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Comms PRO

Audio intercom platform

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BirdDog General Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • Audio intercom platform
  • Supports up to six BirdDog devices
  • Auto source detection
  • Compatible with all BirdDog hardware
  • Create upto 5 Groups


  • BirdDog compatible NDI Encoder/Decoder
  • Windows 10 and above
  • Intel Core i5 series processor and above recommended
  • Touch enabled device recommended

World’s Best NDI® Audio Intercom System

Harnessing the true power of NDI®, BirdDog Comms Pro is the world’s first audio intercom system integrating live camera feeds.
Be in total control and see every angle of your live production with live video windows from every BirdDog NDI® enabled camera source.

See everything. Video preview windows

Comms Pro has reimagined what an Audio Intercom system should look like. With video windows available for all the BirdDog Encoded NDI® Sources your director now has vision of all the cameras at their fingertips.

5 party lines. Talk to who you need

Intuitive group management ensures everyone is on the right channel. Comms Pro makes it super easy to set up the call groups for clear lines of communication.

Push to talk

With support for Push To Talk (PTT) function talking to you. For the camera operators, simply push your call button on any 4 Pole TRRS headset and talk to the group you have been set up in. On the directors side you simply push any of the groups to talk to that group. It’s really that easy.

Touchscreen. Make your life easy

Every second counts in the fast paced world of live production. By using a Windows 10 Pro enabled touchscreen tablet the show director has direct lines of communication to the camera operators at their fingertips.

Compatible with all BirdDog hardware

Comms Pro is compatible with all BirdDog hardware including Studio NDI, Mini and the ground-breaking PTZ Line.

Auto source detection

Comms Pro automatically detects all your BirdDog compatible devices and for easy grouping and set up.

BYO headset. The choice is yours

Comms Lite supports 4 pole, TRRS headsets so you can choose your own headset. From low cost android in-ear headphones, through to gaming headphones, to high end audio intercom headsets there is an vast array of options available to suit your needs and budget.

Feature Comms Lite Comms Pro
Price Free Click Here
Groups 1 5
Max BirdDog's per Group 4 6
Live Video Windows 4 12
Director Push to Talk buttons 1 3
Director to All Yes Yes
BirdDog to Director Yes Yes
Mute Camera Operator Yes Yes
Shortcut to Web Console Yes Yes
Monitor Camera Audio Yes Yes
Auto Detect NDI Sources Yes Yes
Volume Slider Bar Yes Yes
BirdDog Push to Talk - Yes
Director to Group - Yes
BirdDog Operator Broadcast - Yes
Mix Minus - Yes
Keyboard Shortcuts / Hot Case - Yes
Refresh NDI Sources - Yes
BirdDog Stories: ICC Belfast

Belfast International Convention Centre is a state-of-the-art, purpose-built conference facility in the heart of Northern Ireland’s capital city. As well as a 2200-seat auditorium the venue boasts two large multipurpose halls, plus meeting rooms catering from 10 to 200 delegates. Like all live venues, the pandemic has forced Belfast ICC to think outside the box. Dave Young, Head of Technical Production, has extensive experience working in live events and had already been thinking about hybrid events – seamlessly connecting an audience on site with remote viewers.

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