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Kenko Accessories

Accessories for round filter systems

HOYA Astrophotography

Cuts light pollution from artificial lights for night-time and astrophotography.

HOYA Colour

Subtracts colours, blocking one type and allowing others through, useful for black and white photography.

HOYA Graduated Neutral Density
Graduated Neutral Density

Reduces light in parts of an image where there are noticeable differences in exposure, useful in high contrast situations.

HOYA Infrared

Blocks visible light, allowing only Infrared light through. For DSLR and Film cameras with Infrared film

Cokin Neutral Density
Neutral Density

(ND Filter) Reduces the amount of light entering the lens and allows the use of slower shutter speeds.

HOYA Polarising

Cuts out reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass, increases contrast and enhances colour saturation.


Creates stars from specular highlights without the need to change aperture.

HOYA UV and Protection
UV and Protection

Cuts out UV light and helps to protect the front element of lenses from dust, dirt, moisture and potential scratches.

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