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Camera-mounted shotgun microphones.

 Audio Scope SB-C2

Marantz Audio Scope SB-C2

X/Y Stereo condenser microphone for DSLR cameras
 Audio Scope SG-17P

Marantz Audio Scope SG-17P

Long Shotgun Microphone
Special Offer!
 Audio Scope SG-5B

Marantz Audio Scope SG-5B

Battery or phantom-powered short shotgun microphone with XLR output
 Audio Scope SG-5BC

Marantz Audio Scope SG-5BC

Battery Powered Short Shotgun Microphone with integral cable terminated with 3.5mm plug
 Audio Scope SG-9P

Marantz Audio Scope SG-9P

Short Shotgun Microphone
Special Offer!

Panasonic DMW-MS2E

Stereo Shotgun Microphone for DC-GH5/S & DMC-GH4

Marantz ZP-1

Blimp-style Microphone Windscreen and Shockmount