Take your professional creative office anywhere with SNS
20 Dec 2023

Take your professional creative office anywhere with SNS

The greatest works of art are often the result of dedicated collaboration, and modern digital creation is no different. SNS specialise in professional workflow solutions for editors, colourists, producers and digital creators, ensuring that all aspects of even the biggest projects are easy to access, share and find.

No longer will files have to be stored and transported on countless external hard drives. No longer will projects be split across multiple locations and servers, constantly being lost or misplaced. These costly challenges which stifle even the most exceptional creative productions, can all be solved by SNS’s unique and industry-defining workflow system.

The SNS solution in action

Take Barbershop Films – from their founding in 2005, their small team didn’t see the need to invest in a storage server solution and so, instead, all of their files across all of their projects were saved to external storage devices and physically transported between working locations. Courier fees skyrocketed, with hard drives having to be constantly mailed between team members. Those drives were sometimes poorly labelled, lost, or simply difficult to find under the mountain of other identical-looking drives, dragging out every production task to excruciating length and tedium. Barbershop Films needed a solution.
And SNS had the answer.

Take your studio anywhere

Among the varied solutions available from SNS is the remarkable MOD portable media storage server. Portable devices have become more and more powerful over the years, but there are very few which could match the MOD server for sheer functionality.

Take your professional creative office anywhere with SNS

Coming in at just 7lbs (approx. 3kg) and designed to be sleek and easily transportable, the MOD brings monumental amounts of functionality and technology anywhere it needs to go. Despite the slim design, the MOD also offers peace of mind with a safety-conscious design featuring fully enclosed components and no moving parts. All this, while still delivering 4K quality performance at incredibly low operational volume, maintaining a quiet atmosphere on even the most peaceful set.

This compact video editing server and cloud edge device offers creative professionals the opportunity to take their entire workflow with them wherever they go. Acting as a transportable studio, the MOD is powered by EVO, SNS’s award-winning workflow solution, allowing users to automatically transcode, backup, sync and share their media and files to the cloud.

Shooting on location and want to colour and mix on the go? No problem. The SNS MOD can simply be popped into a bag and taken wherever your team need it to go. Even in the toughest locations, the secure, high-durability MOD can be brought along for the shoot.

When used as a cloud edge device, the MOD works seamlessly with Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Google Cloud Platform, Wasabi, Backblaze, EVO Cloud and more. This allows for minimal stress on cloud computing while also streamlining workflows.

Advanced performance, advanced security and advanced workflow. Everything creative professionals need. Plus, the MOD server comes with 6 months of accelerated VPN for free!

Everyone has access, always and from anywhere

This brings us to the SNS Cloud VPN, built exclusively for EVO shared storage servers. Providing continuous access to media and projects from anywhere, the SNS VPN offer creative teams almost limitless flexibility. Wherever they are, they can access, download and edit shared files without having to physically transport drives from place to place – every file at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Multiple project contributors based all over the world? Not to worry. Powered by EVO, the SNS MOD and SNS VPN can provide seamless collaboration and a single central server for all project files, accessible and editable from anywhere. No more couriers with hard drives, no more risking data through third-party transfer systems and no more lost work under mountains of external storage devices. With SNS solutions, entire projects can be just a few clicks away, no matter where your team are working from.

The SNS VPN is also cloud-hosted, meaning that there is no additional hardware needed, just a server and a subscription and your whole creative team is good to go! And if speed is the order of the day, then SNS’s VPN Accelerator provides everything mentioned above up to 5x faster, along with sped-up functions across the entire EVO experience. Suddenly, data access, editing, searching, copying, working with proxies and previewing media are all fast. Everything EVO has to offer, delivered at lightning-fast speeds.

Take your professional creative office anywhere with SNS

Giving creatives the freedom to be creative

SNS offer solutions that make life in creative industries easier and more fulfilling, allowing creatives to put more of their time into their projects and less into the day-to-day management of data and digital files. That is the goal of SNS – to allow creative professionals to be creative - and the MOD server and Cloud VPN are the two of the tools with which that goal can be realised for creative practitioners and studios around the world.

Indeed, the greatest works of art are often the result of dedicated collaboration, and SNS are working hard to ensure that those great works of art are not just those that were made in the past, but that there will be plenty in our future too.

The Holdan team are available for any support required for SNS products. To learn more about the SNS MOD server and Cloud VPN, or for more information about SNS’s wider range, please contact your account manager or get in touch at sales@holdan.co.uk.

For more information please contact our Sales Desk:
+44 (0)1457 851000 | sales@holdan.co.uk.

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SNS MOD Server
SNS MOD Server

Compact video editing server and cloud edge device - 4x 7.6TB (SSD) / 30.4TB raw capacity

SNS MOD Server
SNS MOD Server

Compact video editing server and cloud edge device - 4x 1.9TB (SSD) / 7.6TB raw capacity

SNS MOD Server
SNS MOD Server

Compact video editing server and cloud edge device - 4x 3.8TB (SSD) / 15.2TB raw capacity

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