Demo Facilities

Demo Facilities at Holdan

As part of our commitment to value added resellers, Holdan provides full training and demo facilities at our headquarters near Manchester.

At the heart of our demo facilities is a fully rigged green screen studio which is ideal to test out studio, PTZ, cinema and ENG cameras in all lighting conditions. We can mount cameras on tripods, jibs, dollies or rigs to suit different shooting styles and environments. A live studio gallery and post production bench completes the demo suite; each station can be customised for each demo. The team can cater for up-to 8 delegates for most types of sessions.

Training Facilities

We have a fantastic training room which can be laid out in classroom or workshop style. The facility is flexible and can be used for in-depth trainer-lead sessions or for interactive group learning. Up-to 8 students can be accommodated at any one time

Holdan Training Facilities

TSS Team

The facility is managed by the Technical Sales Support, headed by Adam Levitt. The team has years of experience configuring and demonstrating production, post production, AV and streaming kit and can set up systems that meet the workflow needs of end users.

Adam Levitt
Adam Levitt
Leanne Cole
Leanne Cole
Tony Benson
Tony Benson

Reseller Training

The studio is actively used by resellers to give their existing staff a refresher in new technologies and to fast track new employees' introduction to the industry. We can tailor programmes to meet your specific needs and help you improve the support you provide to your customers.

Recent training days have focused on wireless video streaming and on-set monitoring, plus an introduction to shooting, editing and grading 4K video.

To discuss your training needs, please email Richard.

Richard Payne
Richard Payne

End User Pre-sales Support

We are happy to welcome end users at the invitation of (and usually accompanied by) their reseller. This kind of training session is very popular with buying teams that need to get to grips with a range of new technologies.

We have recently worked with broadcasters that needed an overview of PTZ cameras and controllers, and media organisations looking for an overview of 4K workflows. It's a great way for media technicians to get hands-on with the latest kit and keep up-to date with new technologies.

Please email Head of Technology Richard Payne for more information.

Holdan Training Room
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