl-2 securely from anywhere over an Internet connection
  • Network security compliant with 802.1x support, RTMPS encryption for secure live streaming, SFTP and HTTPS data encryption
  • Simultaneously live stream to YouTube, Facebook and any other CDN or video portal
  • Switch video sources live
  • Design your own custom layouts, including picture in picture, using the drag-and-drop editor in Pearl-2’s web-based Admin panel
  • Single person operation
  • Output video to local displays
  • Stream locally - Use Pearl-2’s built-in streaming server to share via unicast or multicast stream to up to 50 viewers
  • Stream to CDNs - Supported CDNs including Facebook Live, Youtube, Wowza, Livestream, Akamai, Ustream and others
  • Capture ISOs in full detail
  • CMS/LMS integration - Blackboard, Kaltura, Mediasite and Moodle
  • Available as desktoprackmount or rackmount twin

*Requires the 4K feature add-on
*Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin requires 2x 4K feature add-ons

Epiphan Pearl-2™ is the easiest way to do *4K live streaming, switching and recording.
Reliable, simple live streaming with Pearl-2’s integrated live video production workflow. Manage your streaming, recording and live switching in one place with this all in one video encoder and video production system.

*Requires the 4K feature add-on

Capture 6 video sources at once

Pearl-2 works with video sources from SD to 4K. Connect up to six sources at once to encode and stream one *4K Ultra HD program or up to six 1080p Full HD programs. Use any combination of your video sources connected to the HDMI, 4K HDMI, 12G SDI, or USB video input ports, or from IP cameras over your network.

*Requires the 4K feature add-on

NDI® and NDI|HX support

Get low latency, broadcast quality video over the LAN. Simply connect Pearl-2 to your existing Gigabit Ethernet network. Pearl can access video content from a wide variety of NDI sources instantly – and share video output too! You know you’re saving time and resources when setup is this easy.

Stunning 4K video

Harness the power of Pearl-2’s 6th generation Intel i7 processor to capture stunning *4K video at 30 fps. Pearl-2’s hardware-accelerated encoder provides flawless H.264 encoding for maximum compatibility and performance with any video portal or player.

*Requires the 4K feature add-on

Seamless CMS support for Kaltura and Panopto

Pearl-2 works seamlessly with Kaltura and Panopto (coming soon). Full API integration means there’s no complicated programming required. Just register and start scheduling your video events right away. Pearl-2 offers a versatile and no-fuss experience for multi-camera scheduled VOD events, ad hoc events, and webcasting using either RTMP or RTMPS. With security features like 802.1x, RTMPS, HTTPS and LDAP built-in, Pearl-2 makes a great hardware encoder solution for lecture capture and corporate communications.

Easily integrate with Crestron AV Systems

Using the Crestron-developed Control Module, the bulk of the heavy coding is already done. Integrating Pearl-2 into your Crestron AV system is a snap. Build upon the Crestron Control Module’s foundation with confidence knowing that Pearl’s comprehensive API is accessible over HTTP or HTTPS for greater security. Epiphan Video is a certified Crestron partner.

Remote login

Login to your Pearl-2 securely from anywhere over an Internet connection. Quickly take control of Pearl Mini for remote rescue troubleshooting, support technicians in the field, control recording, switching, and more.

IT friendly

IT friendly and network security compliant with 802.1x support, RTMPS encryption for secure live streaming, SFTP and HTTPS data encryption.

Custom layout designer – now with chroma key!

Design your own custom layouts, including picture in picture, using the drag-and-drop editor in Pearl-2’s web-based Admin panel. Combine, crop and scale up to 6 video sources. Customize it completely with backgrounds, overlay images, text, and timestamping. Chroma key support for green screens and third party titling software to include rich animations and lower thirds.

Stream to viewers everywhere

Simultaneously live stream to YouTube, Facebook and any other CDN or video portal. At the same time, use the built-in streaming server to stream locally to web browsers, smart TVs and set-top boxes.

Switch video sources live

Use the touch screen or Epiphan Live to preview and change the live content in your video programs. See changes immediately in your live video stream and on displays connected to Pearl-2’s 4K HDMI video output ports.

Monitoring and switching made easy

Simple to use monitoring and live switching between sources or layouts using Epiphan Live, a control interface designed for touch screen devices. Control your streaming and recording from any mobile device or computer on your local network.

Pro audio support

Capture embedded HDMI and SDI audio or use the XLR/RCA ports for professional level audio from mixing consoles and sound equipment. Built-in attenuation and gain adjustment mean you get perfect sound fidelity.

