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Atomos Ninja Phone | 10-bit video co-processor for iPhone 15 Pro and Max

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Ninja Phone

10-bit video co-processor for iPhone 15 Pro and Max

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Available June 2024

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  • 10-bit video co-processor for iPhone 15 Pro and Max
  • Allows filmmakers to use the iPhone’s stunning OLED display as a viewfinder
  • Adds Atomos professional video monitoring tools, with zero latency
  • Record to Apple ProRes or H.265, using the iPhone’s 5G and Wi-FI to live stream or use camera-to-cloud for hyper-efficient cloud workflows
  • Dual Recording Freedom
    Capture footage simultaneously on both the camera and Ninja Phone for maximum flexibility
  • Compact & Portable
    Weighing just 94g/3.3 ounces, or 335g/11.7 ounces with the iPhone 15 Pro Max attached, the Ninja Phone is ideal for on-the-go filming
  • Ruggedized & Ready for Action
    The specially designed locking system ensures a secure connection between the iPhone and the Ninja Phone
  • Seamless Workflow Integration
    Connect essential professional add-ons like wireless USB-C microphones
  • 5G and Wi-Fi 6e connected
    for internet-based workflows like social media or camera-to-cloud

Now your phone can be a Ninja too

Ninja your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max into a 1600nit, 10-bit, 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 460ppi, HDR OLED, ProRes monitor-recorder for any pro HDMI camera.

The ultimate iPhone accessory

The iPhone is a technological masterpiece, with its amazing Retina monitor and cutting-edge, Wi-Fi 6E and 5G connectivity. But how do you connect your pro camera? With a Ninja Phone! Attach the Ninja Phone to your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, plug in an HDMI-equipped camera, and you’ve got the best display on the planet with fast, low-latency connectivity.

Record 10-bit ProRes from any HDMI camera

Ninja Phone is the only way to connect professional cameras with HDMI to an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max and record directly into ProRes – the absolute standard for professional video production and post production.

Stream via 5G or Wi-Fi 6E to social platforms

You won’t find a more compact set-up for streaming professional-grade video directly from your camera. Weighing only 335 grams, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it’s packed with the latest technology, including pristine 10-bit, H.265 encoding, Wi-Fi 6E, and low-latency 5G for the ultimate in mobile live streaming.

Dual record 10-bit ProRes and H.265 for Camera to Cloud

Ninja Phone is your gateway to hyper-efficient cloud production workflows. You can choose the way you work: record ProRes master files and H.265 proxies for full, cinematic quality, or encode 10-bit H.265 only from the Ninja Phone for the simplest, fastest workflows that are production quality and perfect for sending direct to social channels. The choice of 10-bit ProRes and/or H.265 is yours.

Supreme Apple display

    OLED is simply the best for HDR. With tiny, saturated, self-illuminating pixels, it produces a brilliant, accurate image. You can see your footage in all its glory!
  • 1600nit
    Deep blacks are only part of the HDR equation; you also need bright highlights. Apple’s XDR OLED screens pump out an impressive 1600nit peak highlight brightness, ideal for HDR and daylight viewing.
  • 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio
    LCD backlights kill contrast. Apple’s OLED screen doesn’t need one, and it shows, with the deepest possible blacks giving the display massive contrast.
  • 460ppi
    This is the highest-resolution screen that's ever been seen on a Ninja, allowing for crisp video and sharp, accurate monitoring, especially when zoomed.

Super light, super silent

The Ninja Phone is designed on AtomIC 5, the next generation of Atomos silicon that allows for low power, silent operation while encoding 10-bit ProRes and H.265 with exceptional USB-C connectivity. Drawing just 2.4W in full flight, the Ninja Phone combined with the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max is silent in operation while performing complex video processing tasks. The powerful IC allows for a super lightweight footprint – Ninja Phone weighs in at just 94 grams – that complements the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max’s titanium construction.

How do you shoot?

Landscape Mode - For Video Professionals

Great things happen when technology comes together. With Ninja Phone and the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, you get a cutting-edge, connected professional filmmaking experience with a tiny footprint. You can go anywhere, shoot anything, and collaborate with colleagues around the world.

  • Connect any HDMI-equipped mirrorless or cinema camera to the technology powerhouse that is the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max
  • No compromise on quality: capture straight into industry-standard Apple ProRes from the sensor of your pro camera
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues using hyper-efficient Camera to Cloud workflows in 10-bit H.265 HDR!
  • Use the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max as the best-ever OLED viewfinder
  • Take perfect shots with Atomos’ best-in-class scopes and monitoring tools

PORTRAIT MODE - For Content Creators

How do you shoot professional-looking video with maximum portability and the minimum amount of gear? Ninja Phone and its iPhone app are designed from the ground up to give you the mobility and versatility you need. Switch from landscape to portrait and back again seamlessly.

  • Connect professional HDMI compact, mirrorless or cinema cameras to the iPhone for professional quality video for social media broadcasts
  • Upload your footage to the cloud while shooting and start editing within seconds
  • The Ninja Phone’s iPhone app understands 9:16 portrait mode and adjusts automatically to accommodate it
  • Stream directly to all major streaming platforms
  • Capture in high quality 10-bit ProRes and/or H.265 while streaming H.265!
Streamlining Production: How Atomos Connect Brings Wireless Camera to Cloud Workflows to Life

Camera to Cloud (C2C) is improving the way production teams share footage with remote collaborators by offering a fast, easy and secure method to transfer media and collaborate in real-time. This technology creates a direct path from production to post-production, allowing media to be transferred from C2C-certified devices over standard network connections to the cloud from any location. As a result, footage can be viewed, approved, and edited almost immediately and from anywhere, significantly speeding up the production process.

Atomos Ninja Phone: Giving creators the power to monitor, connect, collaborate, and record on the world’s best display

Ninja Phone is a unique new device that works with the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max to combine the benefits of high-quality mirrorless or DSLR cameras with the flexibility of the world’s most advanced phone. Together this gives creators the ability to monitor HDR on the best display on the planet, with zero latency from their camera to the iPhone’s screen. Plus, benefit from access to all of their iPhone’s connectivity to social media platforms, collaborative workflows, and more! There’s never been a more powerful video production system with such a small footprint.

Atomos Ninja Phone
Atomos Ninja Phone
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