Guide to Power Distribution

Production racks and portable production units in an OB van or studio can run to multiple appliances, including switchers, recorders, matrix routers, monitors, encoder, intercom system, test and measurement units and various audio production devices.

Relying on a collection of extension power leads and cables can be very risky:

  • Power regulation and equipment protection is difficult
  • Dangerous over-heating can lead to power failure
  • Cable snags can easily lead to a sudden power loss and equipment damage
  • Power issues can be hard to identify and rectify

Datavideo has an intelligent solution in the form of its 1RU power centres which delivers the right power to every device in the rack. Importantly, the units include a variety of power protection features, such as sequential device initiation, fuse protection, cooling fans and LED indicators.

  PD-1 (discontinued)  PD-2A PD-4A PD-6
Max Rating 300W   400W  300W 360W
12V DC Outputs - XLR        
10A   2 1  
7A 1      
5A 1 2 3  
3A   4    
0 - 3.5A       8**
DC Outputs - 2.1mm jacks        
12V 7A 1      
12V 2A

(or combine 4 to create 2 x 4A)

5V 1A 1      
AC Outputs 3      
AC 110 / 250V  110 / 250V  110 / 250V  110 / 250V
DC 12V      

*Each switchable to provide 12, 14.4 , 18 or 25V DC power
**Each switchable to provide 12, 14.4 , 24 or 48V DC power

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