Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel

Small, portable hardware control panel

Suggested List Price: £775+VAT


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Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel

The ultimate colour correction solution with professional control surface


Suggested List price: £23,175+VAT

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel

Compact professional hardware control panel


Suggested List price: £2,325+VAT

Other Editing, Grading and Compositing

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel

The ultimate colour correction solution with professional control surface
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel

Compact professional hardware control panel
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio

Revolutionary new tools for editing, colour correction and professional audio post production for SD, HD and Ultra HD, all in a single application
Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 9

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 9

Advanced 2D and 3D compositing, VR and motion graphics software
  • Small, portable hardware control panel
  • 3 high resolution weighted trackballs
  • 12 control knobs for essential tools
  • 18 dedicated navigation and transport keys
  • Powered via USB-C only
  • Includes USB3.0 to USB-C cable
  • Plug and play system

The DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel is a high quality, portable low profile panel that features three high resolution trackballs and 12 precision machined control knobs for accessing all essential primary color correction tools. Above the center trackball are keys for switching between log and offset color correction, as well as a key to display DaVinci Resolve’s full screen viewer, which is great for use with laptops. Eighteen dedicated keys on the right side also give you access to the most commonly used grading features and playback controls. DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel is perfect for independent editors and colorists that need a truly portable solution, great on set to create looks and evaluate color and lighting, ideal for quickly grading video in broadcast trucks, great for education and much more.

Primary Correction Creative Controls

To take your color grading to the next creative level, the DaVinci Resolve Mini and Micro panels include 12 dedicated primary color correction control knobs. These are designed to make it easy for you to stylize the look of your images and generate precise “film looks.” All knobs can be pressed to instantly reset the control. That’s perfect for when you are trying an exciting new style but get a bit lost. Simply press the knobs to reset.


Adjust the contrast of the image in the darker areas, specifically in the Y (luminance) channel only. This adjustment is great for a changing the black point without changing saturation.

Y Gamma

Adjust the contrast of the image in the mid-tone areas, specifically in the Y (luminance) channel only. This control helps add depth to shots, along with extra vibrancy.

Y Gain

Adjust the contrast of the image in the brighter areas, specifically in the Y (luminance) channel only. You can reduce hot shots or pull the whites to make the shot look more angelic.


Increase contrast to make the blacks darker and the whites brighter, or decrease contrast to do the opposite. Use this to improve the dynamic range and make shots pop.


Changes the center of tonality about which dark and bright parts of the image are stretched or narrowed during a contrast adjustment.

Mid-tone Detail

Increases the contrast of regions of the image with high edge detail to increase or decrease the perception of image sharpness and definition or when lowered regions of the image with low amounts of detail are softened while areas of high detail are left untouched. Great for softening facial features and popular for beauty shots.

Colour Boost

Naturally raise the saturation in regions of the image with low saturation while leaving properly saturated areas alone. Sometimes referred to as a vibrance operation, this is great for adding color without over saturating the image.


Selectively lighten or darken shadow detail. Raising this value retrieves shadow detail while leaving the mid-tones untouched.


Easily retrieve blown out highlight detail in high dynamic range media by lowering this parameter to achieve a smooth blend between the retrieved highlights and the unadjusted mid tones for a natural result.


Increases or decreases overall image saturation. At higher values, colors appear more intense, while at lower values color intensity diminishes and can be adjusted until all color is gone, leaving a grayscale image.


Rotates all hues of the image around the full perimeter of the color wheel. The default setting is 50, which retains the original unaffected distribution of hues.

Luminance Mix

Control the balance between the YRGB adjustments and Y only adjustments made using the Y channel lift, gamma and gain controls in the primaries palette or the un-ganged luma curve.

Professional Trackballs

Trackballs provide RGB balance adjustments for lift, gamma and gain, each with a master level control. The Advanced panel also features a dedicated RGB offset and master gain trackball to adjust the tint and brightness of the entire image. The trackballs can be set to work in either log or RGB with the touch of a button.

