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Panasonic AW-UE80 | 4K 50/60p PTZ Camera supporting Full-Bandwidth NDI, SRT and FreeD protocols - Black



4K 50/60p PTZ Camera supporting Full-Bandwidth NDI, SRT and FreeD protocols - Black

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  • 4K 50/60p PTZ Camera supporting Full-Bandwidth NDI, SRT and FreeD protocols
  • Supports a wide variety of IP transmission protocols, including high-bandwidth NDI*1, NDI|HX, and SRT*2
  • Supports 4K 50p/60p shooting
  • Includes a wide-angle lens with a 74.1° field of view and 24x optical zoom
  • Supports FreeD for building AR/VR systems
  • New Direct Drive System for improved responsiveness and quietness

*1: NDI: High bandwidth NDI
*2: SRT: Secure Reliable Transport

Models to respond to a wide range of video production needs, such as recording of reality shows and events

The AW-UE80W/K is PTZ camera suitable for capturing the natural facial expressions of actors/performers and for recording events without spoiling the ambience.

The dome-shape design minimizes “the feeling of being recorded on video” while the new direct-drive motor produces a very quiet operating sound so it won’t disturb the production activities or spoil the ambience. The camera offers high-image-quality 4K/60p resolution, wide 74.1° angle and optical zoom with up to 24x magnification to achieve superb video image quality. The AW-UE80W/K also offers excellent stability and security during video streaming so it can be used for any type of video production. From production of a reality show to recording of an internal business or educational event, the top-of-the-line standard model, AW-UE80W/K, can be used in a diversity of applications.

Compact & quiet design blends in smoothly with the surroundings

Featuring compact design and quiet operating sound, the AW-UE80 can be used effectively in any shooting situations and places. The camera unit is so inconspicuous it helps capture more natural facial expressions and actions of the performers.

Quiet operating sound for anywhere use.

The operating sound is quiet so there is no need to worry about the camera sound spoiling the ambience even when producing a reality show or recording an event. The new direct-drive motor operates quietly during panning (horizontal movement) and tilting (vertical movement) so it does not disturb the recording of crucial scenes. What’s more, the new direct-drive motor stops precisely at a desired position, returns exactly to a preset position when the preset function is used for accurate camerawork, moves smoothly to accurately follow subjects moving at different speeds and allows speed setting. Combined with the quietness of operations, these features and functions can play an active part in a diversity of video production.

Original image stabilizers for stable video shooting

Even when the camera unit is mounted on an unstable place such as a crane or rail, the two types of image stabilizer functions ensure sharp and clear images. The Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) makes adjustment by ensuring smooth movement of the camera in the roll direction while the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) makes fine adjustment of the lens. Together, they assure stable recording of high-quality images.

Can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a tripod for shooting from locations too difficult for a person to enter.

The AW-UE80 can be flexibly mounted at a place where it is too difficult for a person to enter, so it can be utilized in a diversity of recording situations.

Flexibly adapt to various video shooting situations such as large-scale shooting

The wealth of functions to meet diverse shooting needs, such as reduction of required manpower at the shooting site without causing any quality degradation.

4K resolution, wide angle and high-magnification zoom maintain “the ambience of hall” intact in streaming videos

The combination of the high 4K resolution, wide angle and high-magnification zoom enables capturing of the ambiences of events and concerts as well as the facial expressions of actors/performers so that the realism and atmosphere can be conveyed in online video streaming videos. The zoom function allows the enlargement of a desired area precisely so the streaming video becomes more attractive to watch. By utilizing the wide 74.1° angle and up to 24x optical zoom, missing of important scenes at an event can be prevented with a minimal number of camera units. This makes the AW-UE80 suitable for use in a broad range of applications regardless of the size of the hall.

Single controller*1 can control up to 200 camera units

A single controller unit can be used to control multiple camera units. When equipment compatible with PoE++*2 is used to connect to the network, a single LAN cable can transmit the video, audio and control signals as well as the power supply. The reduced number of cables used means decreased cable connection trouble, such as cable disconnection that causes interruption of recording. It also eliminates the need for the wiring of power supply cables. Furthermore, in outdoor recording using a temporary platform, the time and effort for setting up and removing the platform can be reduced.

*1: When using Remote Camera Controller AW-RP150GJ or AW-RP60GJ.
*2: Abbreviation for Power over Ethernet Plus Xu. It refers to the technology for supplying power through a LAN cable.

Perfect for starting AR/VR video shooting at a low cost

The AW-UE80 can output commands in compliance with FreeD*1 so it can be connected to an AR/VR system. The use of the AR/VR*2 feature enables the creation of a new type of videos totally different from before.

*1: FreeD: A protocol which outputs camera tracking data for use by an AR/VR system. The AW-UE80W/K outputs the camera’s pan, tilt, zoom and focus information that is necessary for creating AR/VR images.
*2: AR and VR stand for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, respectively.

High-image-quality videos resistant to interruption and with a low latency

The AW-UE80 realizes streaming of high-image-quality videos with a low latency even when the communication is unstable. Furthermore, it ensures excellent stability and security during streaming, so it can be used safely for any applications.

Smooth playback of high-image-quality videos

The AW-UE80 comes standard with High Bandwidth NDI®*1,2 and NDI®|HX version 2*3,4 for IP transmission of high-image-quality videos. High Bandwidth NDI® enables IP transmission of high-image-quality videos with a low latency, while NDI®|HX version 2 achieves efficient video transmission with a limited bandwidth. Since the video source is accessible from any device on the same network, even unknown IP addresses are automatically recognized. This allows for a flexible video production flow at the shooting site.

*1: NDI® is a new protocol developed by NewTek, Inc. that supports IP video production workflow.
*2: NDI® is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc. in the United States.
*3: In this instance, NDI® is used to indicate low latency with high bandwidth NDI®, NDI®|HX is used to indicate high efficiency low bandwidth NDI®|HX.
*4: In the NDI®|HX mode, 4K video signals cannot be output. AW-UE80 supports NDI®|HX version 2 and Full HD output.

Panasonic AW-UE80

4K 50/60p PTZ Camera supporting Full-Bandwidth NDI, SRT and FreeD protocols - White

Tripod Accessories

SLIK Leveling Unit 2
SLIK Leveling Unit 2

Tripod head and legs leveling adapter

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Full size tripod legs with lever lock leg sections


Carbon fibre tripod legs with three twist lock leg sections


Carbon fibre tripod legs with three twist lock leg sections

NDI and IP-enabled workflows from Panasonic

In the dynamic world of video production, the integration of Panasonic's NDI and IP-enabled workflows marks a significant advancement, particularly with the use of Panasonic's NDI-enabled PTZ cameras, in conjunction with the AV-HSW10 Multiformat switcher. These tools not only streamline the production process but also enhance the quality and flexibility of content creation.

Panasonic’s latest firmware brings onboard Auto-tracking to the UE40/UE50/UE80

In the ever-evolving world of camera technology, Panasonic has once again raised the bar with its latest firmware update, enhancing the capabilities of the AW-UE40,  AW-UE50 and AW-UE80 PTZ cameras. This cutting-edge update introduces a game-changing feature: onboard auto-tracking. With just a few simple settings, these cameras are now equipped to flawlessly capture and track subjects without missing a beat.

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