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Comms Lite

Audio intercom platform

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BirdDog General Warranty Terms and Conditions

  • Audio intercom platform
  • Supports up to four BirdDog devices
  • Auto source detection


  • BirdDog compatible NDI Encoder/Decoder
  • Windows 10 and above
  • Intel Core i5 series processor and above recommended
  • Touch enabled device recommended

Enter the World of NDI® Audio Intercom

Comms Lite is the entry point to the world’s only audio intercom platform that supports video preview windows. With support for four BirdDog devices, plus a director, Comms Lite is a great way to start using Audio Intercom in your live productions.
And it’s free for all BirdDog hardware customers.

100% Free

Nothing to pay. Just register your BirdDog hardware and BirdDog will send you a link to download Comms for free.

Supports up to four BirdDog devices

Comms Lite supports up to four BirdDog devices and one Director licence.
The BirdDog devices could be any mix of Studio NDI, Mini, and the PTZ Line of PTZ Cameras and PTZ Keyboard.

Auto source detection

Comms Lite automatically detects all your BirdDog compatible devices so you can easily select which four you want to use. Super easy to set up, super easy to use.

Touchscreen. Make your life easy

Every second counts in the fast paced world of live production. By using a Windows 10 Pro enabled touchscreen tablet the show director has direct lines of communication to the camera operators at their fingertips.

Feature Comms Lite Comms Pro
Price Free Click Here
Groups 1 5
Max BirdDog's per Group 4 6
Live Video Windows 4 12
Director Push to Talk buttons 1 3
Director to All Yes Yes
BirdDog to Director Yes Yes
Mute Camera Operator Yes Yes
Shortcut to Web Console Yes Yes
Monitor Camera Audio Yes Yes
Auto Detect NDI Sources Yes Yes
Volume Slider Bar Yes Yes
BirdDog Push to Talk - Yes
Director to Group - Yes
BirdDog Operator Broadcast - Yes
Mix Minus - Yes
Keyboard Shortcuts / Hot Case - Yes
Refresh NDI Sources - Yes
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