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tvONE C2-2655 | Universal Up/Down/Cross Scaler and Seamless Switcher



Universal Up/Down/Cross Scaler and Seamless Switcher

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  • Up/Down/Cross Conversion PC to Video
  • Digital Inputs: Universal DVI*, HDMI (DVI 1.0, HDCP 1.4)
  • Analogue Inputs: YUV/YPbPr, RGB/YPbPr, CV, YC
  • Digital Outputs: SD/HD/3G-SDI, Universal DVI*, HDMI (DVI 1.0, HDCP 1.4)
  • Analogue Outputs: Universal DVI* (RGB/YPbPr/YUV), CV, YC
  • Analogue Input: PC to 1920x1080, HDTV to 1080p/60
  • Analogue Output: PC to 1024x768, HDTV to 1080p/60
  • HDMI & DVI Input : PC to 1920x1080, HDTV to 1080p/60
  • HDMI & DVI Output : PC to 1024x768, HDTV to 1080p/60
  • Supports: NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N
  • Motion Compensation & 3:2 Pulldown
  • Auto detection and device switching
  • Temporal Interpolation & Diagonal Interpolation
  • Automatic Incoming Resolution Detection
  • Calibrate- Automatic picture sizing of PC inputs
  • 4:4:4 Full bandwidth Chroma Sampling for RGB sources. 4:2:2 for YC and CV sources. HDMI YUV support for either 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 sampling
  • Video signal parameter adjustments
  • Integral 4x1 Stereo Analogue Audio Routing Switcher, fully integrated with digital audio
  • Stereo Audio Embedding on capable outputs (Universal DVI*, HDMI, SDI)
  • RS-232 and IP Interface for Control Software
  • Variable Image Zoom to 10X and Shrink to 10%
  • Genlock
  • Framelock
  • PIP, Chromakey and Lumakey
  • Optional Single/Dual Rackmount Kit

* Universal DVI (DVI-U), is an interface that is fully DVI-I compliant and offers analogue (YC, CV, RGB & YPbPr) & HDMI connectivity addition to DVI-I, via a range of low-cost dongles.
**DVI-I Output supports RGB, YPbPr & HDMI via dongles, but not YC, CV

The C2-2655 Scan Converter PLUS is one of a new generation of high performance scalers that provides best-in-class video scaling and format conversion along with revolutionary, intuitive user interface tools.

The crystal clear OLED display intuitively guides users through setup and control using colour-modulated, backlit buttons. Alternatively, a graphic user interface (not compatible with previous generation C2 products) for Windows can be used to set up and control the unit remotely via IP. RS232 is also provided as a direct control interface for 3rd party control systems. The video performance of the C2-2655 is based on tvONE’s exclusive CORIO®2 technology, which provides high quality bi-directional conversion and switching between a wide variety of analogue and digital video formats.

Living up to its designation as a “Scan Converter” the C2-2655 supports HDMI, DVI, Composite Video, YC, YUV, YPbPr or RGB, on both inputs and outputs, and SD/HD/3G-SDI on output only and the signal parameters of the incoming video may be adjusted. The high resolution RGB/YPbPr output is selectable at virtually any HDTV resolution and NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, and PAL-N standards are all supported. Crisp, clear images are ensured by a high sampling rate and advanced Digital Flicker Elimination circuitry on CV & YC outputs, while full bandwidth chroma sampling ensures faithfully reproduced, high resolution colours. Motion compensation, diagonal interpolation and a 3:2 Pull-down feature provide for the best possible NTSC image quality, while temporal interpolation refines frame-rate conversion by merging successive frames

Designed for commercial 24/7/365 use. Twelve user-defined presets are readily available for instant, on-the-fly adjustment to diverse customized applications. tvONE’s Calibrate feature automatically sizes and positions computer images to fit exactly on the video display, and the 10X Variable Zoom can enlarge and position any part of an input to fill the entire video output display. Variable Shrink with as much as 90% size reduction allows almost any image to fit on the tiniest screen.

