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Panasonic AG-CX350 | Lightweight 4K/HDR 10BIT REC Camera Recorder with Live Streaming



Lightweight 4K/HDR 10BIT REC Camera Recorder with Live Streaming

Product Code: PANAGCX350EJ

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  • Lightweight 4K/HDR 10-bit Camcorder with Live Streaming
  • New 1.0” 15M Sensor brings 2000TV-lines and F12/F13 Sensitivity
  • Superb 4K Image with 10-bit Codec: AVC-Intra 200/100/50, ALL-I, 422LongG and New HEVC LongG
  • Supporting V-log, HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) and SDR Monitoring
  • Industry’s Widest Class Lens with 32x Intelligent Zoom and 5-Axis Hybrid I.S.
  • HD Live Streaming to Connect Directly to Facebook and YouTube Live

*Microphone Not Included


  • Dimensions: 180mm x 173mm x 311mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 1.9 kg


Wide-Angle 24.5mm*1 Optical 20x Zoom, Plus i.Zoom

The lens has the industry’s widest angle of 24.5mm*1 on the wide end and allows recording of wide-angle images with minimal distortion, without the use of a conversion lens. The optical 20x zoom covers up to 490mm telephoto in all modes. Furthermore, the i.Zoom enables seamless zooming of up to 32x in HD or up to 24x in UHD from the telephoto end with no degradation in resolution. The AG-CX350 also comes with digital 2x/ 5x/ 10x zoom.*2

HDR-Compliant HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma)

Thanks to HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma)*3 the AG-AC350 supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) which achieves a wide dynamic range on HDR-compatible TV monitors. The gamma mode can be selected from eight modes (HD, SD, FILMLIKE 1, FILMLIKE 2, FILMLIKE 3, FILM-REC, VIDEO-REC, HLG).

New High-Definition, High-Sensitivity 1.0-type 15M MOS Sensor

The 1.0-type MOS (approximately 15,030,000 pixels) offers an outstanding depth of field and excellent balance between image quality and sensitivity. It supports multi-formats, such as UHD (3840 x 2160), FHD, HD and SD, and provides images without cropping in all modes. This MOS sensor also boasts high sensitivity of F12 (60Hz) /F13 (50Hz) (in both UHD and FHD in High Sensitivity mode).

  • Built-in 5-Axis Hybrid Image Stabilizer
  • Intelligent AF and Focus Assist
  • Manual Three Rings
  • Cabled/Wireless Remote Control Capability


New HEVC Codec for High-Image-Quality 10bit UHD/50 fps Recording at Low Bit Rate

The camcorder can record UHD/50 fps videos in high-image-quality 10bit on an SD memory card. It also features a new, high-efficiency HEVC codec (LongGOP, 10bit, 4:2:0, MOV) .

10bit Variable Frame Rate (VFR) without Cropping

In UHD, variable frame rate (VFR) recording at 1fps to 50fps is possible. In FHD, super-slow can be realized at a maximum of 100fps. Both provide high-quality 10bit, full-frame pictures with no image area cropping even at high frame rates.

  • MOV/AVCHD/P2 MXF* File Formats Supported
  • Freeze Frame (Still Image Capture)
  • Double Memory Card Slots Improve Recording Reliability


RTMP/RTSP-Compatible HD Streaming

The AG-CX350 can be used for live coverage of concerts and sports events as well as for live streaming of breaking news. Facebook, YouTube, and other streaming services are supported.

Easy IP Connection: Preinstalled NDI | HX*4

The industry’s first camcorder equipped with NDI | HX mode*4, it allows video transmission and camera control via IP connection, without using an external converter. The camera can be built in to larger systems working alongside Panasonic PTZ camera systems equipped with NDI | HX and the Live Production Center AV-HLC100.

  • Wireless Control from a Tablet or Smartphone
  • Parallel Output of SDI and HDMI
  • TC Synchro Multi-Camera Recording Supported
  • Broadcast-Grade Picture Quality Adjustment Functions
  • 24-bit PCM Supporting High-Resolution Audio


  • Low Power Consuming, Large-Capacity Battery, Quick Charge
  • Simultaneous Display on High-Brightness, High-Definition LCD and High-Resolution OLED EVF
  • Compact, lightweight body 1.9 kg
  1. In 35mm equivalent. The AG-CX350’s wide 24.5mm angle is the widest in the industry for UHD/FHD (16:9). In the segment of camcorders with integrated lens, the Panasonic AG-UX180 achieved the industry’s widest angle of 24mm in UHD/24p (17:9). For UHD/FHD (16:9), 25.4mm is the widest angle in the industry. (Both as of January 2019, according to a Panasonic survey)
  2. When using the digital zoom, picture quality degrades as the magnification rate increases
  3. The HLG specification was developed jointly by Japanese broadcaster NHK and the BBC in the UK. It is defined in ARIB STD-B67 and ITU Rec. 2100.
  4. NDI: Network Device Interface, a technology of NewTek, Inc.. Industry’s first camcorder to support NDI | HX. As of January 2019 (according to a Panasonic survey). To use this function, an activation keycode from NewTek is required. Keycodes can be purchased from the following website:

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Panasonic: 4K Handheld Camcorder Promises High Quality Images And Advanced Connectivity

Panasonic has introduced a new handheld camcorder, the first in a series set to combine advanced connectivity functionality with high end image production for broadcast and streaming applications. The AG-CX350 camcorder spearheads the series, and is the first camcorder in the industry to provide NDI | HX connectivity. This ensures smooth video transmission and camera control over IP for live events and web distribution, and means the camera can be built in to larger systems working alongside Panasonic PTZ camera systems equipped with NDI|HX and the Panasonic Live Production Center (AV-HLC100).