Illuminated Keys

The buttons and keys on the DaVinci Resolve control panels illuminate when selected so you can easily see which controls are active. On the Advanced and Mini panels, the keys are also backlit, making it easy to clearly see each button in a dimly lit suite.

Quickly Change Tools

The DaVinci Resolve Advanced and Mini panels include dedicated feature buttons that let you quickly change tools so you don’t have to switch back and forth between the mouse and panel. With the push of a button you can easily access tools such as the RAW palette, primary color correctors, curves, qualifiers, windows, tracker and more.

Still Store Reference Management

Colorists constantly grab and play stills to compare grades using the gallery. The DaVinci Resolve Advanced, Mini and Micro panels have dedicated keys to quickly save and recall stills. On the DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel you can also use the fader T-bar to wipe between saved stills and your grading timeline.

Transport Controls

The play forward, reverse and stop transport keys on all the panels give you full control of your project timeline or deck while the Advanced panel adds a jog/shuttle knob for faster and more precise scrubbing.

Flexible Power Options

The DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel is fully powered via USB so you can simply plug and play to get up and running. Power over USB means you can use it with a laptop and it will operate from the laptop’s battery, making it ideal for on set grading. The DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel also includes ethernet so it can operate via your network, making it fantastic for larger facilities. Plus, the ethernet PoE support means it can even power itself via the network connection so you don’t need to plug in the power connection.

What's new in DaVinci Resolve 14.0.1

  • Added support for HEVC decode on DaVinci Resolve on macOS High Sierra
  • Added support for hardware accelerated HEVC decode on macOS High Sierra
  • Added support for hardware accelerated HEVC encode on macOS High Sierra on supported hardware
  • Added support for hardware accelerated HEVC decode on supported NVIDIA GPUs on DaVinci Resolve Studio on Windows and Linux
  • Media Pool thumbnails now has an indicator for embedded mattes
  • Dragging nodes from Gallery stills now donors "Apply Grade Using" setting
  • Improved Loudness Metering on the Fairlight page
  • Added support for setting the Loudness scale in Project Settings
  • Added support for 7.1 audio track type on the timeline and Clip Attributes
  • Added support for automatically tagging 7.1 audio clips in Clip Attributes
  • Added support for dynamics for audio buses in the Audio Mixer
  • Added support for navigating between previous and next keyframes in the Fairlight page inspector
  • Added support for picker RGB values when using the color picker in OpenFX and ResolveFX plugins
  • Added ability to select one or multiple tracks by Command/Ctrl+clicking from the Audio Mixer
  • Added support for single and multi frame nudge in the Fairlight page
  • Added support for DNxHD and DNxHR in an MXF container for Fusion Connect
  • Addressed an issue with audio metering of clips in the Media Page
  • Addressed an issue where the audio meters would sometimes not clear after stopping playback
  • Addressed an issue where enabling Dynamics on the main bus would incorrectly amplify the output audio
  • Addressed a crash when opening custom UI for iZotope Ozone plugins
  • Addressed an issue where Audio FX added to some mono clips would not be persisted when reloading the project
  • Addressed a crash with crossfades on very small audio clips
  • Addressed an issue where the patch dialog labels were not correct updated when changing audio track type
  • Addressed an issue where adjusting clip EQ parameters would cause playback to stutter
  • Addressed an issue where switching between Small Track Mixer and Full Track Mixer display modes would not refresh the EQ
  • Addressed an issue where the Loop Playback button on the Fairlight page would not work correctly
  • Addressed an issue where moving an audio track would not refresh some timeline and mixer controls
  • Addressed an issue where the trim-in and trim-out would not work in the Fairlight page if part of the clip was outside the visible timeline range
  • Addressed an issue where creating a fade over layered clips would sometimes cause Resolve to freeze
  • Addressed an issue where range-selection on a compound-clip would behave incorrectly on the Fairlight page
  • Addressed an issue where changing the order of tracks would not correctly swap the track name
  • Addressed an issue where dragging an audio clip onto a new track was sometimes slow
  • Addressed a crash when retiming certain video clips
  • Addressed an issue where pasting text between certain title types would add a 1-pixel stroke
  • Addressed a crash when dragging a clip into the timeline to overwrite a clip with FX
  • Addressed an issue where Color page stills would sometimes become black
  • Addressed an issue where swapping nodes with FX applied would not work correctly
  • Addressed a crash when refining upper lip parameters in ResolveFX Face Refinement
  • Addressed a crash when expanding compound nodes for a stereo clip and double-clicking one of the nodes
  • Addressed issues with some functions relating to local/remote grade options and refreshing bins in Collaborative projects
  • Addressed an issue where switching clips on the Color page would sometimes result in a critical exception when using the DaVinci Resolve Mini panel
  • Addressed an issue where using the color picker outside the image in the viewer would result in inconsistent behaviour
  • Addressed colorspace conversion issues when rendering to DCP using Metal
  • Addressed a crash when rendering to invalid resolutions for certain Sony codecs at fractional frame rates
  • Addressed an issue where rendering to DNxHR 444 with alpha output would not render the alpha channel
  • Addressed an issue where encoding to DNxHD or DNxHR clips in colorspaces other than Rec.709 and Rec.2020 resulted in an error
  • Addressed an issue where decoding certain AVC Intra clips would result in banding on macOS
  • Addressed an issue where decoding certain AVC Intra clips would result in GPU errors on Windows
  • Addressed an issue where creating a stereoscopic 3D clip using the "Stereo 3D Sync" option resulted in a clip with no audio
  • Addressed an issue where Alt/Option+ dragging a clip from one bin window to another would not create a copy
  • Addressed an issue where spanned R3D clips would show its individual elements instead of a single clip
  • Addressed an issue where installing Resolve would remove any symbolic links from the LUT folder on Linux
  • Addressed an issue where "Reload Last Working Project" on start up would hang for certain projects
  • Addressed an issue where the Track Index and meters would sometimes not be cleared when creating a new project
  • Addressed a crash when using JKL keys for fast forward and rewind with DeckLink monitoring
  • Addressed an issue where playing back when connected to an Intensity Shuttle USB 3 device would result in much slower performance
  • Addressed an issue where Fusion Connect would not work properly for a Fusion 9 installation on Linux
  • Addressed a crash when starting Resolve with CUDA processing without any CUDA capable hardware
  • Addressed an issue with H.264 decoding with certain NVIDIA driver versions
  • Addressed an issue where saving a project would sometimes increase the database connection count on PostgreSQL databases
  • General performance and stability improvements.

