Epiphan Video, technology on the edge
07 Sep 2023

Epiphan Video, technology on the edge

With the recent updates made to the Epiphan brand, can you expect the same quality and service from their well-known products, such as the Pearl 2, Pearl Mini, Pearl Nano or Epiphan Connect? The answer is – yes! Let's look at some of the enhancements of the Epiphan range.

Meet the Pearl family (now HETMA approved)

Approved by the Higher Education Technology Managers Alliance and obtaining an overall score that "exceeds standards," the Epiphan Pearl systems are your all-in-one video capture systems for switching, streaming and recording. Simplifying video with advanced features and professional-grade construction and components – the Epiphan Pearl family is backed by rock-solid customer support.

Epiphan Video, technology on the edge

Broadcast without barriers and create impactful video content your brand needs with award-winning hardware from Epiphan's Pearl series.

The Epiphan Pearl family carves out avenues of versatile streaming, flexible recording and file management while remaining IT-friendly and secure. It grants users the capability to capture professional audio in high quality directly from their room's system and to capture video from any source such as HDMI, SDI and USB. In addition to these incredible features, all Pearl encoders are integrated with Kaltura, Panopto and YuJa video platforms, creating opportunities to streamline integrations.

Epiphan Pearl 2 and Epiphan Pearl Mini Firmware 4.20

In addition to numerous minor enhancements, Pearl Firmware 4.20 provides customers with a significant upgrade to Configuration Presets. Allowing users to keep snapshots of a Pearl 2 setup and share it with other Pearl systems is arguably the most potent Configuration Preset yet. This is incredibly helpful for loading a saved event template or deploying multiple Pearls with the same settings. Released on the 3rd of August 2023, customers can now download firmware 4.20 with a free Epiphan Edge account, which enables cloud control of devices. Alternatively, the local web UI on the device itself can be used.

Epiphan Video, technology on the edge

How will these enhancements affect the Pearl 2, Pearl Mini and Epiphan Pearl Nano?
  • Customers can expect the Epiphan Pearl 2, Mini and Nano to acquire the ability to apply a Pearl Configuration pre-set from an attached USB drive.
  • All three products will feature the rebranded Epiphan Cloud to Epiphan Edge on Pearl's web interface and touch screen.
  • Enhancements made to the Pearl 2 include the allowance of the inclusion of video files of sizes up to 100MB in Configuration Preset.
  • Epiphan has resolved an issue in which Pearl times out when attempting to discover NDI sources on the network.
  • Epiphan has resolved an issue with the Epiphan Pearl 2, Mini and Pearl Nano that leads to a loss of input video signals when the name of the video source on the Pearl web UI is changed to specific keywords.
  • All products will now have proper handling of HTTP error code 401 from the YuJa Enterprise Video Platform.

Epiphan Edge

Formerly known as Epiphan Cloud, Epiphan Edge is your one-stop shop for remote management and control of Epiphan devices. The Epiphan Cloud still exists but is now Epiphan's umbrella brand for all of Epiphan's cloud services.
Epiphan Edge enables centralised, remote management and control for all Epiphan hardware, empowering users to create high-quality content wherever they are. Epiphan Edge puts you in control, enabling fully remote streaming, recording, monitoring and switching. It is the easiest way to create broadcast quality video from a distance.

Epiphan Video, technology on the edge

Paring Epiphan Pearl systems with Epiphan Edge allows you to access endless powerful capabilities anytime, anywhere. In addition to streaming standards like RTMP(S), all Pearl systems support the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol for pristine, low latency streaming over any network. Using Epiphan Edge as your production hub, you can combine remote contributor feeds over SRT for unbeatable video and audio quality.

In-cloud configuration and time-saving batch actions (including predefined streaming destinations) simplify device setup. Epiphan Edge assists in taking the legwork out of multi-device management, centralising design and monitoring, meaning that the more Pearl devices you have, the more you will benefit from Epiphan Edge.

No matter where you are, Epiphan Edge gives you a window into the state of your devices and ongoing productions, allowing you to monitor connected video and audio feeds. It also allows you to access key device statistics, including operational status, available storage and overall health. You only need a web browser and an internet connection; no VPNs or network tunnels are required.

The new Crestron Module release

Creston powers dynamic and sophisticated spaces that offer incredible opportunities for creating seamless, scalable experiences through AV technology. You can enhance Crestron spaces with Pearl hardware encoders, adding new options for impactful human connection and making the in-room experience 100x more inclusive.

Pairing Crestron with Epiphan Pearl systems enables you to automate live video content delivery anywhere in the world or even share recorded videos easily through any CDN. The Crestron development module for Pearl encoders is designed for easy integration. Offering a code base, you can build onto integrate Pearl into your Crestron AV system easily. While Epiphan Pearl has a comprehensive HTTP/HTTPS API, the module allows for easy control of the most common features, including:

  • Allowing you to monitor all audio and video inputs confidently.
  • Allowing you to start and stop recordings and live streams.
  • Switching layouts.
  • Content management of multiple channels independently.
  • Live video preview images.
  • Control of CMS events on Epiphan Pearl systems.

Epiphan Connect

Epiphan Connect for Zoom empowers you to unlock interactive video experiences. Discover your capacity to create polished live and hybrid video experiences with the Epiphan Ecosystem. From product launches, webinars, training and onboarding to conferences and social media videos, Epiphan Connect has you covered!

You can capture up to 9 different meeting participants – plus screen share – and send them to your production software or share a virtual confidence monitor inside your Zoom call through an SRT return fed so participants can see how they look in the broadcast.

Epiphan Video, technology on the edge

Make every space a studio. Epiphan Connect allows you to turn your Zoom meeting into a green room, enabling you to communicate with your event participants uniquely. Send chat messages or speak directly to the meeting to offer production support – endless possibilities.

Epiphan Pearl, Epiphan Connect and Epiphan Edge are all innovative tools that can grow any business's video production and content management performance. The Holdan team are a proud supplier of Epiphan products and is available for any support required.

For more information please contact our Sales Desk:
+44 (0)1457 851000 | sales@holdan.co.uk.

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