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The following Midwich Hero brands are all available through Holdan...
Other Midwich Brands also available through Holdan

AVerMedia are dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge technology that transforms the landscape of content creation, video collaboration, and Edge AI. Their diverse product lineup, including advanced capture cards, high-quality webcams, professional-grade microphones, and sophisticated embedded systems, are designed to empower users to achieve their creative and professional goals with unparalleled precision and ease.

Canon PTZ Cameras

Elevate your live production with the Canon's multi-cam solution. Featuring Canon’s renowned PTZ cameras, combined with their entry level cinema EOS cameras all with unified control and quality. Create professional-grade live productions from anywhere, with stunning clarity and an extensive range of features designed to enhance your broadcasting experience.


HuddleCamHD manufactures versatile conference cameras, speakerphones, and collaboration solutions, continuously innovating and challenging conventions. Their state-of-the-art pan, tilt, and zoom conference cameras are transforming the broadcast industry.
By enabling connections and helping individuals and organisations worldwide share their visions and stories, HuddleCamHD excels in video conferencing technology. They are renowned for their quality, innovation, and making professional-grade video more accessible.


Imagine a seamless video conference experience where every attendee is engaged and productive from start to finish. This vision becomes reality with INOGENI's high-performance video conferencing equipment. Explore our comprehensive range of INOGENI smart pro AV devices, including mixers, switchers, and converters, designed to elevate your meetings to an entirely new level.

PTZ Optics

Discover the future of professional video production with PTZ Optics, the industry leader in advanced pan-tilt-zoom camera technology. Renowned for their exceptional image quality, versatility, and seamless integration, PTZ Optics cameras empower broadcasters, content creators, and businesses to capture every detail with precision and ease, all at a hugely competetive pricepoint.


Experience the forefront of visual technology with Samsung screens, the industry standard for advanced display solutions. Celebrated for their stunning clarity, vibrant colors, and superior performance, Samsung screens revolutionize content viewing at home, in the office, or on the move. Whether it's immersive home entertainment, professional-grade monitors, or dynamic digital signage, Samsung provides the perfect display to enhance your visual experience. Discover unmatched quality and innovation with Samsung screens.


In today's evolving AV landscape, remote cameras have become essential for a wide range of applications. Sony offers the perfect selection of cameras for education, government, worship, production, and live events, where clarity and reliability are paramount. With various zoom options and outputs, including 3G-SDI, USB, and HDMI, as well as 4K options for unparalleled resolution, Sony cameras provide the versatility and quality you need. Integrating these advanced cameras into your offerings has never been easier. Elevate your installations with Sony's cutting-edge technology.


tvONE offers a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the highest standards of performance. Whether you need versatile video processors, robust matrix switchers, or high-resolution video wall controllers, TvONE provides cutting-edge solutions that empower you to deliver seamless and impactful visual experiences. Elevate your AV installations with TvONE's trusted technology and exceptional support.


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