Advanced Features
Keying allows one input to be keyed over a second input. The keyed image may be faded in and out. Precise keying at the pixel level is possible due to 4:4:4 sampling format for RGB sources. Transitions permit Seamless Cut, Fade or Wipe transitions when switching between input sources. Picture-In-Picture (PIP) functionality allows an input to be inset in a window over a second input or vice versa, and the PIP window may be placed anywhere on the screen. Genlock ensures precise synchronization of the incoming signals.

Auto Switching
The auto-switching function turns the C2-2x55 scaler series into powerful standalone devices. It allows users the ability to connect their source and have it automatically displayed on a screen without having to press any buttons. The incoming resolution is quickly detected and analyzed meaning within a few seconds the user is up and running and ready to present.

This function is particularly useful in situations where there is no control system or technical supervision such as in meeting rooms, medical environments, teaching spaces or live staging events.

Integral Stereo Audio switching is provided by an integral 4x1 audio routing switcher. The four impedance-independent unbalanced inputs follow the video input selection. A rear panel terminal block and a 3.5mm jack-socket provides access.

Embedded Audio Support allows any audio input to be embedded on all outputs which support embedded audio data (HDMI/Universal DVI/SDI). The unit is housed in a desktop case and can be rack-mounted with an optional 19-inch rackmount kit that holds one or two units.

New launches at ISE 2020

Here's an overview of our vendors exhibiting at ISE 2020. Please call us on +44 (0)1457 851000 if you would like to book a stand tour with one of our manufacturers. BLACKMAGIC DESIGN HALL 3, STAND C140 The Video Assist 12G 5” and 7” monitor recorders are now shipping. The original HD versions were incredibly popular with AV technicians who wanted to verify SDI and HDMI feeds and check waveform levels. For production teams, their 4K HDR capture makes them a superb on-camera SD card recorder. The ATEM Mini is a very small, cost-effective 4 channel HDMI video switcher with streaming output. Great as a portable mixer or a signal switcher, it’s being adopted by everyone from conference producers to AV technicians looking for simple HDMI switching.

CORIOcontrol software for C2 scalers

New CORIOcontrol software is now available for the C2-2x55 series, which encompasses the C2-2855 Universal Scaler, the C2-2755 Video Scaler and the C2-2655 Scan Converter.

Firmware Version 541

Defects Resolved

  • Fixed unit's HDMI sink EDID to pass the HDMI 1.4B Compliance tests
  • Fixed unit’s HDMI sink EDID to advertise Native resolution as 1080P60 instead of 1920x1200
  • Fixed analogue RGB output sync timing issue which had a 9 pixel error at 1080P60
  • Pixel perfect PIP placement did not behave as expected when changing between resolutions
  • API version number was getting corrupted to zero
  • Fixed issue where Calibrate did not always correctly identify the edge of analogue inputs
  • Temporal Interpolation is now disabled when the Primary layer is a Still preventing Still corruption
  • Fixed issue where SD-SDI could not be Genlocked to successfully
  • Fixed issue when Genlocking to a CV source
  • Fixed issues where framelock did not correctly lock to a source
  • Fixed issue where firmware updated timed out partway through updating
  • Fixed menu corruption in the 'Setup -> Layers -> Background -> View -> Hidden' menu
  • Fixed issue where 'Setup -> Layers -> Background -> View -> Hidden -> Framelock/Genlock' was not stored by 'Save Settings'
  • Fixed issue where changing the unit IP settings via CORIOcontrol caused the unit get into an infinite loop
  • Fixed issue where 4th channel of HDMI audio input had a higher volume

New Features

  • Auto Switch feature added, which automatically scans through all video input connectors to find a valid Primary layer source
  • New 'Shortcuts' option added the 'Setup -> System -> Navigation -> Startup Menu'
  • Improved compatibility with HDMI extenders to allow for longer EDID/HDCP negotiation
  • API support added for preset, logo, still and panel lock/unlock events
  • Added an acknowledgement message when EDIDs are captured from sinks connected to the output connectors
  • Added audio fading during transitions

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • 1 x C2-2655
  • 1 x Operations Manual on USB stick
  • 1 x PC Control Software (Microsoft Vista SP2 and above)
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Universal Power Supply ('brick' type)
  • 1 x Regional Power Cable

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