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YoloLiv YoloBox Ultra

Take your live stream production to another new level with the YoloBox Ultra – Portable Multi-Camera Live Streaming Studio with Encoder/Switcher/Monitor/Recorder All in One. This advanced device empowers you to create professional live streams from anywhere, offering an even wider range of features and capabilities.

YoloLiv YoloBox Ultra
What’s new at a glance?
4 HDMI Inputs
Connect More, Experience More. Amplify Connectivity, Minimize Limitations
ISO Recording
Preserve every precious moment
Stronger CPU
Innovation taken to new depths & possibilities
Cellular Bonding
Deliver rock-solid reliable videos
4K Streaming
Every Detail Comes Alive
NDI® | HX3 & SRT
New ways to expand and evolve
Bigger Battery
75.48Wh, stream up to 6 hours
Bigger & Brighter
See Beyond, Shine Through
YoloLiv YoloBox - Connect

Yolobox can ingest media from a diverse range of sources, whether it’s cameras, drones, or microphones, HDMI, IP or USB – Yolobox can handle it.
You can even load in, pre-recorded videos, images, and PDF files bringing your production to life!

YoloLiv YoloBox - Stream

Boost your viewership across multiple channels in one go, with support for simultaneous streaming to platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, or any RTMP platform for that matter. Stream over wifi, ethernet, built-in 4G modem, or by USB modems. Want a bespoke platform you can monetise? Then you’ve got Yolocast to seamlessly integrate with which also allows you to bond networks.

YoloLiv YoloBox - Capture

Yolobox can record your live production directly to SD cards or USB storage. With the Ultra you can even record the individual video inputs (ISO) on top of this to have full flexibility to edit in post. Switch seamlessly between inputs, create split screens, picture-in-pictures, and even chromakey for greenscreen productions.

YoloLiv YoloBox - Engage

Yolobox can bring in remote presenters without any additional hardware/software. You easily add dynamic graphics to elevate your production, using the templates pre-loaded or create and upload your own. If you’re streaming to popular platforms, you can even see audience engagement and questions right from the unit itself.

YoloLiv & NDI

YoloBox Ultra, the flagship product by YoloLiv, comes equipped with powerful NDI integration capabilities. It leverages NDI technology to streamline your live production and streaming workflow. From capturing NDI sources, such as PTZ cameras from the likes of Datavideo, Birddog, and Panasonic, integrating them seamlessly into your live streams, to outputting videos from YoloBox Ultra to NDI-enabled devices.

NDI – which stands for Network Device Interface, was developed by NewTek and allows video to be transmitted over IP networks such as LANs and WANs in high quality and with low latency. By utilising NDI, you can seamlessly transmit video and audio between NDI-enabled devices, eliminating the need for complex cabling setups.

YoloLiv YoloBox Pro

Introducing the industry’s first truly all-in-one live production system that eliminates the need for any external components. Simple, portable, reliable, and affordable – experience a comprehensive solution that redefines live production convenience.

Encoder, switcher, recorder, monitor, in One
Various Captures
Live switch up to 6 video sources
Minimum Setup
No computer/desk workstation/professional crew required
Touchscreen control
Production at your fingertip, great ease to operate
Portability & Mobility
Compact size, fit into your backpack
Live On the Go
Support 4G LTE & built-in battery
Display: 8-inch Touch Screen LCD
See Beyond, Shine Through
YoloLiv YoloBox Pro
YoloLiv YoloBox Mini

YoloBox Mini is a super portable live streaming encoder, monitor and recorder that is capable of incorporating many powerful features for high end work! As the name suggests, it’s very small compared to almost all other live streaming solutions. You can fit it in your pocket, especially perfect for live events that require high mobility. If you’re looking for a mini but mighty live streaming solution for mobile live streaming needs, YoloBox Mini is your best choice.

YoloLiv YoloBox Mini
Go Live in 1080/60
Anybody can stream live online, but not everyone can make it professional. Bring your live productions to the next level with broadcast quality 1080p60 video.
Stream to Multiple Destinations
Distribute your content to more viewers and streamline your workflow by simultaneously streaming to your favorite platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitch or others through RTMP./dd>
Graphic Overlays
Make your video productions stand out by adding custom scoreboards, text, logos, countdown timer and more. Creating proper stream graphics help you convey your brand and keep your audiences engaged.
Monitor Mode
Utilize the device even when you are not live streaming. Record, switch, add overlays and transitions to level up your video production efficiency.
4G LTE Support
Stream over all available networks from Ethernet, WiFi, 4G LTE modems and hotspots. Making sure you can always live stream with confidence even if you’re out with no Ethernet or WiFi around.
YoloLiv Instream
The First & Only
All-In-One Multicam Vertical
Live Streaming Studio

Create better content for Instagram, TikTok & more.

Multi-Cam | Graphic Overlays | Picture in Picture | Chroma Key


Shape The Future
Of Live Selling

YoloMax revolutionizes the world of e-commerce by bringing the power of Live Selling to everyone – from brands and retailers to influencers.

Elevate your brand’s visibility, foster engagement, and boost sales with our shoppable livestream videos. Capture attention, connect with your audience, and make every moment count.

Experience the unique advantage of live selling with YoloMax – where standing out means selling live!

YoloLiv YoloMax
YoloLiv YoloBox Proa


Embrace the Vertical Revolution

Introducing the Industry’s Pioneer: VertiCam - The First Vertical PTZ Camera for Seamless Vertical Content Production and Live Streaming.
Leading brands are swiftly adopting vertical video, and for good reason. Consumers perceive brands utilizing vertical video as more innovative.
Stay ahead in the game – if your content isn’t vertical, you’re lagging behind.


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