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BirdDog General Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • PTZ Production Software
  • Create individual Pan, Tilt, and Zoom paths for each camera
  • Group presets
  • Preset playlists
  • Multiple Playlists
  • Speed control
  • Save and load profiles
  • Can support as many cameras as your PC can handle


  • BirdDog NDI PTZ Camera on LTS firmware
  • Windows 10 and above
  • Intel Core i5 series processor and above recommended
  • Minimum screen resolution 1920×1080 px
  • NDI Tools installed

PTZ Production Software that makes Multicam Sports a Breeze

Camera Director is the ultimate tool for PTZ productions that have multiple BirdDog PTZ cameras. Create individual Pan, Tilt, and Zoom paths for each camera, then group those cameras together to move as one when you recall that preset. Create as many multicam presets as you wish and then set them to start automatically by adding waypoints. As the cameras hit each waypoint they will move to the next group preset. Set up as many waypoints as you wish, put them in order, and you have a totally automated multicamera production. Camera Director is perfect for any production where you have a repetitive set of movements, such as Horse Racing, Cricket, Awards Ceremonies, Presentations, Car Racing, and more.

Group presets. Individual PTZ path

Group BirdDog PTZ Cameras to enable them to all move as one when you recall a preset. Each camera in the group can have its own unique pan, tilt, and zoom settings so will move to the path you set.

Preset playlists

Create a playlist of group presets to choreograph your cameras in unison. Each camera will move to the individual motion path you set. A single button press to start the preset playlist and all your PTZ’s will have the moves like Jagger.

Multiple Playlists

Save multiple movement playlists and easily move through them to handle requirements with numerous events such as horse racing.

Speed control

When recalling presets, Camera Director gives real time speed control access so you can adjust the speed of the preset on the fly.

Save and load profiles

Save production set up time by loading a profile with all your camera settings that brings in everything you need including camera groups, waypoints, and group presets.

No software limits

Camera Director can support as many cameras as your PC can handle.

Dan Miall on BirdDog & NDI

BirdDog took NAB by storm this year, launching a host of new NDI-based products and winning a bunch of awards in the process. Founder and CEO Dan Miall visited Europe in June and we took the opportunity to hold reseller-only events in our Glossop HQ and the Holdan Europe office in Amsterdam.

Holdan @ NAB22 – Day One Report

After an absence of three years, the NAB Show is back with a rash of signature product launches. It’s probably no coincidence that the past 36 months have seen little in the way of innovation in the broadcast and professional video industry, apart from a slew of mirrorless cameras. The unstoppable force that is the engineer needs the immovable object – the trade show – to get the creative juices flowing it would seem.

BirdDog Update
BirdDog Update
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