Audio Switcher for C2 Series

Product Code: TV1-A2-2000

Suggested Retail Price £765+VAT

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  • Stereo Audio Switcher for any C2 Series product
  • Option for Audio to follow Video or breakaway
  • Balance & Unbalanced Audio I/O

A2-2000 Stereo Audio Switcher is offered to add Audio Follow Video or Audio Breakaway capability to any C2 Series product. This separate unit is 1 RU high and connects to the Scaler with a 15-Pin interconnect cable. The microprocessor in the A2-2000 communicates with the microprocessor in the main unit and all commands originate in the control software of that device. The A2-2000 provides both Balanced and Unbalanced analogue connections for its 10 Inputs, plus its Preview and Program Outputs.


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