Datavideo CAP-1 | CAP-2 Compatiblity List

Datavideo CAP-1
Datavideo CAP-1

SDI to USB 3.0 Capture Box

Datavideo CAP-1

HDMI to USB 3.0 Capture Box


Compatibility List

Software/OS Supported Windows OS X Linux Limitation
OBS Studio Yes Yes   With MAC: A1706, produced in 2018, OS ver.:10.14, it has no audio output.
Skype Yes Yes Yes Skype can only support output resolution 1280 x 720p Yes Yes Yes can only support output resolution 1280 x 720p
AMCap Yes      
Xsplit Broadcaster Yes      
Quick Time   Yes    
Google Plus Hangout Yes      
Teamviewer Yes     TeamViewer only supports 640 x 480 input resolution. CAP-1/2
Media Player Classics Yes      
Microsoft Teams Yes     Microsoft Teams can only output resolution 640x360.
Facetime   Yes    
Potplayer Yes      
VLC Yes      

OS Used Version supported
Windows Win7/8.1/10 (The driver is required for Win7)
Mac OS X 10.13.5/10.14.6 (at least 10.13 or above)
Linux Ubuntu 20.04 (at least 14.04 or above)

Please note that CAP-1 and CAP-2 need at least 900mA output on USB 3.0 port

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