Panasonic AJ-PCD20EJ

5 Slot P2 Memory Card Drive USB

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  • External use as a stand-alone unit
  • Internal use on a desktop PC with 5"/12.7 cm bay
  • Five P2 card slots
  • Data transfer in high speed USB 2.0 standard and IEEE1394b
  • Direct editing on P2 card(s) with non-linear editing software
  • Supported by Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Mac

Technology Guides

High-Speed Data Transfer via IEEE 1394b or USB 2.0
The AJ-PCD20 is equipped with an IEEE 1394b (800Mbps) interface in addition to the USB2.0 interface provided on the previous model (AJ-PCD10), enabling it to support both Mac and Windows PC.
P2 card driver software is also available for both Mac OS X and Windows XP/2000.

Five P2 card Slots
The AJ-PCD20's five PC card slots let you mount up to five P2 cards at the same time. This is especially convenient for editing a continuous clip recorded by a P2 cam in sequence onto multiple cards.

Use the AJ-PCD20 Externally or Install It into Your PC
Install the AJ-PCD20 into a 5-inch bay on a desktop PC* and use it as an internal drive in a PC. Or, with the AC adaptor and USB or IEEE1394b** cable, you can use it as a stand-alone external drive. You can also use the AJ-PCD20 as an external drive with a laptop PC that's not equipped with a 5-inch bay.

*A P2 card driver (standard equipped) must be installed in the PC. The P2 card driver operates under Windows XP, Windows 2000.and Mac OS X.
**IEEE 1394b works on Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Ver 3.00

The following improvement is enabled by this update.
+ Compatibility with microP2 Card

Download the latest Firmware and Software