Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote Control

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  • Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote Control
  • Script controller: play/pause, speed Up/show down text scroll, next/previous break marker
  • To be used with TP-100 / TP-300 / TP-500 / TP-600 prompter rigs
  • Compatible with Android / iOS devices
  • Wired or wireless connection
  • Features Bluetooth 4 – for longer battery life & enhanced range
  • Automatic pairing (via the DV Prompter app)

Tablet / Phone Compatibility

  • Bluetooth 4 required

* check the tablet/phone manufacturers specifications

  • 1 x WR-500 Remote Control
  • 1 x Jack Plug to Jack Plug Cable for Wired Mode
  • 1 x Lanyard Necklace

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