DaVinci Resolve 14 Public Beta 5

Whats New in DaVinci Resolve 14


  • All new collaboration workflow which allows multiple users to work on the same project at the same time
  • Added ability for collaborating video/audio editors and colorists to work on the same timeline at the same time
  • Resolve Collaboration supports any shared storage technology and works with a PostgreSQL shared database server
  • Support for live saving all collaborator actions in a collaborative project
  • Support for Project Manager indicators to show collaborative projects
  • Ability for collaborators to pick a profile on their shared projects
  • First come first serve write access for Media Pool Bins with read access for everyone else
  • Live Media Pool side bar bin updates including user locks and refresh available indicators
  • Timeline indicators to show user locks and refresh available
  • Live update of Color Page thumbnail icons to indicate user locks and refresh available
  • Live sharing of Color Page still galleries
  • New compare timeline tool to simplify merging timelines from multiple collaborative users *
  • Live group chat feature on collaborative projects

Improved Performance, Fluidity And Usability

All new image processing engine with numerous performance improvements and optimizations

  • New image processing engine which maximizes single and multi-GPU utilization
  • Support for GPU processing using Metal on Mac
  • New optimized performance mode for improved playback
  • New dynamic memory manager for optimized CPU memory usage
  • Improved performance on single GPU laptops and workstations
  • Improved editing and playhead fluidity on the Edit page timeline
  • Dramatically improved latency of JKL playback
  • Improved Color Page playback start/stop latency
  • Improved Multicam playback performance
  • Improved pan and zoom on viewers when using the trackpad with support for an Alt/Option modifier
  • Improved performance when scrubbing H.264 and similar codecs
  • Support for hardware accelerated H.264 decoding when using NVIDIA GPUs on Linux and Windows
  • Support for improved CPU usage

