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OpTech Scanner Harness - Elastic Version | Scanner Harness - Elastic Version - Large


Scanner Harness - Elastic Version

Scanner Harness - Elastic Version - Large

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  • Scanner glides freely up and down sling
  • Scanner remains close to the body when not in use
  • Elastic stretches for full range of movement when in use
  • Comfortable for men or women
  • Adaptable for right-hand or left-hand use
  • Breakaway connectors that release with 8-10 lbs of force for safety in an emergency
  • Available in two sizes to fit most body sizes and shapes
  • Extra Mini QD Loop Connectors available for additional scanners

The SCANNER HARNESS – ELASTIC VERSION has all the same great features as our SCANNER HARNESS but with the added versatility of an elastic sling section. The scanner freely glides up and down the harness to increase employee efficiency and productive workflow. The SCANNER HARNESS – ELASTIC VERSION is designed to remain close to the body while performing tasks such as driving forklifts or climbing ladders and stretches to allow for an extended range of motion to reach higher and lower when in use. It is comfortable to wear for both men and women. The versatile design can be easily configured for right-hand or left-hand use.

This harness, as with all of our warehouse straps and harnesses, includes our custom breakaway buckles for added safety in case of an emergency. These breakaway buckles are designed to release at 8 - 10lbs of pressure to avoid employee injury or expensive Workman Comp claims. Safety and comfort while increasing work efficiencies create a winning combination.

The harness is fully adjustable to fit most any body size and shape and is currently available in two sizes (Regular & Large). Two mini quick disconnects remain on the scanner and can be fastened to the harness in just a couple of seconds for quick and easy access. (Extra MINI QD LOOP™ connectors available separately.) Comes packaged in a poly bag for convenience.


Regular: Women's XS - Men's Medium
Large: Men's Medium - Men's XL

OpTech Scanner Harness - Elastic Version
Scanner Harness - Elastic Version

Scanner Harness - Elastic Version - Regular

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