Why 12K

Why 12K

There can be little doubt that the URSA Mini Pro 12K is well suited for its stated mission:

Perfect for feature films, episodic television and immersive, large format IMAX. The incredible definition around objects makes it ideal for working with green screen and VFX including compositing live action and CGI.

Generation 5 Colour Science, high frame rate 12-bit files and high dynamic range images, means that this 12K camera will challenge the way film makers produce their work.

Beyond Hollywood

However, there are markets outside high end production that are looking at the camera with excitement.

Sports Analysis

8K at 110fps and 4K at 220 fps will give coaches and sports analysts a level of detail that will reveal the slightest aberration in a golf swing, the ankle misalignment in a sprinter or poor finger position of a bowler at the point of delivery. In sports, milliseconds count and details matter: fast 8K video could be (apologies) a game changer.


A 12K sensor allows a user to zoom into a video frame by a factor of 3 while retaining 4K video quality. This gives a 500mm lens at 12K an effective focal range of 1500mm in UltraHD. This combined with the camera’s very wide dynamic range offers users the ability to see detail in distant objects while retaining the ability to recover highlight or shadow information.

Video Walls

8K video walls are now a reality, with multiple 4K panels stitched together by a tvONE CORIOmaster 2, or the likes of Samsung, Sony and LG manufacturing large format 8K televisions. 12K video captured by the URSA Mini Pro down-sampled to 8K is likely to give outstanding results on high impact screens in reception areas, conference venues and corporate HQ.

Retail Production

Yes, retail. Video is a key part of online shopping and production values are vitally important. A fast workflow is critical as retailers rush to upload unique product images to their stores. One factor that slows them down currently is the need to shoot video and photography separately. One reason to do this independently is that a still taken from a 4K video image is not high enough quality for use in print. A frame from a 12K HDR filmstrip is a new proposition however…

What else? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 12K
Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 12K

High end feature film production camera featuring 12K Super 35mm 80 megapixel sensor

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