AREC Presentation Systems - A Great Track Record
07 Jun 2021

AREC Presentation Systems - A Great Track Record

By Leanne Cole | EU Purchasing Manager, Holdan

AREC specializes in AV capture and streaming solutions for conferences, meetings and education. The company’s black box, non-PC-based approach makes it easy for non-technical personnel to operate and pairing one of its media stations with a PTZ camera packed with motion tracking technology makes a very compelling solution for any presentation or lecture.

Arec LS-110The AREC LS-110 is a compact, all-in-one Media Station that supports capturing two 1080P HD video sources with the ability to simultaneously switch, mix and record. The unit can also live stream to up to 2 platforms at the same time, such YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. It’s easy to add or remove logos and backgrounds, as well as overlay graphics and titles, to create professional-looking live video productions.

The LS-110 can be controlled via web browser, software (Windows and Mac supported), mobile device or just by using the control buttons on the front of the unit.

With the built-in Video Manager, administrators or teachers can manage videos stored in the local LS-110 Media Station remotely. They can download, upload or delete a video file and edit video information. An API is also available for third party integration.

Arec CI-T10The AREC CI-T10 is a compact, high-performance pan/tilt and zoom camera, ideal for shooting in medium to large conference rooms, meetings or classrooms.

It features automatic tracking technology to keep the presenter in the frame while video is being recorded and streamed. No camera operator is needed, and the tracking remains precise and smooth even in demanding situations - for example where the presenter is using a whiteboard, or in close-up shots.


Arec CI-T10 Set up

Both the media station and the PTX camera can be used separately, but together they make a powerful streaming solution for corporate presentations, training and education.

More information here:

Or check out the AREC range here.

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