Datavideo KMU-100

4K Multicamera Processor

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Product Code: DATA-KMU100

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Datavideo KMU-100 | RMC-185 Bundle

4K Multicamera Processor (KMU-100) with dedicated control surface (RMC-185)

Product Code: DATA-KMU100185B

Suggested List price: £4,695+VAT

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KMU Controller

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Winner of Four Major Awards

  • TV Technology
    2016 Best of Show Award

  • Streaming Media
    Best of NAB 2016 Award

  • BC Professional Videographers Association
    Video Innovation Award

  • AV Technology
    2016 Best of Show Winner


  • International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers
    2016 Game Changer Finalist


International Award Winner KMU-100 4K Multicamera ProcessorÔĹúDatavideo

The KMU-100 is a unique 4K multicamera production solution that delivers multiple virtual full HD (up to 1080p) scaled shots with minimal installation cost and simple operation.

Introducing the Datavideo BC-200

BC-200 stationary 4K video camera from Datavideo, the ideal use with the KMU-100

Datavideo Booth Tour @ NAB 2017

New Cameras, Switchers, & More

Introducing Datavideo KMU-100

Use less cameras in your production! Pull up to eight scalable HD windows from one or two 4K sources.

Datavideo KMU-100 @ NAB 2016

UltraHD to HD Multiviewer Converter

Datavideo KMU-100 @ NAB

Shawn Lam interviews Datavideo's Craig Moffat about the Datavideo KMU-100 4K Video Processing Unit

UltraHD to HD Multiviewer Processor with dual 4K / UltraHD inputs and 8 x HD outputs


  • Quad SDI, 6G-SDI or 12G-SDI
  • HDMI 2.0 Video Input with Support for 3840x2160 (2160p60)
  • SDI Audio Input (16 Channels)
  • Blackburst or TriSync


  • 8 x 3G-SDI
  • 2x HDMI 1.4 (Multiview only)
  • SDI Audio Output (16 Channels)

Computer Interface:

  • Ethernet RJ45 for Control Configuration and Updates (for Laptop)
  • RS-232
  • RS-422

Optional RMC-180 can be used to control, pan, tilt and zoom to create dynamic user defined output windows in real-time.

Datavideo's ground-breaking 4K multi-camera unit

Shortlisted for the IABM's 2016 Game Changer Award, and winner of 3 independent awards at NAB 2016, the KMU-100 is a unique 4K multi-camera production solution that delivers multiple virtual full HD (up to 1080p) scaled camera angles with minimal installation cost and simple operation.

The basic concept is straightforward: the output of a single 4K/UHD camera is connected to KMU-100, which then displays up to four 16x9 user-defined cropped windows that are sent out as four separate HD signals through 3G HD-SDI. These user defined windows can be scaled to zoom in on a particular subject that you would like to highlight on the 4K signal. An additional 4K camera can be connected to allow up to eight defined outputs from the two 4K signals.

Multi-camera production from a single source

In essence, with KMU-100 a single 4K camera can be used to deliver a true 4-camera HD production, without the need to install, manage, operate and balance multiple cameras. KMU-100 is quick to set up and exceptionally easy to use. It saves time, money and resources: with the KMU-100, all you have to do it set up, cable, power and control just one camera.

As an option, the Datavideo RMC-185 camera controller can be added to easily pan, tilt, and zoom to create the user defined windows on the 4K signal.

You can set up shots in advance and save them as presets, or you can do it in real-time.

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • 1x KMU-100 Main Unit 
  • 1x AD Switch DC 12V with AC Cord
  • 4x Screw

Turn One 4K Camera into Four HD Cameras for Live Video Production

Datavideo is proud to announce a new product that revolutionizes the way 4K cameras are used for live video productions.

NAB 2016: Datavideo turns your 4K cam into multiple HD cameras

Datavideo’s new KMU-100 delivers multiple HD scaled camera angles