Wireless Transmission

Bolt for Sony Venice


Bolt for Sony Venice

Integrated Bolt Wireless Video System for Sony Venice - 3000

Product Code: TER-BOLT-1994

Suggested Retail Price £5,250+VAT

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  • Integrated Bolt Wireless Video System for Sony Venice
  • Bolt zero delay wireless video system will be integrated into the Sony Venice ecosystem
  • Available as 500, 1000 and 3000ft models
  • Compatible with the Bolt XT, Bolt LT, 703 Bolt, Focus Bolt RX, and all third-generation Bolt systems
  • Passes data, audio and video via the camera’s rear 144-pin connector
  • Multicast capable up to 4 receivers
  • Includes Teradek’s proprietary software utilities, including a manual frequency-selection tool, 3D LUT engine, and a 5GHz spectrum analyzer to keep an eye on interference in on set
A Carnival of Venice

Venice is Sony’s flagship 6K full frame camera. It’s a substantial camera at around 8 pounds (considerably lighter than the 20 pound ARRI Alexa LF) so benefits massively from careful rigging. As a premium camera, Holdan recommends the highest quality accessories to complement the Venice.


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