Panasonic AW-UE70 White

4K Integrated PTZ camera - White

Suggested List Price: £4,354+VAT

Product Code: PAN-AWUE70W

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Panasonic AW-UE70 Black

4K Integrated PTZ camera - Black

Product Code: PAN-AWUE70K

Suggested List price: £4,354+VAT

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IBC 2015 - Panasonic UE70 4K PTZ Camera

The new 4K UE70 PTZ camera from Panasonic

  • 4K Integrated PTZ camera
  • Wide angle of view : Horizontal 65.1°
  • Available Colours: Black or White
  • Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) with gyro sensor
  • Freeze During Preset function
  • ND filter (Auto, Thru, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64) and Night Mode
  • USB Video Class support
  • Versatile terminals
    Output: 3G-SDI, HDMI, IP, USB (mini B)
    Input: Genlock, Audio (Mic/Line)
    Remote control: RS422, RS232C, IP
  • microSD card recording function
  • Color variations (white/black) that can be chosen for different applications or conditions
  • Camera control from iPad when it is used with optional Control Assist Camera AW-HEA10. *3
  • Excellent 4K image quality via HDMI, USB and IP
    • 1/2.3-type MOS sensor
    • 4K (UHD: 3840 x 2160) video via HDMI, USB and IP
    • 4K / HD IP streaming
    • Optical zoom 20x, iA zoom 22x (4K mode) / 30x (HD)
    • Digital extender (1.4x, 2.0x, 4.0x, 6.0x, 8.0x)
    • Supports HDMI (up to 4K/29.97, 25p) and 3G-SDI (up to 1080/59.94, 60p)
  • A Single Cable Solution for Remote Video and Audio Capture
    • Supports POE+*1 for lower installation costs
    • 4K/HD IP Streaming
    • Audio embedded
    • IP control with image monitoring using PC, Mac and mobile terminals
    • Up to 100 x AW-UE70 can be controlled via IP connection when using network hub *2

Technology Guides

4K and HD
Despite its compact size, the AW-UE70 integrated remote camera is able to deliver 4K images with excellent zoom range and exceptional pan-tilt performance. This camera includes a variety of advanced and intelligent features, like in-camera 4K recording or 4K streaming over IP. The AW-UE70 remote camera is ready for the new demands of the industry through ultra HD resolution imagery. 4K images can be obtained in a variety of outputs including HDMI, USB and LAN. Besides its 4K capability, this camera performs extremely well in HD, also supporting 1080/50p format and 3G-SDI output. The camera is available in both black and white to tailor to different environments.

With such a wealth of features and outputs, the AW-UE70 4K remote camera can be used for such applications as remote video production, live events, signage or video conferencing among many others. This 4K remote camera also supports PoE+ (Power over Ethernet), meaning that only one Ethernet cable is required for power supply, control, video and embedded audio. Through the AW-UE70, Panasonic is expanding the capabilities and applications of integrated remote camera systems.

Ver 1.24

  • The following symptoms may occur on rare occasions. So the internal processing is improved by the update.
    • The camera may not boot up in spite of the power supplied to it.
      • The initial setup motion (to detect the starting point for pan-tilt position) will not start. (LED is lit in orange, indicating the camera is in the power-on and standby state).
      • No HDMI/SDI signal is output.  
    • Pan/Tilt operations may not work when the camera is operated using USB VIDEO CLASS.

Ver 1.23

  • Screen shake is reduced, which occurs when OIS is OFF.
  • Problems such as "the status of Audio CH2 not indicated" are fixed.

Ver 1.17

  1. Extended DRS function is added to obtain a stronger DRS effect when being backed by high brightness such as an LED panel, etc
  2. Stability in H.264 IP transmission is improved
  3. If using Standard Serial Communication commands to control the camera, there is a phenomenon where each zoom position data is slightly different. This issue was addressed
  4. The Standard Serial Communication was not available in RS422. This issue was addressed

Download the latest Firmware and Software

Can audio signal be embedded to SDI (HDMI) out and IP streaming lines?

Yes, audio signal can be embedded to SDI, HDMI, and IP streaming lines.

 What is electric specification for a stereo audio in jack (Ø3.5mm)?

MIC/LINE levels can be switched with MENU setting.

MIC: -60dBV +/- 3dBV (plug-in power, 2.5V +/- 0.5V is supported)

LINE: -10dBV +/- 3dBV

What is the "Priority Mode" setting?

The Priority Mode is a menu item to determine major feature to use.

Setting from AW-UE70's menu screen : MENU > System > Output > Priority Mode
Setting from WEB console : Setup > Basic > Priority Mode

Choose an item from followings in the Priority Mode for your purpose.

  • [ IP ] : When take multichannel IP streaming (H.264 supported) video.
  • [ SD card ] : When record video image with a built-in microSD card slot.
  • [ USB ] : When use the camera as a USB WEB camera.
  • [ IP(4K) ] : When take multichannel IP H.264 4K video streaming.
  • [SD card(4K) ] : When record 4K video image with a built-in microSD card slot.
  • [ USB(4K) ] : When use the camera as a 4K USB WEB camera. Output format is fixed at 3840x2160, 5fps.
  • [ HDMI(4K) ] : When view 4K image with an external video monitor through HDMI port.

  While the Priority Mode menu is set [ *** (4K) ], and HDMI or SDI format is set 1080/59.94p, 59.94i, 50p, 50i or 720/59.94p, 50p, video image from the AW-UE70 is generated from 29.97p or 25p image (the image sensor is driven at 29.97p or 25p while in the [***(4K)] mode.)

How can I get 4K image from HDMI OUT?

Set "Priority Mode" setting to [HDMI (4K)] to get 4K image from the HDMI OUT.

Setting from AW-UE70's menu screen : MENU > System > Output > Priority Mode : HDMI (4K)

Setting from WEB console : Setup > Basic > Priority Mode : HDMI (4K)

What is "PoE+" and "PoE"?

The "PoE" stands for Power over Ethernet, which can supply power to equipment PoE supported.

The AW-UE70 is compatible with the "IEEE802.3at" PoE+ powering standard as well as the AW-HE70 and AW-HE130 series (the IEEE802.3af, PoE standard and the IEEE802.3az EEE energy efficiency standard are not supported).

The PoE and PoE+ equipment can supply/receive power over an Ethernet cable (up to 100 meters in length, category 5e or higher is recommended).

 How long is the latency time of video on the WEB screen?

Approx. 0.5sec when smooth mode is ON (Smooth mode OFF = approx. 0.25sec)

  • 1 x AW-UE70
  • 1 x CD-ROM (Operating Instructions, Easy IP Setup Software)
  • 1 x Mount Bracket
  • 1 x Main Unit Mounting Screw with Flat Washer, Spring Washer (M3 x 6mm)
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x Drop Prevention Wire
  • 4 x Bracket Mounting Screws (Bind-Head M4 x 10mm)
  • 1 x AC Adaptor

Panasonic out in strength at IBC

Panasonic out in strength at IBC 2015

Panasonic's world first: 4K PTZ Camera

The professional video industry’s first integrated 4K PTZ camera, has been unveiled by Panasonic at INFOCOMM, in Orlando.