03 Jul 2019

A Carnival of Venice

Venice is Sony’s flagship 6K full frame camera.
It’s a substantial camera at around 8 pounds (considerably lighter than the 20 pound ARRI Alexa LF) so benefits massively from careful rigging.

As a premium camera, Holdan recommends the highest quality accessories to complement the Venice.

Wooden Camera Rig

Wooden Camera Sony Venice Camera Rig

Wooden Camera’s Sony Venice Pro Accessory Kit is a professional camera support package designed specifically for the Venice camera and utilizes the new D-Box system. The Venice accessory package includes:

  • Top Plate (Sony Venice) camera cheeseplate with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 holes along with the ARRI accessory mount
  • Solid Baseplate (Sony Venice), with two ARRI standard rosettes and holds two pass-through, 15mm rods at the correct lens height
  • A-Box (Sony Venice) which converts the 5pin XLR on the camera to two standard 3pin XLRs
  • Master Top Handle (Sony Venice) attaches to the top plate, has multiple mounting points for accessories, integrated shoe mount, and a 15mm rod opening
  • AIR EVF Extension Arm (Sony Venice, DVF-EL200 EVF) for holding the Sony DVF-EL200 EVF, and the D-Box (Sony Venice, Gold or V Mount)
  • D-Box adds power distribution, standardized remote start/stop, and hot swap abilities for the Sony Venice camera

Dedicated Wireless Option

Teradek’s Bolt for Sony Venice is a wireless video module that attaches seamlessly to Sony Venice cameras. Featuring the same zero-delay wireless technology of the renowned Bolt XT line, Bolt for Venice is the best option to keep camera clutter and weight off of your rig while providing pristine, real-time wireless monitoring.
The Bolt delivers up-to 3000ft of zero latency HD wireless transmission. Fully FCC certified, and encrypted using 128 bit AES, Bolt XT gives you the tools you need to establish a secure and solid connection quickly every time and in any environment. Being part of the Bolt line ensures compatibility with Gen 3 or newer receivers, as well as the popular SmallHD Sidekick monitor receivers.

Power to the Venice

The Core SWX HLX-VEN mounts to the Sony Venice with and without the AXS-RS7 module and has a v-mount front. RS loops through port for start/stop. It passes standard 11-17vdc to camera. With HELIX packs, 24-34v is passed to the two 3 pin Fischer ports on the battery plates, at 100% efficiency. With standard voltage 12-16v packs, the mount plate boosts voltage to 24v to the plate mounted 3pin Fischer connectors, and passed standard voltage to the camera. Helix dual voltage (14v/28v) battery packs are available in capacities up-to 293wh. Helix offers extended service life, generates less heat and is highly efficient (99% power transmission efficiency).
HELIX for Sony Venice Spec Sheet

LPL Lens Adapter

Wooden Camera’s ARRI LPL Mount for Sony Venice Camera allows ARRI LPL Signature Prime Lenses to be used on the Venice. Lens pogo pins allow to the camera to allow lens data to be read by the Venice. An LPL cap included to prevent dust from entering sensor area when lens is not attached. The adapter is shimmable by loosening six socket cap screws around the collar area, separating the two sections, and adding colour coded shims of various thickness. Back focus should be checked using collimation tools or a wide lens focused to infinity.

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