All new database engine for improved management and performance on PostgreSQL and DiskDB

  • Support for a new live save option where changes are saved as you work
  • Support for incremental fast saves in the new and improved DiskDB
  • Ability to save, load, update and delete user UI layout presets

Improved media access and performance

  • Improved H.264 encode and decode performance
  • Improved performance for file listing in Media Storage
  • Improved scrolling performance in Media Storage folders and Media Pool bins with many clips
  • Improved speed of importing AAF timelines
  • Improve speed of Optimized media generation, transcoding and fusion rendering
  • Support for Optimized Media in 3D stereoscopic clips
  • Support of high frame rate timelines up to 120 frames per second - DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • Support for up to 16Kx16K source images and timeline resolution
  • Ability to drag a file or folder from Finder/Explorer to Media Storage in order to navigate there
  • Improved performance when loading Gallery stills


  • New Fairlight audio processing engine for all audio in Resolve
  • New Fairlight page with dedicated audio editing, mixing, finishing and mastering controls
  • Support for unlimited audio tracks, 8 main, sub and aux outputs
  • Support for Fairlight Audio Accelerator and I/O hardware
  • Support for Fairlight free standing and desktop consoles
  • Single and dual monitor UI configurations on the Fairlight page
  • Fairlight page includes Media Pool, timeline, metering, mixer, effects, video preview, timeline index and inspector

Key Features

  • Six band EQ for every track
  • Expander/Gate, Compressor and Limiter Dynamics for every track
  • 2D and 3D Pan control for sound placement *
  • Timeline toolbar includes a pointer and a marquee tool, automation state, snapping, flags, markers and timeline options
  • Automation includes trim state, touch, latch or off mode, event selection
  • Support for separate enables for fader, mute, pan, EQ, compressor, Gate, Aux, Limiter and Plugins

Monitoring and metering features

  • Level meters for all channels, Masters, Subs, Aux and groups
  • Monitoring of main outputs available in mono, stereo5.1, Atmos, Auro, DTS, IMAX and multichannel up to 22.2
  • Compound metering includes speaker group selection, phase and loudness with integration control
  • Video preview available as docked or popup viewer with SDI video output

Timeline features

  • Track sidebar includes controls for gain, automation, lock, solo, mute and record
  • Track sidebar includes indicators for track number, name, color, linked track andmeters
  • Timeline clips include user selectable indicators for clip name, gain, FX, group, EQ, Source, Speed, Linked status, stem/channel bit depth, sample rate and source channel
  • Timeline clips include full or rectified audio waveform with waveform border, gain level, fade handles and automation keyframe control
  • User selection of timecode display with subframes and samples, feet and frames or only samples
  • Five preset and custom user selectable track height with locks
  • New timeline index shows tracks and markers

UI dialogs for setup and assignment

  • Each mixer track includes input selection, effects, insert, EQ and dynamics graphs, output selection, aux, pan, main and submix selections
  • Mixer also includes track name and color, grouping, record, mute and solo selection and gain fader with meters

General audio improvements

  • New audio processing engine includes support for 192 KHz 24bit audio
  • Support for pitch correction when performing speed changes on all platforms
  • Support for pitch correction during FFW and FRW playback on the Edit page timeline


Key new features

  • Support for track colors on the timeline
  • Support for dragging just video or audio from the source viewer
  • Support for a toggle to switch between single viewer and dual viewer mode
  • Support of OFX plugins as filters in Timeline
  • Ability to drag and drop a transition from one clip to another
  • Redesigned Effects Library for easier navigation and search
  • Support for improved "Play Around" functionality with contextual behavior depending on selection
  • Support for Blur Dissolve transition
  • Support for audio waveforms on Multicam Clips, Compound Clips and Timeline Clips
  • Support for alpha rendering from source when using Fusion Connect
  • Added support for Live Preview of clip thumbnails in the Media and Edit page source viewers
  • Added menu options and shortcuts for marking and clearing split Video and Audio In and Out marks
  • Added menu option and shortcut for creating a Subclip

