Panasonic IP Cameras

Panasonic IP Cameras

IP cameras have been used in security and monitoring for many years. Now, improvements in video quality mean that they can play a wider role in many AV settings, such as recording lectures, presentations, meetings and interviews, high quality video conferencing, recording medical and legal environments and much more. Super dynamic technology results in beautifully controlled images while VIQS (variable image quality on specified areas) varies the bitrate to enhance particular zones within the picture frame for optimal results.

The advantages of IP cameras over SDI or HDMI (baseband) systems are numerous and include:

  • Reduced cabling requirement: power, control and AV signals can be carried over a single Cat5/6 cable
  • Lower bitrate format delivers good quality video with lower storage costs
  • Easy to stream over networks and share with colleagues, local and remote
  • Low power requirement with the option of power over Ethernet
  • On-board clip recording onto SD cards and smartphone / tablet monitoring
  • 2-way audio communication

1080 30P models

WV-SC588: a PTZ camera offering continuous 360° shooting angles. Features a 30x optical zoom with excellent low light capabilities. The SC588 can shoot in very low light levels and includes advanced functionality such as auto tracking.
Also available: WV-SW598 vandal resistant IP66 outdoor model.

WV-SF138: a dome with a very wide angle 1.95mm lens. The camera shoots a panoramic view and records clips to SD card.
Also available: WV-SW158 vandal resistant IP66 outdoor model.

WV-SF448: featuring a true 360° panoramic perspective, users can select a quad mode, selecting 4 separate zones from the full picture. Alternatively, there’s the option of a dramatic fisheye overhead view.
Also available: WV-SW458 vandal resistant outdoor model.

WV-SF538: an effective all-rounder for office environments. Its 3.6x zoom lens, superior low light shooting and dual channel streaming deliver all the essentials.
WV-SF539 the sister model to the 538 adds 2-way audio capabilities and SD card recording.
Also available: WV-SW559 vandal resistant outdoor model.

720 30P model

WV-NW502: This cost-effective multi-format outdoor zoom camera with excellent low light capabilities. It delivers 1280 x 960 H.264 at 30fps


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