Cokin Filters Pushed to the Extreme!
03 Feb 2023

Cokin Filters Pushed to the Extreme!

By Shiv Gilmore | Digital Marketing Assistant, Holdan

Nuances are a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or colour.

In this blog, I speak with Marcus Swales and Ian Mayou about their experience and knowledge using the Cokin Nuance Filters and how they are pushed to the Extreme!


Cokin’s reputation stretches all around the world and their equipment such as holders, adapter rings and filters are found in endless camera bags worldwide. Their range of filter selection covers every conceivable shooting scenario from simple black and white contrast filters to advanced graduated special effect filters, Cokin makes something for everyone.

Nuance Extreme

Cokin Filters Pushed to the Extreme

Nuance Extreme filters are made of highly resistant mineral glass, able to resist accidental falls and introduce innovative technology. A new coasting process ensures a uniform density, and a nano metallic alloy is applied on both sides of a highly resistant tempered glass, resulting in a stunning neutrality.

Nuance filters are manufactured to be used alone or “stacked” to create stunning images not possible otherwise. Since the Cokin Nuance Extreme filters are colour-consistent throughout the series you can easily stack the 10-stop Full ND with any of the graduated ND filters for truly stunning results.

Nuances Extreme Full HD Kit

The Full ND Kit is an ideal solution to equip yourself with 3 of the most popular Cokin NUANCES Extreme ND filters – full ND8, ND64 and ND1024.

The Extreme kit is for extreme cases where you want longer exposures or in extra bright condition, so they are all solid ND filters.
Marcus Swales Technical Product Specialist, Holdan.
  • ND8 provides 3 stops of light production, while the ND64 reduces by 6 stops – these filters are ideal for reducing the depth of field in bright conditions or lowering shutter speeds.
  • The Nuances Extreme ND1024 absorbs a full 10 f-stops of light, making it ideal for very long exposure photography and/or depth of field reduction in extremely bright conditions for video shooting.

Nuances Extreme Smart Kit

The Smart Kit, prepare yourself with 3 of the best-selling Cokin Nuances Extreme filters – full ND1024, soft graduated ND8 and reverse graduated ND4.

The Smart kit is named 'Smart' as it has a mix of filters, so you have the option for different light conditions, meaning it is more of an all-rounder kit.
Marcus Swales Technical Product Specialist, Holdan.
  • Grad ND4 allows up to 2 f. stops of light compensation with a soft transition from the darker centre of the filter to the top. This filter is ideal for shooting landscapes where a bright horizon requires balancing with the rest of the scene, for example around the sunset.
  • Soft Grad ND8 allows up to 3 f. stops of light compensation with again a soft transition from the top of the filter to the centre.
  • The Nuances Extreme ND1024 as mentioned before, absorbs 10 f-stops of light, superlatively suited for video shooting.

Ian Mayou

Ian is based in the Southwest of England, he is a versatile photographer as he covers numerous events and weddings, but where he feels most at home is exploring the rugged Cornish coast with its superb beaches and hidden coves.

He loves to travel and explore different locations to capture the different landscapes they have to offer. Ian runs various photography tours and workshops down in Cornwall but specialises in teaching long exposure techniques using the Cokin Filter System as part of being a Cokin & Holdan Ambassador, makes a great filter system for us landscape photographers where quality and durability is of utmost importance.

Ian first started with the Cokin P series system but as his photography equipment grew so did his filters by stepping up to the Cokin Z series, he now uses the latest Evo Polarizer system with various Nuances filters which he loves and highly recommends.

Cokin Filters Pushed to the Extreme

How does Cokin Nuance Extreme filters enhance your shoots?

They help to balance the light in the scene giving me a balanced exposure with more dramatic range.

Explain the process you go through using Cokin Nuance Extreme filters.

For example, if I’m photographing a waterfall, I have an idea of what I want to achieve and the style of image, my next process is accessing the light in the scene and the flow of the waterfall to see which strength of ND filter I require for the desired shutter speed I need, I personally like dark moody skies with the contrasting white flow of water so I would use a GND filter on the sky or sometimes two depending on the lighting conditions and how moody I feel works with the image.

Cokin Filters Pushed to the Extreme

Favourite place to use Cokin Nuance Extreme filters?

This was an easy answer as I’ve been to the Highlands in Scotland in particular the Glencoe area 5 times in the last 3 years, this area is a photographer’s paradise as there's a photograph to be taken around every corner.

What was the hardest photo/shoot you have created using Cokin Nuance filters?

I would have to say my 8-shot panoramic sunrise image which I took while testing out the NX Series kit in Glencoe as I had to adjust the filters to balance each shot.

Cokin Filters Pushed to the Extreme

Do you think the Cokin Nuance Extreme filters should be essential to a photographer’s kit?

I’ve been a long-time user of Cokin filters and wouldn’t go out without them, so yes, I think they are an essential part of a photographer's kit.
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Cokin Z-Pro (L) Nuances Extreme Smart Kit
Cokin Z-Pro (L) Nuances Extreme Smart Kit

Glass Grad ND8, Reverse Grad ND4 and Full ND1024 for Cokin L Size (Z-Pro Series) filter holders

Cokin Z-Pro (L) Nuances Extreme Full ND Kit
Cokin Z-Pro (L) Nuances Extreme Full ND Kit

Glass ND8 (3 stop), ND64 (6 stop) and ND1024 (10 stop) filters for Cokin L Size (Z-Pro Series) filter holders

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