Bridging the NDI gap to ATEM: Blackmagic in the IP World

The video production market is transitioning towards IP. Whether it will ever get there 100% or will find a balance between HDMI, SDI and Ethernet remains to be seen, but we are without doubt entering a phase where crews and installers are weighing up the benefits of IP technology for each project.

Why IP?

As the video and AV markets get closer together and the benefits of COTS (consumer off the shelf) routers and Ethernet networks become more and more tempting to video installers and live events companies, video over IP is gaining traction. Instead of connecting cameras to production kit using video cables, with video over IP (VOIP), equipment can be connected using inexpensive Cat5 or Cat6 cables, potentially using pre-existing IT networks. Being able to locate cameras in any position, connected by a single Ethernet cable is very tempting for event producers on a tight schedule. For AV managers, the idea of adding cameras to an existing IT network is a dream come true, compared with the prospect of laying a dedicated SDI infrastructure that may involve drilling through walls and ceiling spaces.

Adapting to IP

For years, the industry has standardized around the traditional SDI-based video production vision mixer. Users appreciate the stability, familiarity and functionality, and Blackmagic’s approach in the ATEM range balances control and creativity for all manner of productions, from conference sessions and concerts to fast-paced sports and live daytime TV.
While Blackmagic Design’s ATEM offers producers an incredible vision mixing experience, like most switchers, it is designed around SDI and HDMI inputs rather than IP workflows. For the majority of users this is second nature; tens of thousands of productions of all sizes rely on SDI-based ATEM mixers as their creative switching platform.
For producers and installers looking to the benefits of IP, how can the ATEM be adapted for Ethernet-based workflows?

Where SDI meets IP

Blackmagic Design’s own SDI to IP solution is very effective: their Teranex Mini SDI to IP converter sends a very high quality (up-to DCI 4K), low latency signal, over Ethernet networks. Compressed using the TICO standard (SMPTE 2110), it can support 10-bit 4:4:4 video sampling and is a no compromise solution, visually lossless at 4:1 compression. It’s a great solution, with the promise of tremendous video quality over IP.

And NDI?

NDI is a popular alternative to TICO. It has one great advantage: bitrate. At over 1Gb/s for a single 1080i stream, TICO is bandwidth hungry. NDI and NDI|HX are incredibly nimble in comparison, requiring between one tenth (NDI) and one fiftieth (NDI|HX) the bandwidth of a typical TICO stream. That means producers can theoretically run dozens of NDI|HX signals over a 1GbE cable.
With NDI converters, TV and pro-video, cameras can be converted to IP and ingested as a standard SDI input into the vision mixer. Low cost, reliable and low latency, Kiloview’s NDI converters are the ideal companion to any ATEM switcher.

Camcorder to NDI

Kiloview’s E-range of converters for SDI or HDMI cameras generates a low-latency NDI|HX output over Ethernet. The N range sends NDI|HX over 5GHz WiFi networks and includes a 5-hour rechargeable battery for maximum flexibility. Kiloview’s N30 and N40 devices enable users to connect their UltraHD camera output for 4K NDI transmission over Ethernet. Conveniently powered over USB-C, these converters are lightweight and can sit on the camera itself.


The converted NDI signal from the camera is decoded to SDI or HDMI for ingest into the vision mixer using an N3 (HD), N4 (4K 12G-SDI) or N40 (4K HDMI) device. Latency is dependent on a number of factors, but a typical end-to-end delay is very low - around 150ms.

PTZ, NDI and the ATEM

PTZ cameras are gaining even more popularity as productions look to reduce the number of crew and maintain safe social distancing. Many cameras (from the likes of Lumens, Panasonic and Datavideo) are NDI-ready, enabling them to use Ethernet networks for video transmission, control and power. This is a significant saving in installation times and offers a huge reduction in cabling costs. However, the dilemma has been how to decode PTZ camera NDI signals as an ATEM source.
Kiloview NDI decoders solve this issue simply and cost-effectively. Plug-and-play, they give ATEM switchers instant compatibility with such market-leading cameras as the HN38 from Panasonic, Lumens VC-A50PNDI and Datavideo PTC-140NDI.

NDI - ATEM Workflow

For more information on these products please call us or follow the links below.

Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini - IP Video 12G
Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini - IP Video 12G

Convert video to IP and route it over your existing ethernet network

Kiloview E1-NDI
Kiloview E1-NDI

SDI to NDI Encoder (Wired)

Kiloview E2-NDI
Kiloview E2-NDI

HDMI to NDI Encoder (Wired)

Kiloview N1
Kiloview N1

Portable Wireless SDI to NDI Video Encoder

Kiloview N2
Kiloview N2

Portable Wireless HDMI to NDI Video Encoder

Kiloview N3
Kiloview N3

3G-SDI/NDI Bi-Directional Converter

Kiloview N30
Kiloview N30

12G-SDI/NDI Bi-directional Converter

Kiloview N40
Kiloview N40

4Kp60 UHD HDMI/NDI Bi-Directional Converter

Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K
Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K

Advanced 12G-SDI live production switcher

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