AG-CX350 Ver 6.01

New Features

  1. 4K Live streaming
    When the file format is set to 4K(MOV) formats, the 4K streaming function can be used. RTMP/RTMPS (H.264), SRT(H.264, H.265) and RTSP/RTP(H.264, H.265) have been supported. In particular SRT live streaming is supported. SRT live streaming is available in both client and listener modes.
  2. Cloud service "MediaBridge" related functions
    Remote operation to start the streaming
  3. Uploading of the contents to MediaBridge or other servers
  4. Confirming the device status
  5. Addition of the camera metadata
  6. Import/export of the setup file
  7. Remote updating the camera firmware
  • Clip Metadata
    You can set items such as name, shooting location, and text memo as the clip metadata. The metadata can be loaded from the SD card set in the P2Viewer application software. It can be set also from Media Bridge and CX ROP.
    The set items can be recorded in both P2 / MOV formats and can be displayed as metadata.
  • Face detection/tracking AE&AF function
    A face is detected from the recording image, and the focus and exposure is adjusted to that face. By touching the arbitrary subject on the LCD monitor during the face detection mode, focus and exposure are constantly adjusted automatically while tracking that subject.
  • AVC-G6 proxy recording of P2 format (P2 format: excluding AG-CX200MC)
    The P2 recording of this camera can simultaneously record AVC‑G6 format different from the main material recording as a proxy data.
     Related Menu: RECORDING > PROXY SETTING >
     PROXY V-LOG: V-log/V709,
    P2 - Proxy Recording format
    Recording format Main recording Proxy recording
    P2 1920x1080
    AVC-LongG25 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG12 (N/A)
    AVC-Intra422 AVC-G6
    AVC-Intra100 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG50 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG25 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG12 (N/A)
    AVC-Intra200 AVC-G6
    AVC-Intra100 AVC-G6
    AVC-Intra50 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG50 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG25 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG12 (N/A)
    AVC-Intra200 AVC-G6
    AVC-Intra100 AVC-G6
    AVC-Intra50 AVC-G6

    When you use the following settings, you cannot use proxy recording.
    • File Format : MOV or AVCHD
    • REC Format: AVC-G12
    • NDI|HX, STREAMING or 4K STREAMING settings
    • VFR recording
    • TIME STAMP recording
  • SHOT MARK (P2 format: excluding AG-CX200MC)
    You can view and play only clips with SHOT MARK added, or upload them to "MediaBridge".
    SHOT MARK can be added using the user button during recording, immediately after recording, or on the playback thumbnail screen.
  • SD Card P2 recording function (P2 format: excluding AG-CX200MC)
    When the recording mode is P2, SDXC memory cards can be used.
    (Tested SD card: ProGrade products - Video Speed Class V90 or higher)
     Related Menu:VIDEO OUT/LCD/VF > INDICATOR >
     Toggles whether to display the warning
     when an SD card is inserted while [FILE FORMAT] is set to [P2].
  • Improvement

    • When you use a specific SD card whose writing speed is not stable in MOV recording, [CARD ERROR] may occur during recording. The internal processing has been optimized so that the recording operation can be continued.
    • The video may stop when the normally recorded clip is played again immediately after rewound-playback. The internal processing related to playback has been improved.

    Panasonic CX Series Ver 4.03-


      When you use AV output (AV OUT terminal = analog signal), there is a problem that the menu OSD display and thumbnail display during playback are not output. This issue has been fixed.

    Ver.4.03 also include the following Ver.4.02 contents

    New Features

    1. Control from AW-RP150 has been supported.
      AW-RP150 Ver. 2.10-00-0.03 or later is required.
      (1)You can now control some camera functions from the AW-RP150.
      UI :REC, TALLY, ALARM, CHAR, BARS, OIS, MENU(can be operated only, not be displayed)
      (2)A menu item "ENABLE(HOLD)" has been added.
      The setting values from AW-RP150 are retained.
    2. USB tethering function has been added.
      You can use the USB tethering function of smart phones to connect the camera to the Internet.
      (5G line can be used depending on the smart phone specifications.)
    3. A menu for confirming network connection has been added.
      You can also save the check result file in the following folder.
    4. CX ROP application software: Camera search function has been added.
      All cameras in the same network are listed.
      You can select a camera from the list and connect to the camera without entering the IP address.
    5. Icons for LiveU or TVU Networks bonding devices have been added. The status of the device such as the signal strength, the remaining battery level and errors are displayed as icons on the screen.
    6. RTMP streaming service "Azure Media Services" and "Twitch" have been supported.


    • In rare cases, playing clips may stop under certain conditions. This issue has been fixed.

    Ver 1.03


    1. Even if you set values of "COLOR CORRECTION" in the SCENE FILE menu, the color of the actual image is changed to the default values when the power is turned off/on. In which case, the display of menu remains the set values.
      This problem is fixed.

    Ver 1.02


    1. Improved responsiveness to zoom ring rotation operation.
      The zoom performance is improved to quickly follow the rotation of the zoom ring.
    2. The peaking color of the focus assist function may appear in an out-of-focus area. This problem is fixed.
    3. When you use the AC adapter, the color of the level gauge display may incorrectly move for a moment. This problem is fixed.
    4. When VIDEO REC or FILMREC is set on Gamma mode, Auto-Knee function does not work. This problem is fixed.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • AG-CX350
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x AC Adapter
  • 1x Strap
  • 1x Mic Holder
  • 1x Dual rapid charger

*Microphone Not Included

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