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SLIK PRO CF-933 | Carbon fibre tripod legs with three twist lock leg sections


PRO CF-933

Carbon fibre tripod legs with three twist lock leg sections

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  • Carbon fibre tripod legs with three twist lock leg sections
  • CF-Series 8-layers Carbon Pipe with ARS
    32mm diameter CF-sereis exclusive 8 layers of inter-woven carbon fiber tube enabled to increase its mobility while maintain stability. A.R.S (Anti-Rotational System) is designed into the leg locks and do not allow the individual legs sections to rotate inside each other
  • Three-Step Leg Angle Adjustment Mechanism
    By pulling out the leg angle adjustment locks, it is possible to switch from the standard leg angle to the middle or row angles. The function is easy to set up the tripod horizontal even in the uneven terrain
  • Reversable Head Fixing Screw
    Head Fixing Screw can be reversable from 1/4" to 3/8" by simple operation
  • Leg lock system (crown-type) (PAT.)
    The "nut ring" that fixes the leg stretch and contraction is a SLIK unique "crown-type ring". By pushing the upper and lower parts together, frictional resistance is generated firmly in the upper and lower pipes at multiple points. Smooth but firm, reliable fixation is possible. The easy-to-grip leg lock ring delivers reliable and speedy operation
  • Exchangeable leg tips
    Leg tips can be exchanged to spike leg tips or large size rubber feet, from original rubber leg tips
    "SPIKE SET U3/8" & "Rubber Feet 50mm" are sold separately as an optional accessory


  • Closed Length: 740mm
  • Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock
  • Leg Sections: 3
  • Maximum Height: 2,040mm
  • Minimum Height: 300mm
  • Weight: 2,440g

The new SLIK CF-900 series are new addition to existing PRO CF-series (800, 700 & 600) carbon fibre tripod range.

The SLIK PRO CF-933 is designed for photographers that use heavy camera equipment but still need to be mobile.  The PRO CF-933 can handle up to 10kgs of equipment but weighs less than 2.4kgs thanks to carbon fibre.  The maximum height is over 2.0m (higher than eye level).  For low angle photography the SLIK PRO CF-933CF has SLIK multi-angle leg locks that allow the angle of each leg to be positioned individually.  This allows the tripod to lowered to 30cm from the ground for low angle or macro photography in the field.

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