Clip adjustment improvements

  • Ability to "Remove Attributes" from one or multiple clips
  • New menu option to freeze frame the current frame under the playhead
  • Ability to select all keyframes in Keyframe and Curve editor using Ctrl/Command+A
  • Ability to linearize/smoothen curves for multiple selected keyframes in the Keyframe and Curve editor

Clip trim improvements

  • Ability to Alt/Option+Shift drag to resize a clip's In or Out point over an adjacent clip toautomatically create a transition
  • Ability to Alt/Option+Shift drag a clip from the Media Pool to overlap a clip in the timeline to add a transition
  • Support for two new trim commands in the Trim menu
    • Slip Playhead to In
    • Slip Playhead to Out
  • Support for slip functionality when performing an Extend Edit
  • Ability to duplicate and superimpose dragging selected clips from a track while holding down Alt/Option + Shift
  • Support for snapping when dragging and placing text elements in a Title in the Timeline viewer
  • Support for improved snapping when performing ripple edits
  • Ability to perform playback using JKL in Dynamic Trim Mode when no clip or edit point is selected

Conform improvements

  • Support for user selectable conform criteria when performing "Reconform from Bins"
  • Ability to "Reconform from Media Storage folders" for a Timeline
  • Support for missing on disk indicators and missing in Media Pool indicators in the Timeline
  • Support for importing 3D Warp Pitch and Yaw parameters in AAF from Avid Media Composer
  • Support for the following Index filtering options
    • Show Clip Color
    • Show Clips with Composite Effects
    • Show Clips with Transform Effects
    • Show Clips with Filters
    • Show Clips with Speed Effects
    • Show Fusion Connect Clips
    • Show Compound Clips and Nested Timelines
    • Show Clip conflicts
    • Show Flags of a particular color
    • Show Markers of a particular color
    • Show Stills and Freeze Frames
  • Ability to see conflicts in the Index Match column
  • New Position Lock on toolbar to lock ripple on tracks and timelines for Online Editing
  • Project setting to enable/disable automatically Conform when adding clips to Media Pool
  • Ability to set default number tracks and types in Project Settings > Editing > New Timeline Settings

Marker improvements

  • Ability to display Marker names and notes as viewer overlays
  • Ability to list clip markers in Media Pool list view
  • Ability to convert an In and Out point selection into a duration marker
  • Ability to navigate between markers from the option menu in the viewers
  • Ability to search and filter in the Index using Marker Name and Marker Notes fields
  • Ability to multi select timeline markers using a marquee

Media Pool improvements

  • Support multiple Media Pool windows either as a 2-up/4-up docked view or as new pop-up windows
  • Ability to hover over Media Pool thumbnails to mark in and out
  • Ability to "Rediscover Optimized Media" in the Media Pool
  • Ability to "Unlink Selected Clips" in the Media Pool
  • Support for missing on disk indicators in the Media Pool for both the thumbnail and list view
  • Support for Smart Bin and Smart Filtering based on Display Name
  • Ability to Create Bin With Selected Clips
  • Ability to create Smart Bin filters using Marker Name and Marker Notes
  • Ability to search in the Media Pool using Marker Name and Marker Notes fields
  • Ability to perform comma separated text matches in Media Pool search, Smart Bins and Smart Filters
  • Ability to add/remove items from current selection with keyboard modifiers (Ctrl/Command, Shift and Alt/Option)
  • Ability to Alt/Option drag clips in the Media Pool to duplicate them and put them in another bin

