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NDI Multivew - Lite

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BirdDog General Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • NDI Multivew
  • 96 sources in Pro, 24 sources in Lite
  • Customised overlays
  • Full Screen Local Preview
  • Audio Track Selector
  • 2 Models to choose from Multiview Lite | Multiview Pro


  • Windows 10 and above
  • Intel Core i5 series processor and above recommended
  • GPU acceleration with Nvidia graphic cards

What’s new in Multiview 2.0?

ISO Recording – Pro version only

Record any of the incoming NDI sources in full resolution and in the sources native NDI codec. The only limitation to the number of ISO records is networking bandwidth, CPU power, and disk speed/space.

Audio Monitoring

Choose audio from any NDI source to monitor out with the Multiview output.

Audio Hardware Selectable

Select any available hardware output to monitor audio.

Video Monitor Output

Version 2.0 of Multiview allows you to select any connected video monitors to display the Multiview.

Stereo Mix Down

Select any of the audio tracks and output as a stereo pair. For example, you can select tracks 2 and 7 and send with the Multiview to monitor as a stereo pair. This feature does not affect any of the audio recordings on the ISO records.

6 NDI Multiview Outputs. 5 Layout Options. 1 Powerful Software App.

NDI Multiview has been designed to be incredibly powerful and super intuitive to use. Create an NDI Multiview stream in a matter of seconds. Simply select the Multiview layout of your choice, select which NDI® source you want in each window and select which overlays you wish to see.
Toggle on the NDI® switch and you are sending a Multiview window out as a standard NDI® source. Yes. It really is that easy.

Create NDI Multiviews in Seconds

NDI Multiview Pro supports up to 6 Multiview outputs and each can be independently configured with any of the 5 preset layouts. Choose between full screen, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 and the traditional 2&8 (two large and eight small windows). With all NDI sources on your network automatically detected you can create your NDI Multiview outputs in an insanely short amount of time.

NDI Multiview Lite supports 6 outputs with a maximum layout of 2×2.

NDI Multiview layouts

Selectable overlays per window

Each window within NDI Multiview can have its own customised overlays. Simply toggle on or off in the setup.

  • Audio Levels
    VU Meters that run vertically on the left-hand side of each window.
  • Tally
    BirdDog’s signature tally border overlays.
  • Source Labels
    Select the NDI Source name to display at the bottom of the window.

96 sources in Pro. 24 sources in Lite

DI Multiview Pro supports up to six 4×4 windows for a total of 96 independent NDI sources. NDI Multiview Lite has maximum of six 2×2 windows for a total of 24. That’s a lot of NDI flying around the place but don’t worry, we never cross the streams

96 sources in Pro. 24 sources in Lite

Bandwidth concerns?

NDI Multiview has many options to help you save on network bandwidth.

  • Proxy Support
    Use the low bandwidth 6Mbps NDI Proxy as a source.
  • Output Resolution
    Choose between 720p and 1080p.
  • Output Framerate
    Drop the frame rate down as low as 1 frame per second.
  • Multicast
    Using Multicast you only put one stream of NDI onto the network and each stream can be picked up multiple receivers.
  • Output Toggle
    Toggle between NDI output on and off to save bandwidth if Multiview window not in use.

Receive in software or hardware

Multiview outputs a standard NDI stream per window which can be received on any Mac or PC running NDI Tools, any NDI compatible software based switcher, or use a BirdDog NDI Decoder to send back out to baseband video.

Compatible with Central

The NDI Multiview outputs are a standard NDI stream you can use Central Pro or the free Central Lite to route the streams to BirdDog NDI Decoders.

Full Screen Local Preview

Once you have decided upon your layout and overlays you can view that Multiview on your local machine.

Audio Track Selector

Select an audio track from any of the NDI inputs to send with the NDI Multiview.

BirdDog Multiview Pro
Multiview Pro

NDI Multiview - Pro

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