Guide to Datavideo CG Software

Guide to Datavideo CG Software

On screen titles, subtitles and visual information can turn a video into a programme.

No news programme, weather forecast, sports commentary, live interview or webcast is complete without accompanying graphics.

CG is a fundamental part of all video communications: it's used to introduce the name and title of an interviewee, show the time on-screen, add subtitles, present live sports stats to viewers, and much, much more.

To deliver real-time graphics, there are three software options... 

  • Desktop graphics software can create beautiful CG but don't deliver the speed and play out control that live producers require. 

  • An-air broadcast graphics systems benefit from multiple operators, live database integration, fast 3D results, multiple play out options, multi-channel support and media asset management capabilities. However, they are costly and complex.

  • Datavideo’s CG software delivers the best of both: an easy-to-use, highly creative software solution that runs on standard Windows computers with SDI or HDMI graphics boards. It offers play out controls, ranging from actions triggered by the vision mixer to sophisticated playlist-based play out schedules. It’s a fast, dynamic and high quality solution.

There is a huge gulf between inexpensive but limited graphics and presentation software (Powerpoint, Keynote, Photoshop and After Effects) and full-blown database driven broadcast graphics solutions. Datavideo's CG software fills the gap.


Desktop graphics & presentation software on-Air Broadcast Graphics Systems Datavideo CG-100 Datavideo CG-200 Datavideo CG-250 Datavideo CG-350 Datavideo CG-500
Low cost Yes No Yes FREE Yes Yes Yes
Short learning curve Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Low-cost hardware options Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optimized for live production No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manual playout control No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Playlists or scheduling No Yes No No No Playlist Yes
External database integration No Yes No No No No Yes
Live 3D graphics Yes* Yes No No No No Yes
Fast rendering of complex graphics No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyframe-able effects Yes* Yes No No No No Yes
SD resolution Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
HD resolution Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Template-based No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Graphics & media  library No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with TC-200 No No No Yes Yes Yes No

*Dependent on version of software


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