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TransMount Lite Servo Zoom

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TransMount Lite Servo Zoom

Servo Zoom Controller for Crane 3-Lab & WEEBILL LAB

Product Code: ZHI-C000527E

Product Discontinued

The TransMount Lite Servo Focus Controller is designed specifically for focus control. For zoom control please see the TransMount Max, which has a stronger motor that's capable of handling zoom adjustments.

The TransMount Lite is ideal for use with the Crane 3-Lab and the WEEBILL LAB. The Crane supports two motors at the same time; ideally, you would use the slightly lighter TransMount Lite for focus control and the optional TransMount Max for zoom control. The WEEBILL LAB, however, supports only one motor, so the better option for it would be the TransMount Max, because it can be used interchangeably between focus and zoom control.

Featuring a toolless design, the TransMount Lite attaches on the gimbal using just the included thumbscrews. It can be controlled via the gimbal handwheel or the companion smartphone app. Secure it to the supplied support bracket and mounting rod using two thumbscrews, and attach this assembly to the bottom of the gimbal's baseplate with the third thumbscrew. Then connect the servo to the gimbal with the provided USB cable, and connect the camera to the gimbal with one of the camera control cables the gimbal comes with. The USB cable connection provides zero-latency signal transmission.

  • Servo Zoom Controller for Crane 3-Lab & WEEBILL LAB
  • Toolless design—assembles with the included support bracket and mounting rod and attaches to the bottom of the gimbal's baseplate using supplied thumbscrews
  • Connects to the gimbal via a USB cable and controls focus with zero latency
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  • TransMount Lite Servo Zoom Controller
  • Large Lens Gear Ring
  • Small Lens Gear Ring
  • USB Cable
  • Support Bracket
  • Mounting Rod
  • 3 x Thumbscrew


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