Live streaming just got easier
13 Jun 2022

Live streaming just got easier

By Shiv Gilmore | Digital Marketing Assistant, Holdan

Looking for a compact device that enables you to monitor, stream and engage with social platforms? From anywhere in the world? Without a PC? Look no further than ZATO CONNECT.

ZATO CONNECT is the second fully integrated device in the CONNECT range and creates a whole new product category for Atomos. The 5-inch monitor supports nearly all HDMI and USB UVC sources to live stream to Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube and other social media platforms. Alternatively, ZATO CONNECT can be used to create a webcam source for Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom and other conferencing software, doubling up on fun and professionalism. Unlike other streaming solutions, no computer is needed.

Atomos ZATO CONNECT| Live streaming just got easier

Powerful and Intuitive

ZATO CONNECT is built around a SuperAtom IP5 5-inch display that pumps out 1000 nits of brightness. On the back of the device are two USB-C ports, which can be adapted to Gigabit Ethernet via a USB-C adapter, and two full-size HDMI ports for video in and out. It’s the ideal companion for live streaming in the field, the studio or wherever else you want to go.

Implementation of the AtomOS Lite software provides an intuitive and easy-to-use experience for new customers moreover, the software includes all the essential tools, so it feels familiar for existing Atomos customers too.

Going Live Made Easy

If you think getting set up to live stream is difficult, think again.

With Atomos Cloud Studio and ZATO CONNECT, anyone can set up a live stream. The touchscreen display can be used to switch between sources and monitor the outgoing program stream. The device is compact enough to mount a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Each live stream can be recorded as a local H.264 backup to an SD card. With the ability to combine recorded sources with live content, it is possible to take one of these recordings and stream the content “as live”, opening an array of creative options to any stream or video presentation. Applying graphic overlays to streams, or watermarking recorded content is easy.

Atomos ZATO CONNECT| Live streaming just got easier

Reach a Wider Audience

Through live streams and virtual meetings, video has become an everyday part of our lives. Today businesses, influencers, entrepreneurs, houses of worship and educators all use video to establish an identity, reinforce their brand and, most importantly, communicate.

With ZATO CONNECT, making compelling content available to your audience wherever they are, and wherever you are, has never been easier.

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