General improvements

  • Previous/Next clip now ignores selection when the selected clip is not visible
  • Support for a "Playback post-roll" option in the Timeline menu
  • Ability to drag video only or audio only from the timeline to the Media Pool
  • Support for retaining playhead position and in and out positions when swapping timelines
  • Ability to drag a OpenFX/ResolveFX filter onto one or multiple selected clips
  • Support for selecting resize algorithm per clip in the Inspector
  • Support for a progress bar when applying Lens Correction
  • Support for 100% levels in EBU Color Bar generator
  • Ability to search "All Fields" when applying a search filter in the Index
  • Support for toggling "Show Reference Wipe" is now available on the Edit page
  • Ability to Alt/Option click only the audio or video to override a linked clip selection
  • Added support for new Four Color Gradient generator


ResolveFX improvements

  • ResolveFX plugins are now sorted into logical groups of effects
  • Support for starred favorites for OpenFX is now available on the Color page
  • Ability to paste tracking data between the FX tracker and the Power Window tracker
  • Improved ResolveFX Lens Flare
  • Support for Gamut Mapping in the ResolveFX Color Space Transform plugin
  • Support for Tone Mapping in the ResolveFX Color Space Transform plugin

New ResolveFX Plugins

  • ResolveFX Face Refinement - DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • ResolveFX Warper - DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • ResolveFX Match Move - DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • ResolveFX Color Stabilizer - DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • ResolveFX Timelapse Deflicker - DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • ResolveFX Contrast Pop - DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • ResolveFX Color Compressor
  • ResolveFX Abstraction
  • ResolveFX Watercolor
  • ResolveFX Lens Distortion
  • ResolveFX Gamut Mapping
  • ResolveFX Dead Pixel Fixer
  • ResolveFX Alpha Matte Shrink and Grow
  • ResolveFX Color Palette
  • ResolveFX Dehaze
  • ResolveFX Sharpen
  • ResolveFX Sharpen Edges
  • ResolveFX Soft Sharpen Skin
  • ResolveFX Camera Shake
  • ResolveFX Deband
  • ResolveFX Grid

General improvements

  • Support for a new advanced Stabilizer in the Tracker palette
  • Ability to add and control favorite ResolveFX and OpenFX plugins under Modes from the DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel *
  • Support for improved jog and shuttle control on DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel
  • Ability to toggle LightBox SDI output from the DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel using Shift Down + CONFORM
  • Ability to toggle full screen LightBox from the DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel using Shift Up + CONFORM
  • Ability to press and hold Reset on the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels to reset the node graph
  • Ability to press and hold Previous/Next Frame on the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels to jump to the beginning/end of the clip
  • Ability to press play/reverse repeatedly on the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels to increase playback speed
  • Ability to set the LCD brightness of the DaVinci Resolve Mini panel using LCD brightness in Control Panel settings
  • Ability to set the key backlighting of the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels in Control Panel settings
  • Ability to remember Bars vs. Wheels when switching to Primary from a Control Panel
  • Improved various knob and parameter sensitivities on the DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini panels
  • Support for Gamut Mapping from Timeline to Output Color Space in Resolve Color Management
  • Support for Tone Mapping from Timeline to Output Color Space in Resolve Color Management
  • Support for the Common LUT Format (CLF) with examples - DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • Support for scopes as an overlay on the Cinema viewer
  • Support for new commands and shortcuts to move selected keyframes
  • Selection of multiple keyframes no longer needs a modifier key
  • Support for track color on Color page timeline
  • Support for plugin name on FX nodes
  • Support for full height OpenFX inspector in full screen mode
  • Ability to set default number of neighboring clips for Split Screen in Project Settings >Color
  • Support for Clip Color indicators in the Color page Timeline
  • Support for adding any Media Pool clip as a matte to the current clip on the Color page
  • Improved support for ACES v1.0.3
  • Support for ACEScc, ACEScct and ACEScg color spaces in Resolve Color Management
  • Support for ACEScc, ACEScct and ACEScg color spaces in the ResolveFX Color Space Transform plugin
  • Support for ACEScc, ACEScct and ACEScg IDTs and ODTs when using ACES
  • Support for clip output render caching from pre and post group node graph
  • Support for showing picker RGB values in 8 bit or 10 bit available in the View menu
  • Ability to to toggle the viewer overlay mode on/off using Shift + `
  • Support for Ctrl/Command and Ctrl/Command+Shift for half and quarter increments in Printer Lights Hotkeys
  • Added support for selecting all clips in the Color page using Command/Ctrl+A


