Epiphan automate audio transcription at ISE 2020

Epiphan automate audio transcription at ISE 2020

“Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once”

Those of a certain age will remember this much-repeated line from the hit comedy series ‘Allo ‘Allo.  For others, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was part of the design brief for Epiphan’s new Livescrypt product.

With live streaming of council chamber & company town hall meetings, university lectures, church sermons and other live events now a part of everyday life, there has been a rapidly increasing demand for reliable audio transcription as part of the streamed service.  In some regions, transcription of live streaming video for certain applications is even becoming a legal requirement.

The wrong trousers (a matter of loaf and death)

Though various solutions have evolved to meet this need, most of the available products have demanded the AV system architect channel their inventiveness to come up with a functioning system.  The result may be an elaborate work of genius, or it may be a contraption that is the AV equivalent of Wallace & Gromit’s breakfast machine.  Either way, the solution tends to be overly expensive and overly complicated for the average user’s needs.  Until now.

AI-bots, transcribe!

Enter Epiphan, with their new Livescrypt product.  Existing users of Epiphan’s Pearl Mini video production solution will instantly recognise the user-friendly hardware, with it’s 7” touch screen interface that can make recording & streaming of professional looking conference presentations and other live content as simple as a one-touch operation.  Livescrypt adds the ability to automatically stream the live audio to Google’s A1 cloud-based service that uses advanced speech recognition technology for real-time transcription.  The resulting file is then delivered back to the Livescrypt device where the transcribed output may be displayed on a local monitor, delivered via WiFi to user’s mobile phones & tablets, or combined with the original source content for onward streaming to remote audiences.  The accuracy is impressive, even coping with different accents.

Epiphan Video Livsescrypt

Available from Spring 2020, Livescrypt promises to offer a reliable, affordable and perhaps most importantly, easy to use solution for live streaming with transcription.

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Epiphan Video LiveScrypt
Epiphan Video LiveScrypt

Simplified real-time automatic transcription

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