SNS | Storage systems & workflow solutions for every professional
01 Aug 2023

SNS | Storage systems & workflow solutions for every professional

As creatives are utilising the use of the modern workflow mechanism, there is a demand for accessing and storing files, assets, and campaigns in a unified way. SNS (Studio Network Solutions) provides professionals with a powerful and easy-to-use storage system that promotes seamless working environments from anywhere, whether in the studio, working remotely or on location.

The workflow solution experts

New to Holdan’s portfolio, SNS specialise in shared storage, hardware and software solutions for the media and entertainment industry.

Born out of a recording studio more than ten years ago, SNS are always working to improve their products and services to help media teams of all sizes succeed, by enabling you to collaborate and easily store, organise and share vast amounts of data.

We love creating software and hardware products for this industry, because it’s our industry.
Gary Holladay, CEO | SNS

Integrations, solutions & applications

You may not know it, but most SNS workflow systems are at the technical core of the movies you see, the shows you watch, the music you love and the games you play.

It doesn’t stop there; high-performance shared storage solutions include a built-in suite of workflow tools designed specifically for creative media production and post-production. Therefore, SNS has all your storage capabilities covered, so you can concentrate on creating the best quality work possible.

An EVO-lved network storage solution

EVO 16 Bay / EVO 8 Bay

Designed to revolutionise your workflow, you can unlock the potential of centralised storage, seamless project sharing and efficient asset management for larger workgroups.

With both the EVO 8 and 16 Bay there is no need for an ethernet switch as the EVO 8 and 16 connect directly, providing a hassle-free experience and enhanced productivity to streamline even the heftiest workflows.

SNS provide more than storage, they offer license free software that improves the efficiency of your workflow bundled together with high security storage solutions that grow with the demands of the user
Marcus Swales, Imagery & Post-Production Technical Product Specialist | Holdan
Main factors
  • Enjoy high performance even with the most demanding projects for you and your team, plus 8K video workloads.
  • Manage asset and media sharing for optimal productivity and efficiency, integrated and dependable for all your on-site, remote and freelance users.
  • Expanding your team? The EVO 8/16 Bay are ready for more capacity and users as your organisation grows.
EVO Prodigy

Smaller, quieter and more productive.

The EVO Prodigy Desktop is the only desktop shared storage system with built-in media asset management and workflow tools, with the ability to import media once and being capable of instantly sharing, searching and organising to being quiet enough you forget it’s there.

Prodigy automatically syncs copies and backs up your shares, folders and files to other on-site systems and cloud services including A3, Azure and Dropbox. Replication can be run on demand or as scheduled incremental sync/copy jobs, with the ability to define start and pause times. You can also configure EVO’s ShareBrowser software to work with archive systems for cataloguing, sending, and restoring on-demand so your team can keep working effortlessly on those all-important projects.

A beautiful blend of simplicity, features and performance, the EVO Prodigy 1U is ideal for studios’ limited rack space, field use and adding the EVO suite to existing storage systems.

The compact system features a 16” deep 1RU (rack unit) chassis that accommodates four 2.5” enterprise edition disks and is ideal for DSLR workflows, mobile/field artists and studios with limited rack space. As a workflow appliance, Prodigy is the perfect solution for users of ageing SAN systems who will now be able to affordably gain the project sharing, asset management and collaborative workflow benefits offered by EVO and ShareBrowser.

EVO Nearline

A server for teams that need a secondary networked storage tier to accommodate large reference libraries, completed projects and related media before deep archive. The EVO Nearline uses standard SAN and NAS protocols, which means the data store can be conveniently accessed from almost any computer. The system can be set up so that no special software whatsoever is required workstation-side.

EVO Expansion

SNS EVO Expansion is a powerful solution offered by Studio Network Solutions to address the growing storage needs of media production environments. It enables users to effortlessly scale their storage capacity by adding additional drive arrays to their existing EVO shared storage system.

With EVO Expansion, businesses and creative teams can accommodate the ever-increasing demand for storage space without disrupting their workflow or investing in a completely new storage infrastructure. The expansion process is straightforward and non-disruptive, ensuring minimal downtime and uninterrupted access to data. Whether it's for storing high-resolution video files, graphics, or other media assets, EVO Expansion provides a flexible and scalable solution to meet the storage requirements of even the most demanding projects.

SNS | Storage systems & workflow solutions for every professional

Efficient tools for a successful workflow

Built as an all-in-one solution included with EVO, the EVO suite consists of the ShareBrowser, Slingshot and Nomad. This award-winning all-in-one collection of software tools helps creative teams collaborate better and create amazing content faster.


ShareBrowser is a comprehensive and intuitive media asset management tool or MAM for short by Studio Network Solutions. With its user-friendly interface, ShareBrowser also offers powerful metadata tagging and keyword search capabilities, allowing users to quickly find and filter files based on specific criteria.

Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with popular creative applications like Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro and Premier Pro, enabling direct access to files from within the editing or design software. This level of integration enhances efficiency and eliminates the need for manual file transfers. With SNS ShareBrowser, teams can collaborate effectively, manage projects effortlessly and maintain better control over their media assets, ultimately optimising their workflow and maximising productivity.


SNS Slingshot is an innovative file transfer acceleration tool developed by Studio Network Solutions. Designed to address the challenges of transferring large media files quickly and securely, Slingshot offers a high-speed, reliable and efficient solution.

With its intelligent data transfer algorithms, Slingshot optimises network performance and minimises transfer times, ensuring that media files, such as high-resolution videos or complex project files, are transmitted swiftly and without delays. Slingshot also incorporates robust security measures including encryption and authentication protocols to safeguard sensitive content during the transfer process.


With Nomad, users can sync specific files or entire projects to their local machines, allowing for offline access and editing. When reconnected to the network, Nomad automatically synchronises changes back to the central storage system, ensuring data integrity and collaboration across the team.

This flexible and efficient approach to file management eliminates the need for manual file transfers or relying solely on network access, empowering media professionals to work from anywhere while maintaining a unified and up-to-date file system. Whether in the field, on set, or on the go, SNS Nomad provides a seamless experience, enabling teams to work with their files effortlessly and maximising productivity in media production workflows.

Integration of SNS storage and workflow systems

SNS storage and workflow systems have revolutionised the way businesses manage data, collaborate and streamline their processes. The integration of these technologies offers a comprehensive solution for data accessibility, collaboration and workflow optimisation.

Whether you're working on a small team project or managing complex business processes, leveraging the power of SNS storage and workflow systems can help you achieve higher productivity, improved collaboration and efficient task management. Embrace these tools and unlock the potential for seamless workflows and enhanced collaboration in your personal and professional endeavours.

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SNS EVO 16 Bay
SNS EVO 16 Bay

Shared storage video editing server for digital media workflow - 3U 16 Bay, 160 TB HDD, 2x1Gb Ethernet, 2 x 10 GbE Copper

SNS EVO Prodigy 1U
SNS EVO Prodigy 1U

Rackmount system - 1U 4 Bay, 2x1Gb Ethernet, 15.2TB

SNS EVO Prodigy Desktop
SNS EVO Prodigy Desktop

Desktop system - 4 Bay, 16 TB , 2x1Gb Ethernet

SNS EVO Expansion Chassis
SNS EVO Expansion Chassis

EVO Expansion Chassis - 3U 16 Bay, 96 TB

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