The world’s easiest HD recorder?

The world’s easiest HD recorder?

Datavideo’s HDR-1 is a compact half rack unit designed for use in live event productions. It is included in Datavideo’s popular range of GO studios designed to be operated in education, worship, seminars and at social outreach events. It’s an incredibly easy all-rounder, suitable for all HD users, multiple workflows and countless applications.

Monitoring the work

The first step with HDR-1 is plugging your HDMI source and looping that video connection out to any HD dispaly or TV. Why is that special? Many recorders are ‘end of chain’ devices, so you can’t watch what’s being recorded. HDR-1 is different.

Thumbs up to the popular thumb drive

Before recording with Datavideo’s HDR-1 simply plug in the supplied standard USB 3.0 thumb drive (32Gb). This kind of USB flash memory stick is widely available and very cheap. A 32GB stick is good for 4 hours of HD video, and if you need more storage, you can just nip out to any electronics shop. Format the drive using the Datavideo HDR-1’s easy to navigate menu system – yes there’s a front panel button for that – all done and you’re ready to record.

It’s Easy - Record, Stop and Play buttons

If you know the standard keys or Record, Stop and Play buttons on your DVD recorder then you already recognise the HDR-1’s main front panel controls. Paired with a front panel indicator light you can easily understand what mode the unit is in. In daylight or dark rooms, it’s so easy to use.

An editor’s best friend

The HDR-1 has a simple editing function so you can quickly remove selected parts of the recording. So not only top and tail the recording but be able to remove that fluffed line or interruption in the middle too. All without the need of a laptop and expensive edit software. Want to go further and edit the files? Plug the thumb drive into your computer and the media is already in an edit-friendly format.

A Social beauty with access all areas

The HDR-1 outputs a universally accepted file in the MP4 format.  This file type uploads straight to any CDN or social media platform like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Twitch, with no need for lengthy or complex re-formatting or transcoding.

Why struggle to record and share your media? Datavideo’s HDR-1 is the world’s easiest recorder.

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Datavideo HDR-1

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