Datavideo CG-100

SD Character Generator

Suggested List Price: £675+VAT

Product Code: DATA-CG100

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  • Import Image Objects
  • Text roll and crawl
  • Live Edit Mode
  • Stand Alone Logo Display Function
  • SDI & YUV available
  • Live SDI Overlay
  • Quick and Simple GUI
  • Programmable Multipage Events with Transitions
  • Logo generator (24 pages for selection)
  • Targa Sequence for logo animation GPI trigger by external GPI cable or by "Ctrl Key " or "Right Click on the mouse"
  • Digital Clock Timer
  • Supports Alpha Key function by DeckLink SDI
  • Turnkey system available

Technology Guides

The CG-100 is the first CG and titling software that uses the Blackmagic Design Decklink Card series as a video output card. The CG-100 can be used as an accessory for the Datavideo SE-900 vision mixer or as an individual unit. It is also the first Live CG software that has SDI interface at an affordable price. You will be amazed by what you can do with this advanced piece of technology.
SDI overlay offers the best broadcast quality CG solution in the industry today. However, it has always been beyond the budget of small studios and production houses - The Datavideo CG-100 has changed that!

The CG-100 combines with a Blackmagic Design DeckLink Card to bring you live SDI CG overlay at an affordable price. It supports NTSC and PAL video standards and is able to generate graphics for 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios. Pages can be composed and combined with animation effects, to run as a sequence, or they can be displayed and edited live. The CG-100 combines perfectly with the SE-900 to give superb quality graphics / text / logo overlay on live production mixes.CG-100 can be used in any SDI or YUV input switchers (with DeckLink SP, DeckLink Pro or DeckLink Extreme). It can also be used with the Datavideo SE-900 via the SDI text overlay interfaces.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • CG-100 software CD
  • 1 x CG-100 Security Dongle
  • CG-100 Installation Guide (PDF version)
  • CG-100 User Manual (PDF version)

Holdan's CG Guide now available

To coincide with the launch of Datavideo's CG-500, Holdan has released its quick guide to CG and titling software for live production.