tvONE 1T-FC-326

HDMI-YPbPr Format Converter

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Product Code: TV1-1T-FC-326

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tvONE RM-230

Single / Dual Rackmount Frame for 1T-C2-100/200/400/500 Series & 1T-FC-326

Product Code: TV1-RM-230

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  • Compliant with HDMI 1.2a, HDCP 1.1 and DVI 1.0
  • Allows Selection of either of 2 HDMI inputs
  • Converts HDMI input to Component Video Output
  • Supports all SDTV and HDTV Resolutions
  • Provides Digital and Analog Stereo outputs
  • IR Remote Control
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Accepts standard or locking type HDMI connectors
  • Locking DC Power Supply

1T-FC-326 is a high quality device that allows the selection of either of its two HDMI inputs for conversion to an analog YPbPr or YUV output. it has a wide video bandwidth which insures that the analog output is capable of showing the fine detail present in most HDMI signals. The audio output includes Coaxial Digital and Analog Stereo (R/L) that has been de-embedded from the HDMI digital signal stream.

The unit may be operated either from the front panel buttons or the IR Remote Control. LEDs on the front panel indicate which of the two inputs is selected and if HDCP (Content Protection) is present. It accommodates cables with either standard or locking type connectors. Provisions are made for securing locking type HDMI connectors to the case. The unit requires external 5VDC and an AC Adapter is provided. It has a locking DC connector for added security.

Note – Since this device is HDCP Compliant, a content protected HDMI input may result in no output.

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  • 1 x 1T-FC-326
  • 1 x AC Power Adapter US, UK or Euro
  • 1 x IR Remote Control
  • 1 x Operations Manual