Keep your recordings safe

Hold hundreds of hours of HD recordings on the 512 GB solid state hard-drive. Configure automatic file transfer to a local USB drive with USB 3.0 file transfer speed or to networked storage to ensure your files are always protected.

Single person operation

Control and monitor your live video production with Pearl-2’s touch screen. With a touch of the finger, turn on streaming, recording or switch the layout in the live stream. Connect your headphones and monitor audio using the front-mounted 3.5 mm audio jack and on-screen VU meter.

Plug and play, or tweak to perfection

Let Pearl-2 set everything for you automatically or use the web-based Admin panel to configure bitrate, frame size, layouts and more!

Output video to local displays

Show content to front of house or send it to a larger confidence monitor with Pearl-2’s two 4K HDMI video output ports. Configure to share any input source or switched program output.

Stream locally

Use Pearl-2’s built-in streaming server to share via unicast or multicast stream to up to 50 viewers with popular streaming protocols such as HTTP, HLS, FLV, ASF, UPnP and SAP.

Stream to CDNs

Publish your live video stream to a large audience using an enterprise streaming server or CDN using RTMP or RTSP. Supported CDNs including Facebook Live, Youtube, Wowza, Livestream, Akamai, Ustream and others.

Capture ISOs in full detail

Stream your final program output, in any desired resolution, while also recording high quality ISOs for post-processing.

CMS/LMS integration

Pearl-2 integrates easily with content management systems (CMS) and with learning management systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Kaltura, Mediasite and Moodle. Our customers love Pearl-2 because it works with the systems you already have in place.
NEW! Direct integration with CMS Kaltura

Epiphan Video Pearl-2 Rackmount
Pearl-2 Rackmount

All in one video encoder and video production system - Rackmount

Epiphan Video Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin
Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin

All in one video encoder and video production system - Twin Rackmount

Epiphan Video Pearl-2 4K Addon
Pearl-2 4K Addon

Add 4K functionality to your Pearl 2

How do I control Pearl-2?

You can use Pearl-2’s touch screen display and operator-friendly Epiphan Live web control panel for simple confidence monitoring and stream/record control. And secure remote login allows you to control your Pearl-2 from just about anywhere there’s access to the Internet.

Developers can use the HTTP/HTTPS or RS-232 APIs to control Pearl-2. As well, Crestron developed a control module specifically for Pearl-2 that provides a solid base for you to build Pearl-2 in to your Crestron AV system.

How do I configure Pearl-2?

Pearl-2 is ready to use right out of the box! Plug in a source into the back of Pearl-2 and you can capture, stream and record right away! For additional configuration, use the web-based Admin panel interface.

The touch screen lets you control switching for Pearl-2’s video mixer, load saved configuration presets and perform recording or streaming control. Advanced users can use Pearl-2’s HTTP or RS-232 APIs to integrate with larger systems.

Secure remote login lets you access the web-version of the Admin panel so you can do rescue troubleshooting and channel configuration from just about anywhere there’s Internet access.

Is remote login secure?

Yes! A secure propriety tunnel over port 443 is used to access the Internet so you can do rescue troubleshooting, recording control, and even channel configuration from just about anywhere there’s access to the Internet.

How many sources can Pearl-2 capture?

Pearl-2 can encode one Ultra HD 4K program (with two 4K sources and two HD sources) or up to six Full HD 1080p programs at a time. Within your program(s), you can use any combination of IP cameras and sources connected to Pearl-2’s HDMI, 4K HDMI, USB video, or 12G-SDI ports.

Does Pearl-2 come with HEVC/H.265 codec for 4K encoding?

No. Pearl-2 currently supports AVC video encoding (e.g. H.264 and MJPEG codecs) for encoding at all resolutions. However, Pearl-2’s processing power allows the possibility of supporting HEVC and other codecs in the future.

Can Pearl-2 capture from IP cameras?

Yes. Pearl-2 can capture from RTSP sources over a network (such as IP cameras or even other Pearl or Pearl-2 systems) at resolutions up to 1080p. See our online user guide for a list of RTSP cameras we have tested so far.

Can I plug my USB camera into Pearl-2?

Yes! The USB video ports on the back of Pearl-2 can accept video and audio from up to two USB web cameras at a time. You can change the settings on the cameras using the source controls on the admin panel, and put them in your layouts just like any other video source.

Does Pearl-2 stream to iPad, iPhone, iTouch?