  • Support for user selectable checksum methods in Clone Tool option menu
  • Ability to unmount drives from Media Storage on Mac and Windows
  • Ability to set custom whole number frame rates from 1 to 120 fps in Clip Attributes
  • Support for option to import ARRIRAW clips at the Open Gate resolution in Project Settings > CameraRAW > ARRI
  • Support for automatically cropping ARRI Quicktime clips to show only the active area of the sensor
  • Support for decoding clips from the Canon C200 camera
  • Support for latest EasyDCP library
  • Support for decoding Nikon RAW files
  • Support for MultiPart OpenEXR
  • Support for Constant and Variable bitrate in Quicktime ProRes and DNxHR codecs
  • Support for H.264 multi-pass encoding on Mac
  • Support for decoding H.264 Intra 422 10bit - DaVinci Resolve Studio only
  • Support for encoding to the MP4 format
  • Support for decoding High 10 Profile H.264 files on DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • Support for encoding VP9 profiles with higher bit-depth
  • Support for Network Optimization option in Quicktime renders
  • Support for 10b and 12b encoding options for DNxHR HQX and DNxHR 444
  • Support for Rec.2100 metadata in QuickTime renders
  • Support for decoding and encoding 32-bit float WAV files
  • Support for QuickTime reference movies on Linux and Windows
  • Support for drop frame timecode when performing a 3:2 pull down


  • Support for an improved Project Manager with an integrated Database manager
  • Ability to copy and paste one or multiple projects between databases
  • Ability to sort list of databases in Database manager
  • Support for a new Bicubic resizing filter option
  • User settings such as layout preferences are now saved locally on the machine
  • Ability to drag a bin into another bin in the Media Pool right hand side view
  • Support for a smaller page switcher on smaller screens
  • Ability to type in Project Manager and browse dialogs to automatically navigate to and highlight matches
  • Support for searching for shortcuts by command name or shortcut in Project Settings> Keyboard Mapping
  • Support for displaying conflicts when assigning shortcuts in Project Settings> Keyboard Mapping
  • Tags now support non-text parameters such as Timecode, Dates, Numbers and Resolutions
  • Support for undo/redo history available in the Edit menu
  • Support for an option to stop playback when frames are dropped on the SDI output
  • Support for remembering the last open page across multiple sessions
  • Added JKL playback support when in Cinema mode

DaVinci Resolve 14

Additional Information

Please refer to the latest DaVinci Resolve Configuration Guide for your platform detailing support, including certified driver versions for third party hardware. It is available from

You will also need to download and install the latest Blackmagic Design Desktop Video software for monitoring with your Blackmagic Design video hardware. Desktop Video is available from

What's new in DaVinci Resolve 12.5.5

  • Added support for the DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel
  • Added support for the DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel
  • DaVinci Resolve is now available on CentOS 7 and RHEL Linux
  • Added CentOS 7 and RHEL Linux support for DaVinci Resolve Studio Mac and Windows licenses
  • Added support for installing DaVinci Resolve Advanced Linux on standalone CentOS 7 or RHEL installations
  • Improved USB connectivity with DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panels
  • Added support for URSA Mini Pro 4.6K media
  • Added support for Cintel Reader
  • Added support for adaptive scanning speed for Cintel when disk I/O is slow
  • Improved playback and seek performance of MXF OP1a and OP1b files
  • Added support for channel level fine tuning with ARRI SDK debayer
  • Added support for track names in ProTools AAF export
  • Addressed an issue with Compound Nodes on Stereoscopic 3D projects
  • Addressed an issue with adding a flag to multiple clips in the Color Page
  • Dragging a node from a Still to the node graph now follows the gallery keyframe setting
  • General performance and stability improvements

Download the latest Firmware and Software