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Panasonic AK-UB300 | Panasonic Broadcast box camera: 2/3" B4 lens mount, high sensitivity sensor, 4K/59.94, 4x3G-SDI, built-in ND Filters, IP control & streaming (lens sold separately)



Panasonic Broadcast box camera: 2/3" B4 lens mount, high sensitivity sensor, 4K/59.94, 4x3G-SDI, built-in ND Filters, IP control & streaming (lens sold separately)

Product Code: PANAKUB300GJ

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  • 4K Multi Purpose Camera
  • High-sensitivity, high-quality sensor
  • Sensitivity F10 / 2000 lx
  • S/N : 60 dB
  • Synchronization System : Internal / External (3SY/BB)
  • Output Signal Format:
    HD - 3G-SDI : 1080/59.94p | 50p | 59.94i | 50i | 29.97p (Future Support) | 25p (Future Support) | 23.98p | 24p(Native) | 24p over 60i | 29.97PsF | 25PsF | 23.98PsF | 24PsF | 23.98p over 60i | 720/59.94P, 50P
    4K - 3G-SDI×4: 3840×2160/59.94p | 50p | 29.97p | 25p | 23.98p
  • Supports IP streaming and IP control

4K Multi Purpose Camera with 2/3-type lens mount for Diverse Application.

The AK-UB300 provides the precise camerawork and high image quality you need for sports and other events.

It can achieve 4K image quality even when shooting low-budget content in a small-scale studio and it is also an excellent choice for aerial shooting.

To maximize ease-of-use and handle a wide range of needs, the AK-UB300 has a low-light noise reduction function utilizing high sense mode, a newly developed haze reduction function, and 4K output board (3G×4) switching.

Along with the 4K output, it has a 4K focus assist function and there is also an HD cropping marker. In addition, HD-IP streaming and IP control enable system integration with the AW series. The result is camera operations with both flexibility and scalability.

Panasonic AK-UTS03G

TICO Option Board for AK-UB300

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Panasonic out in strength at IBC 2015

Panasonic launches 6 new cameras at NAB

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Firmware Version 07.52-000-00.00

  1. HDR/SDR Switching: Function that allows switching between HDR and SDR for each output.
    ・HDR/SDR selection item is added to SYSTEM MODE and IN/OUT SELECT menus.
  2. HDR-PAINT: Function that allows adjusting the Gamma curve when HDR is applied.
    ・Variable menus are added for BLACK GAMMA and KNEE in HLG MODE.
    ・Variable menus are added for GAIN and CLIP in SDR CONVERT MODE.
  3. SHOCKLESS WB: Function that makes WB shockless when COLOR TEMP is changed
    ・ON/OFF selection and SPEED setting menus are added for SHOCKLESS WB.
  4. Variable range of M.PED is extended.
    ・Selection item to double the variable amount is added to MASTER PEDESTAL RANGE menu.
  5. Variable range of MASTER BLACK GAMMA is extended.
    ・Setting range of MASTER BLACK GAMMA is changed from ±32 to ±48.
  7. AK-UTS03 (3G TICO UHD Output option board) is supported.
    ・The function of displaying the version of AK-UTS03 is added to AK-UB300 camera’s menu and the UB300 Setting Tool. (TENC FPGA)  
  8. UHD 29.97p/ 25p/ 23.98p /29.97PsF /25PsF /23.98PsF: Following menus are improved.


    • UHD SDI OUT TYPE: 3G SDI is fixed to LEVEL-B when 2 Sample INT is set.
    • IN/OUT SELECT: UHD-SDI 3G SDI not displayed

Firmware Version 07.2c-000-00.00

  1. The following options are supported.
    - 12G(3Gx4)Board:AK-UHD12
  2. The following additional formats are supported.
    - PsF output in UHD mode
    (2160 /29.97PsF, /23.98PsF, /25PsF)
    - 60P (2160/60p, 1080/60p, 720/60p)
    - 1080i output in UHD_CROP mode(1080/59.94i,1080/50i)
  3. Full-screen images as well as CROP MARKER can be displayed in CROP mode via LAN output.
  4. The characters superimposed on HD SDI OUT1 signal can be displayed.
  5. "Setting Tool" software is updated for additional functions.

Firmware Version 07.14-000-00.00

  • The control by AK-HRP200, AK-HRP1000 and AK-HRP1005 Controllers is supported.
    Each controller needs to be updated to its latest firmware version.
    AK-HRP1000/AK-HRP1005 Ver. 4.21 or higher
    AK-HRP200 Ver. 5.11 or higher

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • 1 x AK-UB300
  • 1 x Mount Cap
  • 1 x Flange Nut
  • 2 x Wire Mounting Screws

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