Yes. Pearl-2 uses Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming technology to create a separate native stream for Apple iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iTouch.

Does Pearl-2 stream to tablets and smartphones?

Yes. Pearl-2 supports HLS streaming. When this feature is enabled viewers can access the stream using a tablet or smartphone device. Tablet and smartphone viewers can also view other media streams depending on the device and viewing application.

Video Streaming Solutions - Beginner's Guide

Stream it live to anywhere from anywhere The simplest way to deliver content live to staff, students, customers and service users is via YouTube Live or Facebook Live. There are lots of ways to produce and stream professional looking video. Our technical team can advise you on the best solution for your needs – give us a call on 01457 851000.

New launches at ISE 2020

Here's an overview of our vendors exhibiting at ISE 2020. Please call us on +44 (0)1457 851000 if you would like to book a stand tour with one of our manufacturers. BLACKMAGIC DESIGN HALL 3, STAND C140 The Video Assist 12G 5” and 7” monitor recorders are now shipping. The original HD versions were incredibly popular with AV technicians who wanted to verify SDI and HDMI feeds and check waveform levels. For production teams, their 4K HDR capture makes them a superb on-camera SD card recorder. The ATEM Mini is a very small, cost-effective 4 channel HDMI video switcher with streaming output. Great as a portable mixer or a signal switcher, it’s being adopted by everyone from conference producers to AV technicians looking for simple HDMI switching.

Recording PTZ Cameras

PTZ cameras are not like traditional camcorders. A few can record video internally to a Micro SD card, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule. Lumens, Datavideo and the high-end Panasonic PTZ Cameras (like the AW-HE130 and AW-UE150) do not have internal recording so we must look at other options. The Panasonic AW-HE38, AW-HE40, AW-HE42, and AW-UE70 can all record HD, (the UE70 can even record in UHD). This internal recording can be very useful, but it is heavily compressed so the quality is not as good as the cameras are capable of.

Holdan adds Epiphan Video to its portfolio

Epiphan Video has appointed Holdan as its UK & Ireland distributor for the full range of Epiphan’s live capture and streaming technologies. As the leading technology distributor for the professional video and broadcast markets, Holdan will work alongside Epiphan to enhance reseller support and to develop new opportunities in corporate AV, education and public sector video.

Firmware 4.11.0 Update

  • Assign select administrator-level functions to operators, like channel setup, networking, configuration presets, and more.
  • Update NDI on Pearl-2 to NDI version 4.1. (Pearl-2 only)
  • Monitor AFU file uploads and manual file transfers to USB drives using the touch screen and the Admin panel; as well as cancel USB file transfers using the Admin panel.
  • Support for Kaltura's lecture capture plus live event type.

Firmware 4.9.1 Update

  • Kaltura users can enter more ad hoc event details like a description, categories, and tags when creating an ad hoc event.
  • You can now set how often the Admin panel polls Kaltura to update the events listed on the Events page.
  • Panopto users can now authenticate for ad hoc events using credentials defined on third party identity providers such as Canvas and identity providers that support SAML 2.0.
  • Panopto users can select the folder location where their recordings are uploaded in Panopto for ad hoc events.
  • There's a new setting to automatically log users out of their CMS session after their ad hoc event ends.
  • We've added international character support in channel names, layout names, video and audio input names, text overlays, and in the name of recorded files - including the following:
    • Western European/Nordic languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.
    • Central/Eastern European languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, and Russian.

Firmware 4.9.0 Update

  • Full Panopto integration to use Pearl as a remote recorder for multiple-source scheduled, recurring, and unscheduled ad hoc video recordings and webcasts with easy user authentication using the touch screen.
  • For Kaltura, we added multiple source ad hoc VOD recording and webcast creation directly from the touch screen with user authentication, plus added support for multiple source ad hoc recordings.
  • You can now toggle between temperature/CPU load on the touch screen.
  • The EDID of each input is verified when Pearl is powered on.
  • We improved support for the 4:2:2 color space on 12G and 6G SDI. (Pearl-2)
  • USB tethering feature has been removed.
  • Some minor changes to the Admin panel arrow key and AFU controls.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • Pearl 2
  • 1 x hard shell case
  • 1 x SDI cable (3 feet / 1 meter in length)
  • 1 x HDMI cable (3 feet / 1 meter in length)
  • 1 x HDMI to DVI adapter
  • 1 x Ethernet cable
  • 1 x region-specific power supply cable (6 feet / 1.8 meters in length)

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