YoloLiv Instream Installed at the TikTok Korea Headquarters
11 Apr 2024

YoloLiv Instream Installed at the TikTok Korea Headquarters

With the growing popularity of vertical streaming in Asia, Europe and USA, there’s an increasing demand for creating professional yet simple live streams on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.
Plthink, a YoloLiv authorized distributor in Korea, recently equipped TikTok’s Korea headquarter with the YoloLiv Instream and Vericam. Here’s a look at how they achieved this and why Instream is a perfect solution for such use cases.

Please briefly introduce the upcoming InStream + VertiCam display event. What significance do you think this event holds for PLThink and TikTok headquarters?

Currently, the Korean live-streaming ecosystem has distinct characteristics compared to other countries, and research is underway to expand the market through various seminars and studies.

In Korea, there are many people conducting live broadcasts, and there are various platforms available. Among them, TikTok has seen significant growth in its live-streaming platform.

Many TikTok creators have experienced inconvenience due to the various equipment occupying space during live broadcasts and have been increasingly desiring simpler and more efficient broadcasting methods.

YoloLiv Instream, as one of the most innovative vertical live streaming solutions, is the perfect to help creators make vertical streaming with professional video and audio easily.

How did the company collaborate with the TikTok team before preparing for the event? Are there any specific plans or goals that can be shared?

Before preparing for the event, PLThink closely collaborated with TikTok Korea. Although specific plans are currently difficult to disclose, we are planning to gradually carry out various online and offline events through close consultation with TikTok Korea staff, aiming to increase brand awareness and promote product sales.

Additionally, during the KOBA exhibition held in May in Korea, after sufficient consultation with TikTok Korea, we are planning to invite influencer experience groups and collaborate with various events conducted by TikTok Korea to promote the advantages and excellence of the YoloLiv system and product to many potential future customers.

Does the company have any unique strategies or ideas for implementing this collaboration? How do you think these strategies will be combined with TikTok’s platform features?

PLTHINK utilizes various strategies and ideas considering the platform’s characteristics in practical execution. For example, we may utilize popular content formats on TikTok events that encourage user participation. These strategies are expected to be used in conjunction with TikTok’s platform features to attract user interest and foster interaction.

Additionally, besides platforms like TikTok, we are planning to contact individuals and companies involved in broadcasting-related professions to provide opportunities for experiencing and renting YoloLiv products directly, thereby increasing user experience and emphasizing the necessity of use.

YoloLiv Instream Installed at the TikTok Korea Headquarters

What are the expected outcomes of this event? How does the company plan to measure the success of its campaign?

This part seems to be the most challenging to anticipate. Through this collaboration with TikTok, the most important aspect PLTHINK considers is the increase in YoloLiv’s brand awareness.

We are planning to emphasize that YoloLiv products can solve various constraints that creators have encountered during live streaming, such as using complicated and bulky equipment.

We will provide an opportunity for many TikTok creators to experience YoloLiv products through the exhibition hall and encourage them to purchase the products.

Finally, based on the company’s understanding of market trends and social media, what do you think is the most important aspect of future collaborations with TikTok or similar platforms? What is the vision for the future of this collaboration?

PLTHINK emphasizes the importance of user experience in future collaborations with TikTok Korea or similar platforms, for example, Naver (the biggest live-selling platform in Korea), based on market trends and social media understanding. The vision for the future of this collaboration is to provide users with a better experience through continuous innovation and content diversity.

Additionally, through constant feedback, we aim to understand the platform and users’ needs and advance brand awareness through ongoing collaboration.

For more information please contact our Sales Desk:
+44 (0)1457 851000 | sales@holdan.co.uk.

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