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GO 1200 Studio

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GO 1200 Studio

6 Channel HD Portable Video Production Studio

Product Code: DATA-GO1200STUDIO

Suggested Retail Price £4,395+VAT

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GO 1200 Studio is a small live production system housing all required devices for a multi-camera production environment on a small rack. The GO 1200 Studio includes video switching, dual monitor, stream encoder, and USB recorder. These devices can be carried away in a box so that your production is not only professional but also mobile.
It offers four HD SDI and two HDMI inputs, also supports Chroma Keyer, Luma Key, PIP.

  • Total solution with suitcase design, great protection and easy to move
  • 4 in 1: switching, streaming, recording, monitoring
  • Power center for supplying power to all devices, only one button is required to activate the whole system
  • Support broadcast-quality dual chromakey with 50 virtual set background
  • 9 sets of stinger transition included

Products Included

  • 1x SE-1200 6 Input Rackmount HD Mixe
  • 1x RMC-260 Digital Video Switcher remote controller
  • 1x HDR-1 Standalone H.264 USB Recorder / Player
  • 1x NVS-25 H.264 Video Streaming Server / Recorder
  • 1x TLM-102 Dual 10" Monitor
  • 1x RMK-6 rack and cable pack
  • 1x HC-800 Extra large Trolley Style case
  • 1 x SE-1200
  • 1 x RMC-260
  • 1 x HDR-1
  • 1 x NVS-25
  • 1 x TLM-102
  • 1 x RMK-6 rack and cable pack
  • 1 x HC-800 hardcase


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