Command the Seas - Marine Binoculars
06 Feb 2023

Command the Seas - Marine Binoculars

By Shiv Gilmore | Digital Marketing Assistant, Holdan

Binoculars are a life saver for those who love to be at sea, Steiner knows what every sailor needs when it comes to commanding the seas and mastering those unruly waves. We take a look at the Marine Commander series with Steve Brown from Island Photo Centre on the IOW, who uses them regularly out at sea.

Command the Seas - Marine Binoculars

Marine binoculars

It is not just wet. It is a whole different world than what we landlubbers are familiar with. Fogbound mornings, afternoons of glaring sun and salt spray followed by nights floating on ink. Always in motion, temperatures all over the board and distances that challenge land-bound perceptions.

Steiner binoculars are built for being your trusty friend while out at sea withstanding: waterproof, corrosion-proof, always crystal-clear, with special coatings, construction and capabilities specifically created for water-borne life.

Command the Seas - Marine Binoculars

Who is Steiner?

Steiner makes trusted optics for life’s defining moments. The pursuit and capture of these moments demand the fast, precise detection and identification of a distant object on land or sea. Steiner Marine binoculars are built for ultimate safety on all oceans – so that Nothing Escapes You.

Steve Brown, Sailor & Owner of Island Photo Centre

Steve has been in the photography trade since around 1984 now situated off the south coast of England on the Isle of Wight, known for its beautiful beaches, coastal scenery, and ocean views. Steve took over an independent retailer in 2006 – Island Photo Centre, established in 1987 specialising in digital prints, photography equipment and accessories including Steiner Binoculars.

With a thirst for adventure and a love for the open waves, Steve took to sailing around the same time. A passion formed while racing in such competitions as Cowes Week and round the Isle of White race, the largest single race in the sailing calendar. Amongst boat deliveries and going out to sea as more of a pass time (cruising), it has definitely become a big part of Steve and his family’s life.

Marine Commander

Nitrogen pressure-filled marine binoculars.

The Commander 7x50/7x50c combines razor-sharp High-Definition-Optics with a rugged, functional design. The optics have exceptional clarity and contrast, offering edge-to-edge sharpness and an excellent field of view. The commander range is the medium-to-top class for serious mariners and professionals, including fishing guides, marine patrollers, ship captains, tugboat operators and yacht owners.

Command the Seas - Marine Binoculars

Durability at Sea

Binoculars need to be able to withstand the adventures we go on. Especially at sea – the weather can be very temperamental and teamed with the unforgiving waves means that equipment like binoculars need to be built with this in mind.

Do you feel the Steiner Commander Binoculars meet your expectations while out at sea?

I have found my pair of Steiner commander binoculars to meet every expectation I have when out at sea. From the glare of the sun while out in what little British weather we have to the harshest rainstorm, they take it all on the chin and always produce a crystal-clear magnified image.
At past Cowes Week racing events I have used my Commander Binoculars and the lens coating quality is superb meaning that they are fully water and fog-proof resulting in no distorted vision and water is not collected on the lens or getting into the frame. The sea can be unpredictable and while racing you need binoculars that are durable, and these are simply brilliant at that.

Functionality Features

What sort of functional features have you discovered are useful?

A big thumbs up for me is they are very easy to use, you can pick them up straight away one-handed meaning I can have my other hand free to be at the helm, so for this reason I think they are very light-weight and practical.

Command the Seas - Marine Binoculars

While at anchor my wife and I like to relax and spot wildlife passing by, the binoculars help with locating more allusive animals that you wouldn’t normally see with the naked eye – they are quite versatile!

Would you recommend Steiner Marine Commander Binoculars?

Whether you are a budding sailor or just cruise around as a hobby in my opinion the commanders are all-rounder binoculars for being out at sea. Just a quick tip though, if you are sailing and have company make sure to get more than one as you will be fighting to use them!

Command the Seas - Marine Binoculars

Cowes Week 2023

We will be showcasing all Steiner Binoculars including the Marine Commander 7x50s at Cowes Week later on this year from the 29th of July to the 4th of August. Supporting Holdan and Steiner at our stand, Steve will be able to answer any further questions you may have and talk more in-depth about his time using Steiner Binoculars amidst the waves.

You can check out our events page for more information about Cowes Week and what to expect while there.

Follower Giveaway!

You can also be in with a chance of winning your very own set of Steiner Binoculars over on our Instagram page by helping us reach 1,000 followers.

For more information check out our Instagram post -

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