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Samyang AF 75mm F1.8 FE | Autofocus, full frame, compact, fast aperture, telephoto lens - Sony FE Mount


AF 75mm F1.8 FE

Autofocus, full frame, compact, fast aperture, telephoto lens - Sony FE Mount

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  • Autofocus, full frame, compact, fast aperture, telephoto lens - Sony FE Mount
  • 75mm autofocus lens for full-frame format
  • Compact and light
  • UMC (Ultra Multi Coating) effectively eliminates flare and ghosting
  • The 9-bladed aperture provides wonderful circular bokeh in out-of-focus backgrounds and a clear 18-ray Sunstar effect can be achieved, which outperforms competing products
  • The internal autofocus system is fast and quiet, thanks to Linear STM motor technology, which also eliminates autofocus noise during video shooting
  • Custom Mode switch allows user-customisation of focus ring


  • Closest Focusing Distance: 0.69m (2.26ft
  • Diagonal Angle of View: Full Frame: 32.9˚ / APS-C: 21.9˚
  • Dimensions: 69.0mm
  • Filter Size: Φ58.0mm
  • Lens Construction: 10 Elements in 9 Groups
  • Maximum Aperture: F1.8
  • Minimum Aperture: F22
  • Mount Type: Sony FE
  • No. Diaphragm Blades: 9
  • Sensor Coverage: Full Frame
  • Weight: 230g


Optimized for portraits and everyday photography, the AF 75mm F1.8 FE is compact, lightweight, yet has great performance and versatility. It's only 230g, so it's perfect for taking photos on a variety of topics anytime, anywhere. The optical system is sophisticatedly designed with Samyang's original optical technology, providing excellent resolution from corner to corner of the image to the surroundings. In particular, the large diameter of F1.8 presents a large and beautiful bokeh, the bokeh is more clean and the background blur is more calm by correcting various aberrations and designing the optimal optical path.
Thanks to the new Stepping Motor (STM), AF performance is quiet and accurate, allowing you to take more natural portraits. Also, here comes the new Custom Switch! You can switch to Aperture Control Mode or MF Mode according to Modes 1 and 2, and you will be able to select more various shooting modes with the upcoming firware updates. Experience Samyang's next-generation lens in new angle of view.

Innovation in Size

The AF 75mm F1.8 FE is only 230g in weight and 69mm in height, so it's easy to carry and fits perfectly with a compact mirrorless camera. Enjoy the clear image quality with the compact telephoto lens that can be used anytime, anywhere.

Modern Rebirth of 75mm Prime Lens

After switching from range finder to SLR and to mirrorless system, the forgotten 75mm angle of view is now reborn as a full-frame AF lens! Take your everyday life with the legendary angle of view 75mm that captures both the story and the character.

The Best Portraits Created by Shallow Depth of Field

The subject and background are effectively separated, creating an impressive sense of depth when the large round bokeh, calm background blurring, and high contrast achieve the optimal balance. Samyang's original optical design delivers unique depth of field even in a similar angle of view and aperture. Capture your beautiful everyday life more impressively.

Big, Round, Beautiful Bokeh

Only by carefully designing and simulating the path of light can you complete a large and beautiful bokeh that cannot be captured by a mobile phone. We hope you will experience the best bokeh that is beautifully designed after many years of research in shape, colour, border, and minimized chromatic aberration.

Small but Amazing Optical System

Samyang's original technology put everything in concise 10 lenses in 9 groups. In order to effectively control chromatic aberration, three extra low-dispersion lenses (ED) with achromat are used, and high-refractive lenses (HR) with excellent refractive index are used to achieve a small size of Ø65 x 69mm. In addition, the UMC coating is applied to minimize unnecessary internal reflections, resulting in high contrast and sharp images.

Advanced Autofocus System

Now Autofocus needs to consider not only how more accurately and quickly it captures images, but also how quiet and smooth it is. Thanks to the newly researched and developed STM (Stepping Motor), a larger and heavier focus lens group can be controlled more quietly and precisely, providing excellent image quality in photos and videos.

The Joy of Customization

Equipped with the Custom Switch, shooting and operation is more intuitive and simple. You can easily select various functions such as Aperture Control Mode or MF Mode from the Switch, and enjoy the shooting mode that suits your personal preference. More functions will be added through firmware update in the future.

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Samyang HP-75A

Lens Hood for AF 75mm F1.8 FE

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The Bokeh Effect - Photography

What is the bokeh effect? Bokeh comes from the Japanese word boke which means “blur” or “haze” or boke-aji, the “blur quality.” It is usually pronounced BO as in 'bone' and KE as in 'Kenneth', with equal stress on each syllable, and can be described as the pleasing or aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus blur in a photograph, which serves to enhance the subject.

AF 75mm F1.8 FE Firmware - Version 6

  • Improved video mode performance on Sony FX6 and α6700
  • Added AF Assist function

AF 75mm F1.8 FE - Version 5

  • Improved Face Detection performance on video mode on Sony α9
  • Improved the stability of operation

Download the latest Firmware and Software

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  • Lens Caps
  • Lens Hood
  • Lens Pouch
The Samyang Tiny Lens Series
The Samyang Tiny Lens Series
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